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TMBA476: “An Adventure Worth Going On”

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Dan and Ian have decided to be a little bit self-indulgent with this week's podcast.

On today's show, they are talking about their goals for 2019.

In particular, they wanted to talk about what they have planned for their newest venture, Dynamite Jobs.

On this episode, they will be sharing the single goal that they are working towards for Dynamite Jobs this year. You'll also hear what went into the decision to choose that goal, as well as some of our biggest business takeaways heading into the new year.

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TMBA475: The Messy Marketplace

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One of the things that Dan and Ian love about creating this podcast is that they not only get to talk to some pretty interesting people, but they also get to follow their stories as they build and scale their businesses.

About two years ago, we spoke with Brent Beshore, the Founder and CEO of Adventur.es.

Since we last talked, Brent's team has more or less doubled. They've made a decision to raise capital, bought a headquarters in Columbia, Missouri and Brent has written a book about buying businesses called "The Messy Marketplace".

On today's episode, we are revisiting Brent's story and hearing how Adventur.es has grown since we last spoke. We'll also hear how things have changed since they have raised over 50 million dollars in investment capital, and why he decided to share the story of his business in his new book. 

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TMBA474: “You’re Not Working With Clients Anymore, You’re Working With Customers”

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Dan and Ian are back to kick off 2019, and looking forward to another 52 podcasts about how to grow better, more profitable lifestyle businesses.

What better way to start the year than by addressing a topic that so many listeners are constantly reaching out to us about?

On this week's episode, we are speaking with Tommy Joiner. Tommy is the co-founder of ContentPros, which is a productized business that offers high-level content generation services.

Tommy joins us today to talk about how to create a successful productized business, rather than getting stuck in a freelancer, consultant, or agency model.

This is something that we know a lot of entrepreneurs are struggling with, and Tommy shares some valuable insight into how he was able to make this transition, as well as his top 4 tips for starting a successful productized service.

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TMBA473: “Which Hill Do You Want to Die On?”

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Last week, Dan and Ian shared some of their favorite moments from the interviews that they've conducted on this podcast in 2018.

This week, we wanted to get a little more abstract.

On today's podcast, we are looking back on some of our favorite conceptual ideas that we've covered in 2018. These are the business and lifestyle themes that have been echoing throughout the Tropical MBA airwaves this year.

We'll be revisiting some of our most talked about episodes of the year, and you will hear our current thoughts on some of those topics including investment, remote work, and the long journey of entrepreneurship.

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