TMBA 048 (LBP48) – 4 Mistakes That Cost Us 5k in 2010

TMBA 048 (LBP48) – 4 Mistakes That Cost Us 5k in 2010 post image

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Hey podcast listeners, we are back in a big way in 2011. We are going to see some incredible changes in 2011, most notably, Ian and I bought a company! In this episode we discuss 4 mistakes that we made in 2010 that cost us big time, and how we are aiming to solve those issues in 2011. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

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Published on 01.08.11
  • Another GREAT episode guys- thanks! Awesome advice from your experiences. I think a lot of us have been down the road of focusing on our products, marketing, sales, operations…the business of making a business…and forgetting about the business of making money. The boring backend stuff; corporate structures, tax planning and accounting, thats where a lot of profit gets lost if it’s not given the attention it needs.

  • 2011 will be exciting. You’ll have many chances to have fun in Asia in the coming years. Making more money can’t be bad.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for dropping by Colin! We are hoping it’ll get more exciting as we get better at it. We’ll see :D

  • Anonymous

    Yeah this lifestyle transition is huge, can’t even begin to address it here. Still working it out in my head. Looking forward to visiting very shortly, TONS on the plate right now ;)

  • Nice picture of the HQ in SD. I actually have a family friend with that same view. Must be really close to you guys.

  • Anonymous

    ha cool send em over free coffee :D

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