TMBA 168 (LBP143) – The Art of the Deal and the Science of Ordering the Grey Matter of the Universe

TMBA 168 (LBP143) – The Art of the Deal and the Science of Ordering the Grey Matter of the Universe post image

Dan and Ian are excited to come to you this week with a discussion on the number one sticking point for entrepreneurs at all stages of the game.  From a rainy Bali villa, the fellas are bringing the heat in this episode to pack it full of actionable content for you and your start up.

This discussion is a poster child for lifestyle business entrepreneurs everywhere and helps bring to surface the biggest issues and shortcomings of most entrepreneurs in the space.  Everybody is working towards independence of some kind and this episode is a perfect example of what is possible if you keep your nose to the grind stone.  Stick around for some hard-knocks advice from Dan and Ian in their version of the DEALs system and how you can take your business to the next level.

Wheelin’ and Dealin’

  • Why reality is negotiable, especially for those who are willing to push the borders.
  • How defining the outcome of your goal will help you accomplish your dream
  • The fail-proof method for forgetting about yourself and only thinking of others that will propel you to the next level
  • Using Newton’s Law to demonstrate the pain of not acting to launch you towards your goals.
  • How WIIFT and being a leader is like being butter on a lobster.
Creating a frictionless exit for the deal you’re trying to strike and removing all uncertainty.


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Episode length: 21:39

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Published on 02.21.13
  • This episode made me CRAVE lobster!

    My deal negotiation went like this:

    Me: “I’m quitting and moving to Brazil.”
    (after 3 years on the job, doing excellent work in the office)
    Me: “…or I could just continue working remotely.”
    Boss: “Yes!”

    Completing my 3rd year of remote work now; it’s working out great for everyone!

  • Dan

    haha. that’s also a big ex-factor that’s hard to translate– most successful entrepreneurs that I know kicked-ass at their jobs. of course there are also the host of people who just couldn’t manage them, but i was more like you.

  • Thanks for the linksy Dan! Great episode, thank you guys for keeping me company while I waited at Thai immigration for 5 hours today! :)

  • D Alway

    I loved this episode! This really gets to the heart of the Tim Ferriss approach, which I have in NO WAY yet implemented, but enjoy learning about. You mentioned the analogy of the ship, the map, and having a destination – I use this analogy frequently in my own book (The Happiness Paragraph). Let me know if you want to review a copy. Thanks for all of your fun, serious, and inspirational podcasts!

  • Loved the episode guys!

    Negotiating with bosses is always scary. One other add-on that can work is: given that bosses don’t have time to research things like the real cost of living in the Phillippines, if you were proposing to move there, you could easily research it online and go to the meeting armed with a full-blown business plan for remote living, with costs and benefits for an extra kicker.

    Thanks a lot for the shoutout – the SOD is working brilliantly.

  • Dan

    Absolutely !

  • Dan

    Hey I’d love a copy (can you email it to Cheers and thank you for listening.

  • Dan

    Cheers Cody! I consider it an honor !

  • Tom Frearson

    Hmm, I’ve been offered deals a few times in the past (usually when quitting a job) but never tried to negotiate the terms. On reflection, this was probably an error!

    Having said that, I think I prefer to steer my own ship but find it very hard to define my selfish desires… or am I just not being honest with myself?

    Also, since this episode has a philosophical vibe, I thought I’d share this article with you from The Guardian in the UK. It’s only short but well worth a read.

    Let me know what you think!

  • Dan

    Wow great share I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more. Hope others will take a look, putting it out to my tweeps as well : ) Thanks Tom.

  • D Alway


    I like what you say here about ‘steering your own ship’ but having difficulty defining your desires. I have been trying to develop my own method of ‘finding your purpose’ (something similar, but hopefully better than in the book: What Color is Your Parachute? – which contains methods of figuring out what you really want in life). I think there are some basic questions we can all ask ourselves to find the one or two best fits (best purposes) for our lives. It is really a very important topic – it is amazing it isn’t discussed more!

  • Tom Frearson

    I think ‘best fits’ is a great way to describe what you have to look for. Most people know what they would do if money was no object but that’s rarely the case. On the other hand, some people have very few choices and so, as Dan said in a previous episode (maybe of TTR?), their hand is forced. Since I arrived at the bus station so to speak, I’ve been searching for what I can do that I enjoy and can also earn me a living. I battle with it daily, which I know inhibits my progress, but I find it hard to stick with something that doesn’t feel right.

    P.S. I think the reason it isn’t discussed more is because no one has an answer!

  • Tom Frearson

    Nice one, cheers Dan.

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