TMBA 376: Should You Base Yourself in Eastern Europe?

TMBA376: Should You Base Yourself in Eastern Europe? post image

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A few weeks ago, Dan and Ian published the first episode of a new series in which they look into options for a situation that many location-independent entrepreneurs have struggled with, at one time or another: If I can live anywhere in the world, where should that be?

On this week’s show, they will be focusing on two countries in Eastern Europe: Hungary and Georgia.

Clayton Cornell runs his own lead-generation business online, as well as one of Dan and Ian’s longtime favorite blogs called Spartan Traveler. Clayton shares his story about what led him to the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

You’ll also hear from Dana Lindahl. Dana has chosen Georgia as a home base and his wife has recently registered a company there. He describes what that process was like, as well as the entrepreneurial climate in this former Soviet republic.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Clayton decided to leave the United States and why he decided on Budapest as a base. (4:55)
  • How a relationship with someone from a different country led Dana to Georgia. (9:00)
  • What kind of benefits come along with a Georgian residency. (13:34)
  • What it’s like to live and work in Budapest as an entrepreneur. (17:06)
  • The biggest advantages and disadvantages of living in these two countries. (29:40)

Mentioned in the episode:

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Thanks for listening to our show! We’ll be back next Thursday morning 8AM EST. Cheers, Dan & Ian

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Published on 02.16.17
  • Two really underrated Eastern European digital nomad lifestyle cities; Sofia, Bulgaria and Kiev, Ukraine

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    Loved the episode, don’t apologize for stacking bills yo.

    Loved the ad spot.

    Here at LeadFuze we just sponsored our first run of ads for a sales podcast. Looking forward to seeing how they work out for us, and hearing from you guys how it’s working on your end.

  • haha glad you swung by, was actually specifically interested in what you thought of this and will want your feedback on the ad rates/sales sheet when it’s finalized (probably next week). We’ll see how it goes!

  • Mos Def lets talk. I can give you some feedback & maybe even buy a spot or two! :)


  • Freddy Lansky

    Hope you guys do an episode of Latin American options too. The closeness to the US and the same time zone convenience can’t be beat!

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