TMBA 159 (LBP136) – A is for Apprentice


While spending a ruckus New Years in Bali with Brendan Tully and Tommy Schultz, Dan and Ian are ringing in the new year with a few beers, yoga and bike rides; though not all at once.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all fun and games.  They’ve also been working on putting together some Tropical MBA resources for the community, polishing off a book and simply taking care of business.

This week’s discussion is centered around moving you forward in your business and social settings.  Dan and Ian share their number one method to getting ahead, and show how they’re still using this process to further not only their businesses, but their friendships as well.  You’ll also hear their approach to handling nay-sayers when a listener shares his experience of unsupportive parents.

Leveling Up in Life

  • A simple ‘Look down the hall’ test to determine if you’re on the right career path.
  • Dan and Ian’s method for gaining respect and trust from powerful people.
  • Why forums are so much more than an information source: and how to use them to your advantage.
  • The ultimate ‘ego bait’ that can be used to forge long term relationships.
  • Ian’s little exercise tip to help you stay limber.


Just The Tips

The Jam:

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Episode length: 24:20


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Published on 01.03.13
  • Just listened to almost every Startup School episode yesterday – it is GOLD!

  • rubric alert (I had to look that up)

  • Dan Norris

    Love this topic great show guys.

  • Me and Gabe Lee did Kung Fu in Costa Rica. True story.

  • Hell yeah. I’m living in Thailand because I got a nice little apprenticeship that took me to the Philippines…

  • Dan

    Yeah buddy :D

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Thanks Dan!

  • Dan

    me too!

  • Dan


  • Slade

    First time listener here, and I look forward to listening to more of your podcasts! I’ve never heard of anyone else describe the “looking down the hall” feeling before, and it really hit home primarily because that’s how I knew that I wanted to leave the military. I already saw that I was going to be successful and I was on the fast track to being at the top in my unit and my field. I was left with the question of, “is this it?” I’ve always been the “first in my family to” and I’m looking forward to making the jump to my own tropical lifestyle business.

  • cheers Slade glad you dug it ! Best of luck with your venture!

  • Adam Robb

    Tropical MBA is a great podcast. Is there any kind of job board or repository where location independent business seek out apprentices? I have worked for a few large corporations and am looking to go in another direction.

  • Jason Lee

    Is anyone currently looking for an apprentice who’s eager to hustle? Preferably in the digital marketing/paid advertising or FBA space.

    jasonl527 (gmail)

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