TMBA 158 (LBP135) – 8 New Year’s Resolutions

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Dan and Ian are now back in Bali just in time for the New Year’s festivities.  Between celebrations, they’ll be putting together their game plan for 2013 and setting some lofty goals for 2013.

The turn of the new year marks Dan and Ian’s fifth year in business which sparks a discussion on goal setting and identifying keystone habits.  These help form their New Year’s resolutions where they’ll push past just talking revenue and business growth.  You’ll hear about Dan’s professional aspirations, Ian’s plan to step up his business relationships and the pairs’ health focus that will inspire you to set some New Year’s resolutions of your own.

The Year of Habit Formation

  • How you can identify keystone habits that will improve other aspects of your life.
  • Dan’s plan to ‘crack the nut’ for the southeast Asia entrepreneur community.
  • Why setting revenue goals forces you to visualize your future success.
  • The simple method Ian uses to ‘stay healthy and be wealthy’.
  • How to differentiate yourself by building a business that’s worth marketing.


Just The Tips

The Jam

  • “Animal” – (Mark Ronson Extended Remix) by Miike Snow
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Episode length: 24:17


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Published on 12.27.12
  • Three things:

    1) I listened to this episode over lunch, and guess what I was eating? MEAT AND POTATOES! No joke. I should’ve asked my husband to snap a picture.

    2) Perhaps I’m biased because I’ve been addicted to it for the past 10 years, but I really think capoeira is one of the best antidotes to a desk job. It’s strength and flexibility training all in one, works every part of your body, and plus you need to develop good alignment to do most of the movements, otherwise they won’t work. Y’all should fly me to Bali to give you some workshops ;-)

    3) Absolutely loved hearing about your 2013 plans! That NGO sounds awesome – right in line with your values and sure to have big impacts on many lives. Habit formation is one of my goals, too – I spent 2012 “experimenting,” and now that I know what works best, time to make it a routine.

  • Just wanted to throw in a bit of a ‘my 2 cents’.
    For anyone starting out, try not to make the same mistake as I have in the past (and I’m sure the Ian and Dan are the same) and focus on the profit side of your business, not turnover.
    The best saying that I was drilled into me is:
    Just thought that it might be valuable, as there can be a lot of hidden costs in selling products that people won’t budget it and just because they are bringing in sales doesn’t mean they will make the moneys…

  • So is the Bali house mentioned in this episode another 1 year lease or just for the time you’re hanging out there?

  • Dan

    This one is month to month.

  • love the bar!

  • “Schramko Drop” had me cracking up over here lol.

    In regards to the native squat, are focusing on keeping your feet parallel?
    Mine splay outwards with no chance of being parallel. I can keep the squat for 5 mins (I started trying after you mentioned it in the other podcast) but am not sure if I’m cheating because I might be positioning wrong.

    Also, are you following Mobility WOD? You linked to it from the original native squat mention and I went there and tried a few days worth starting from his 1st WOD’s over a year ago. I performed the WOD’s from episode 2 and 3 for a few weeks. Episode 2’s WOD is such a rad but crazy stretch.

  • Dan

    haha cheers :)

    Yeah I’d difffer to Mobility WOD for squat stuff. Turning your ankles is bad form i think. I love MOBWOD so much I sometimes pop popcorn before I open his YT channel :D

  • Dan

    buy one for the ranch! :D

  • Dan

    sure thing. We do our fair share of boasting for sure! :D

  • Dan

    PICTURE! Love checking out your capoeira types on youtube!!!

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