TMBA 111 (LBP100) – A Bunch Of Stuff We’ve Screwed Up In The Past 1000 Days

TMBA 111 (LBP100) – A Bunch Of Stuff We’ve Screwed Up In The Past 1000 Days post image

Seems like only yesterday Dan was calling Ian from a noisy cafe in the Philippines to do up another episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast.

Oh wait. That was yesterday!

If sports teams have throwback uniforms, consider this special 100th Episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast a throwback episode, complete with some of our favorite music, quotes, and outtakes from the past 1000 Days of broadcasting this podcast.

In this episode, Dan and Ian get a little nostalgic. Remembering the times they’ve had here at LBP, remembering the times that they were away. Most importantly they are digging deep to share the things that worked for them, the things they’ve screwed up, and their hopes for the future of the biznass and LBP. So what are the Bunches of Stuff Dan & Ian Have Screwed Up In The Past 1000 Days?

In no particular order…

  • Perspective on What It Really Takes To Get Momentum
  • One Thing: Shit Takes Forever
  • Location is EVERYTHING and Location is Nothing (Same Goes For Money)
  • You Don’t Need A VA (Gasp?! From the Original Outsourcing To The Philippines Guy?!)
  • They Would Have Paid Themselves More
  • Invest In A Good Tax and Money Guy

Not to get too sentimental…but the LBP wouldn’t be hitting 100 Episodes without the balla support of our listeners. You guys make it fun to show up every week and talk freedom and opportunity for 20-30 minutes. Thanks for being so awesome!

What are the plans for the upcoming 1000 Days/100 Episodes?

  • Found a Disruptive Business
  • Help 1000 Entrepreneurs Make A Switch To Running Their Own Business
  • Help our Dynamite Circle Members Create an Extra $10K in Annual Income

LBP Logo Over The Years

Listener Questions Answered:

  • My partner and I are in the beginning stages of developing a very slim protective case for the Amazon Kindle. How [do I] go about finding a machine shop that will not only be able to build a prototype, but that will also be willing to work with me on the actual development? – Dave
  • This summer my wife will be quitting a very well paying corporate job (that she hates) and we will be leaving a huge city that we dislike and moving back east to NC where we will be counting on our entrepreneurial pursuits to provide a living for us. It’s crazy and probably more than a little bit irresponsible (just ask my father in law) but it’s time for us to make the change for our family and have faith that ideas, passion, and a whole lot of hustle will be enough to make it happen!  Whenever I start freaking out, I always turn to other entrepreneurs, including you guys, to remind me of the fact that a life and career that makes you truly happy is always worth it. – Sean


Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 34:40

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Published on 04.26.12
  • 100 episodes and you don’t look a day older! Must be the Balinese lifestyle. I know that I speak for many when I say that the pair of you have added a lot of inspiration to many a lone entrepreneur out there :-)

  • Anonymous

    Man, I couldn’t agree more on the VA thing.  I prefer to automate via software first and then consider bringing someone on to fill the need if that doesn’t work.

  • This episode isn’t showing up in your iTunes feed, booo… :(

  • Yikes! All fixed now.  :)

  • Hey guys congrats on the 100 episodes. I just listened to episode 1 this week, it was pretty funny, you’ve come a long way ha ha. 

    You are a constant source of inspiration so I genuinely hope you do another 100. 

  • Well done guys. Congratulations on you success. Hope to see another 100 episodes of success.

  • I prefer FormStack to Wufoo.  They handle conditional emails on PayPal orders and integrate into Zendesk which Wufoo doesn’t really do all that well.  They’re paid only though.

  • Dan

    Thanks Ian appreciate it man! 

  • Dan

    Noted on that, I’ve never heard of it. Will check it out. 

  • Dan

    hahaa DON’T DO THAT!!!!! 

    Appreciate all your support Dan. 

  • Dan

    :D Thanks Jake! 

  • Dan

    Appreciate that Deano, glad to return the favor that many other podcasters have done for me. Also, been great to get to know you a bit, looking forward to meeting again soon. 

  • Lovin’ this podcast guys!  Shit does take time.  

    I’m 18 months into my journey now & I’m willing to go another 18 (or more) !  After 1 year of living on savings & credit cards, I took a full time, semi-corporate SEO and online marketing job, but it was a long commute, and the environment sucked.  Quit that and started working part-time at a restaurant so I had more time for my business.  Best decision I made.  I loved hearing that other people were quitting their jobs and becoming bartenders.  EPIC !

  • My fav podcast so far.  Reason: like sitting around in the living room drinking beer and listening to my best friends telling stories of their ups and downs.

  •  Awesome, thanks!

  • Shit Takes Time. No doubt.
    1,000 days is the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Dan and Ian on the 100th episode, but more importantly keeping the quality so high whilst making it so fun to listen to.
    Thanks to your podcast I’m already crushing it but looking forward to an awesome summer of business!

  • P.S. I quit my job to teach English in Korea. I work 24 hours 4 days a week. Plenty of time to save money and build a business.

  • Jamie Marsden

    Congratulations on the 100th show guys

  • Ian

    Congrats Matt, that’s killer

  • Dan

    balla! Ian and I helping to create more bartenders, I always thought we’d eventually get to a point where we were really doing something important for the world!!! :D Good luck Matt!

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Thanks for the support!!! 

  • Dan

    Boss, good luck Mike.

  • Dan

    Cheers Tim :D 

  • Dan

    Hey Jamie, really appreciate all your support over the years. Anytime you want an LBP spot, you’ve got it!!! Consider the red carpet ready.

  • That opening with the clips from past shows was epic.  Love that part where Ian does the “love radio” DJ voice, then smash cuts to him wailing into the mic.  Ha ha!  

    Speaking of sh*t taking forever, I was editing a video for my new show, and man that took way too long.  Looking at how long it takes for a project to gain momentum and recognition, it’s all the more reason to get started sooner. 

    Looking forward to the next 100 episodes.


    check out this article from today’s nytimes. where can one learn about tax ninjagineering like that?!

    congrats on the 100th. i’ll be in vietnam in august. any thoughts on micromultinationaling there?

  • Dan

    haha I totally dig that too. That was all Elisa’s doing, I had no idea she’d do it! 

    Ah yes momentum.. takes a while man! I podcasted to 20 people for a year! :D

  • Dan

    haha, yeah we are discussing that in the DC as we speak :P 

    also, thinking of heading to Saigon in a few weeks. AWESOME spot!!! Seems to be lot s of biz opportunities there. Not a great place to set up a biz flag, but seems good for getting involved in a great entrepreneurial scene. 

  • Kevin Le

    well then. the dc is where i shall be.

  •  boo-yeah

  • Dan

    haha. didn’t want to sound like a goober, but also a great current discussion of Saigon complete with pics.

  •  awesome. its an amazing place. studied abroad there in hanoi 2006 and i’m a bonehead for not moving there already. my buddy and vietnam go-to dude is a good person to get in touch with if you do go.

  •  I signed up. What next?

  • Ian

    Damn Marcus, that’s all I needed…More fun intros on the way!

  • Officially excited, yeah buddy!  It’s fun to mix things up. 

    One idea would be if you did an over-the-top hard sell promo like those scammy Internet gurus you love to hate:

    “It’s the Lifestyle Business Podcast, where our advice is so good we give it away for free.  If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you double your money back!” 

    I think you guys would have a blast with that.

  • Wow, 20 people for a year.  I get encouraged by humble beginnings like that.

    Speaking of timing, this savvy person said it better than I could:

    “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you
    look like an overnight success. Surrounding yourself with smart people
    you like to work with helps immeasurably.”

    –Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter
    Full post:

  • Dave West

    Hey Dan and Ian,

    Thanks again for the shout out. Full steam ahead. Yeah buddy.


  • Daniel Tahany

    Dan and Ian Congrats on your 100th Episode!!! I am somewhat of a new listener to your podcast, but I went thru episodes 50-100 in about 2weeks.  Chock Full of Nuts. 

    I had a question you might be able to help with.  Do you have any experience using GoToMyPC or a similar service from mainland China?  I’ve had trouble accessing some US websites from mailand in the past and on this upcoming trip we will really need access to our software and files in NY.  Any suggestions?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe you guys are on 100 episodes already, time has flown! I want to personally say thanks to you both for the hours of listening enjoyment you’ve given me and many others. Since I started listening last year and after I met you in Bali Dan, I feel like I’m in a supportive community even when I’m on the laptop alone for hours. I only have two goals this year, to become self-employed and to be in the DC. And I’m feeling very confident about both! Thanks again guys.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with not needing a VA (until you have done it plenty of times and understand it 200% and have it documented).  Otherwise, it’s just a money and time suck.

    By the way, I’ll be in Patong, Phuket next week May 9, 10, and 11th.  Would love to meet up with anyone there for a short talk just to discuss our businesses (and new ideas) and get some independent thoughts and exchange.  I’m currently working out of HK and do both consulting (for cash) as well as working on my own thing (for long-term happiness).Where is the best place to post to find like-minded people to hangout with for an hour when I travel like this??You can reach me at greggdavis hotmail com (insert the proper @ and . )

  • Dan

    Cheers Dave! :D

  • Dan

    haha :D I do not Daniel, what all my friends in China use is private VPN services. I think most of them start at 100 bucks a year or so, probably a few google searches away on that one. Thanks for listening to the show !

  • Dan

    Cheers Mustafa! Look forward to having you! 

  • Dan

    Cheers Greg, best place is the DC as I  mentioned in another comment. Second best place is 

  • Shayna F. de Oliveira

    Totally late to the comment party, but I just listened to this episode and I so appreciated the shout-out to those of us in the middle of that “transition” with one foot in a traditional job and one in an entrepreneurial effort.

    I just quit my horrendously-paying teaching job to invest more hours in a freelance gig I don’t particularly enjoy. Sounds like a step backwards… BUT this move actually results in FOUR EXTRA HOURS PER DAY to work on my biz, plus a 25% raise.

    Means it’ll be the perfect combination of paying the bills, being able to invest far more time (and $$) into the biz, while still being dissatisfied/uncomfortable enough with the day job to motivate me to make the biz awesome as fast as possible.

  • Dan

    Cheers Shayna, no way are you late I’m still here!! :) I like these kind of “straddles” as we often call them, means you’ve got the eye of the tiger and are taking steps towards owning your time and building assets. love it! plus sounds like you are having some fun! best of luck with the biznass…

  • Thegirlwhosawitall

    I know this is a very late post but I just want you to know that you all are inspiring to me I am 22 and my Husband is working on his dream job right now (making a video game) and I am working on making and selling crochet pattern while hold down a full time job as an apt. Manager, full time school learning and part time teaching.

    I just wanted to say you guys are awesome, and you are encouraging to me as someone who wants to step out of her bubble, but want to know as much as she can before she does it. With that being said/typed are there any books you can recommend.
    With the hopes that you will respond ~ Tosha

  • Dan

    hey Tosha thank you so much for the kind words!!!!

    I posted a bunch of book recommendations here that you can start with:

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