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TMBA470: The Elephant in the Room

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Today's episode is about a place that has played a very special part in Dan and Ian's entrepreneurial journey.

China has become one of the most important countries in the world for entrepreneurs. Chinese supply chains and manufacturing are the lifeblood of many online businesses around the world.

Things have changed over the last several years in China, though, and arguably no one understands that better than today's guest.

Matt Kowalak of China Ecom Boost not only works with manufacturers in China, but with major product companies and celebrities as well, helping them break in and market themselves into this enormous country.

In this episode, we talk about culture, commerce, and Matt's trajectory, including why he has had a major re-evaluation about the kind of business he wants to be doing in the future, focused on the vast potential opportunities that he sees in China.

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TMBA469: It’s No Good Having Ideas if They Don’t Bring You Results

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Dan and Ian have said for years on this podcast that the most important thing your business should be doing is solving people's problems.

Today's guest has taken that philosophy and ran with it.

Kean Graham is the founder of Monetize More, a monetization agency that helps online brands optimize their ad revenue. Monetize More is 100 people strong, and it's safe to say that they lean into location independence. In fact, they consider it a key value in their company.

On today's episode, we are going to explore the inside story of how Monetize More got started. You'll also hear the strategies Kean has used to grow that business, some of which could be considered pretty controversial.

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TMBA468: “Allowing Myself To Dream That Big”

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Dan and Ian have encountered many entrepreneurs in their travels, from all walks of life.

They first met today's guest back in April at our annual Dynamite Circle event in Austin, Texas.

Sam Browne was the beneficiary of one of the scholarship tickets to that event. These scholarships have been donated by some of the more established entrepreneurs in the community as a sort of way to pay it forward.

Sam is the founder of Find A Band, a New Zealand-based online booking agency for bands and musicians. He is also a talented musician himself, and you will hear some of his original music on today's show.

Six months after attending our event, Sam wrote us to let us know that his experience at DC Austin had inspired him to dream bigger. His email was so exciting, that we just had to invite him on to this week's podcast to share his story.

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TMBA467: The Long, Winding Road to 60 Remote Employees…

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Dan and Ian have been wanting to share the story of this week's episode for quite some time.

Justin Cooke is one of the co-founders of Empire Flippers. Empire Flippers is an online marketplace where businesses are bought and sold.  Since their inception, they have grown their team to over 60 remote employees, and they have helped people buy and sell over $50 million worth of online businesses.

It wasn't always like that, though. On today's podcast, Justin is joining us to share the story of Empire Flippers.

On this podcast, you'll hear about Justin's background in the mortgage industry, how he joined forces with his business partner, how the market crash in 2008 left them with almost no money, and how they were eventually able to create one the largest marketplaces in the world for buying and selling online businesses.

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