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TMBA398: Evolve or Die

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Dan and Ian often speak on this podcast about how businesses and entrepreneurs evolve.

Today's guest, Michael Erikson, has certainly done that since the last time he spoke on this show. Michael's journey started, as many of ours do, staring at a blank Google search screen and typing in the words "How do I make money online?"

Several years later, Michael has spoken at several of the Dynamite Circle events. He was on this podcast last December, sharing his journey of building a 6 figure services business called Search Scientists.

Michael has recently started a new company called AdBadger, which is in essence a software version of his previous services company. On this week's show, you'll hear Michael share insight on how to do something that most services entrepreneurs dream of doing: selling a product.

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TMBA397: We Want Your Questions

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On today's show, Dan and Ian are once again reaching into the mailbag to answer some questions from the listeners of this show.
You'll hear practical answers about a whole slew of topics, including purchasing an"entrepreneurmobile", The 1,000 Day Principle, and what it means to be useful.

You'll also hear advice on how you can go to conferences for free, tips for traveling to Southeast Asia with your family and much, much more.

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TMBA396: The Realities of Running a Business in 2017

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As many of our listeners know, Dan and Ian hosted an event in Austin, TX last week that brought together entrepreneurs from all over the world to talk about their businesses.

Today's episode features five of the most important takeaways from that event, focusing primarily on the cold, hard realities of what it means to be an entrepreneur in 2017. These subjects range from hiring A players to harnessing your "superpowers" and much, much more.

You'll also hear a lot of news about the podcast, including an opportunity for one talented listener to win a $1500 cash prize.

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TMBA395: Should You Quit Full-Time Entrepreneurship?

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One of the dichotomies that Dan and Ian often address on this show is the difference between being an entrepreneur and having a job.

Today's podcast is going to cover a rather taboo subject in some entrepreneurial circles, which is the decision to stop being an entrepreneur and go back to the daily grind of a 9-to-5.

Anna Wickham is a former TropicalMBA intern, who traveled the world for nearly ten years and eventually started her own marketing agency called Charm House.

Anna had been feeling pressure to remain an entrepreneur, even though she wasn't sure that it was the best fit for her. In this episode, Anna opens up to share her fears and hesitations about the entrepreneurial life, and why she ultimately decided that it wasn't healthy for her to keep pursuing it.

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