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TMBA424: Three Scripts for Entrepreneurship

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Dan and Ian have decided to use today's podcast to talk about a particularly difficult, but common issue in our community. 

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is adhering to the "life scripts" that society has written for us to follow.

The cold, hard truth is that people's lives often don't go the way that they think they are going to, and the social scripts that lead us into the corporate rat race can frequently leave us wanting more out of life.

Today's guest is someone that Dan and Ian have known for over 8 years.

We hired David Hehenberger as a TMBA intern back in 2010. Using the skills he learned during his apprenticeship, he left to become an SEO consultant and ultimately started his own successful productized business called FatCat Apps.

David joins us on this week's show to talk about three specific life scripts that are uniquely tailored for entrepreneurs.

These scripts will help us to create the kind of financial independence that will ultimately allow us to live the kind of lives that we want, on our own terms.

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TMBA423: It’s a Boy!

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Today's podcast is a very special episode.

Dan and Ian are taking some time this week to celebrate the birth of Ian's new son.

On this episode, you'll hear all about how Ian is transitioning to his new role as a parent.

Ian isn't alone in this adventure, though. Many of our listeners and members of our entrepreneurial community are parents as well.

Balancing parenting with entrepreneurship can be quite the challenge, and today's guest understands it as well as anyone.

Martijn Reintjes is the CEO of a company called Team Croco, which provides done-for-you split testing services. Martijn and his wife Ryanne have a two-year-old son named Milo, who they have brought along with them to several of our events.

Martijn shares a great deal of advice with Ian on today's podcast about what it means to be a parent and an entrepreneur.

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TMBA422: Crypto: What’s It All About?

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Happy New Year and welcome back to all of our listeners. We hope that we can help make 2018 your best year in business ever.

To kick things off strong, Dan and Ian are going to talk about one of the most popular and controversial topics in the entrepreneurial community today.

Of course, we are talking about Cryptocurrency.

Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Etherieum have made many members of our audience very wealthy, and have left the rest of us wondering what we are missing out on.

Greg Gerber is an internet entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He owns a marketing company that has been accepting Bitcoin as payment since 2013.

On this episode, Greg joins us to talk about the world of digital currency, the advantages to accepting these currencies as payment, and the future of money.

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TMBA421: The 7 Stages of Entrepreneurship

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Dan and Ian are in a reflective mood this week.

2017 has been a hallmark year for the TropicalMBA, and we thought it would be fun to revisit some of our favorite episodes of the year.

We'll be sharing some of our most memorable moments from the show this year, as well as re-examining those conversations in a discussion we like to call the "7 Stages of Entrepreneurship".

These 7 stages are bridges that every entrepreneur will eventually cross on their journey.

Stick around after the credits for a very special collection of TropicalMBA outtakes and bloopers from 2017.

To all of our listeners: We wish you a very happy holiday and a fantastic new year.

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