TMBA 075 (LBP75) – Forget 80/20, Aim for 99/1 With Critical Non-Essentials

TMBA 075 (LBP75) – Forget 80/20, Aim for 99/1 With Critical Non-Essentials post image

This week, Dan and Ian are joined by a special guest: Brendan Tully from the Search Engine Shop (Dynamite Circle member, SEO, e-commerce and conversion optimization specialist).

Brendan, Dan and Ian discuss the concept of Critical Non-Essentials (CNEs). CNEs are small changes that you can make to your business that bring huge results. The results that CNEs bring are super effective – changing a couple of small things could account for 99% of your improvements (thus 99/1 principle – forget the 80/20 principle).

This Episode is features 8 useful CNEs that you can implement immediately, no matter if you run a consulting, e-commerce, software or more traditional business.

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Published on 10.06.11
  • Great show, guys, as usual! Dan, I especially liked the story about how in a previous business you re-engineered your process for putting together bids so that your delivery time was more in tune with (and maybe exceeded) customer expectations. The default for most businesses is to waste time explaining to each other why they can’t do something, rather than figuring out a new way. P.S. Brendan kicks ass! :-)

  • Sweet…great talking to you guys, really enjoyed it.
    Man the audio on my side it pretty rough, think I need to go shopping for a new headset

  • Dan 

    Look no further! USB input should be solid ++ adding a compression effect in Audacity when you export your file. 

    Was a great chat we’ll do it again sometime.

  • Dan

    Thanks Craig! Yes actually was a great reminder for me too… I mean that was tough to get done but the only way it would have happened is by making it a ‘policy’ and it had a HUGE impact. Brendan is great on the show and you would be too! We’ll have to jam one out someday….

  • Anonymous

    when I saw forget 80/20 in my email subject i thought it would mean that 80/20 is still too broad of a ratio. haven’t listened because it’s late but i will listen in the car tomorrow.

  • Ian

    Nice chat we had gents, I second the Logitech recommendation, however I’m on my second pair in about 2 years..

  • Great Show As Expected!!!

    A few CNE(s) That I have used in my online biznassss:

    1.The Use of SSL
    2.The Use of Security Seals, SSl secured seals,Website Verified seals and the use of other such seals… even on landing pages that promote Digital products.
    3.The use of Testimonials
    4.The use of the Facebook Social Plugin for Quote on Quote Instant “Social Proof”.. I simply add this widget to the sidebar of a landing page for both Social proof and branding.
    5. Adding a working phone # to all pages
    6. The use of Audio & Video ( Currently Developing) – Im curious as to what the effect would be to have a small audio recording for each product on a ecommerce store i.e a small description of the product, discussion about its highest and best use, highlighting  shipping terms and options,return policies, customer feedback..etc For my 1st product based site, I plan on having audio for the top items that I carry, in addition to maybe a video review of me filming the product….. I think the psychological impacts of these two items in unison would be amazing in terms of Conversions.
    7.Creating a 3rd party quote on quote  Review Blog on Your Product or Service that is optmized for the keywords “Your Product Name” + Review and or “Your Product Name” + Scam


    Brian Thinkbig

    Shout Out to all the homies in DC, I’ll shall return once I get off of probation from these pending  projects ;-D

  • BTW  Super Job Brendan !!

  • Dan

    yeah buddy!

  • Dan

    word Kevin let us know what you think and if you have any CNEs that work for you would be interested. Cheers.

  • Dan

    +1 7 
    +++1 #1 great point there. 

    GREAT list here !!! 

    Never thought of doing the small audio thing, that’s very interesting idea and wouldn’t be too tough to execute. Sharing it with my team now :)

  • thanks dude…like your list of CNEs 
    @TropicalMBA:disqus maybe we should wiki these somewhere in the DC

  • Definitely a winner on the conversion front – also some SEO benefit if you leverage it properly…here’s an example of audio and video on product page for one of our clients:

    Works particularly well on niche products where the competition isn’t doing it-more views on the video=more likely for that video to rank for those search terms too

  • Great podcast, as always. (Still looking for the female guest… Just sayin’.) Two questions. 

    First, with CNE #8 you mentioned your “open vacation policy” but didn’t elaborate. Can you briefly tell us what this policy is?

    Second, I loved #7, the Friday Afternoon Report, and I was wondering how you make this “numbers focused” with all of your contractors/employees. Do all of your contractors/employees know exactly how their contributions affect revenue? And if not, is their report along the lines of just their production results (i.e. “I created 5 graphics…”)? Wouldn’t a contractors invoice already detail this information? I see how this report can be very useful to increasing my own productivity and communication to my partners, but I’m not sure how to implement it with all of my employees/contractors. Any more details (an example?) would be very useful!

    Thanks again for all the awesome info each week.

  • Great episode and agree re This week in startups, thanks for putting me on to that. It’s all time.  Listened to an old episode with Gary Vee the other day, kind of wondered how him and Jason would go in the same room but it was epic. Great show.

  • Dan

    cheers Dan. Yeah I think that EP was rated the top one of the first 100 by the listeners. Love that show !

  • Dan

    Yo! Thanks for the shout. Yeah we are short in guests in general! Perhaps we’ll do more of that in the future. Brendan is the boss socks. 
    Regarding vacation policy, it’s: you can take as much as you want. When you take vacations, you are responsible for carrying out your job function, with a combination of work from the road, setting up processes, handing off stuff, etc etc. This works really well because our employees get tons of flexibility, and continue to keep the boat afloat when they step out.

    The friday reports generally focus on 3-5 key metrics and their targets. Examples might be revenue, google rank, unique visitors, etc. I try to provide our employees with as much visibility as possible when it comes to visualizing how their actions affect revenue.

    The simplier the better. The employee should ask the question what 3-5 metrics am I responsible for improving, how are we doing currently, and what am I doing in the next week to keep the boat afloat kind of thing. We might be able to dig up an example shortly. 
    Thanks for listening! 

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