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TMBA438: The Knowledge Gap vs. The Efficiency Gap

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Podcast 34:08| Download | Stitcher | iTunes | Comment On this week's show, Dan and Ian are revisiting a subject that they haven't spoken about in four years. Truthfully, it's the number one recurring topic that listeners of this podcast bring up with them in conversation, so we thought it was high time to take another look at...

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TMBA437: The Two Tomato Strategy

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Dan and Ian are all too familiar with the difficulties of completing projects.

A few weeks ago, they spoke at length about how "resistance" can get in the way of achieving success in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Imagine if the solution to your productivity and creative woes could come in the form of two juicy, red pieces of fruit.

On today's episode, we are going to be talking about the "Two Tomatoes Strategy" for getting the projects done that are going to make a difference in your career.

For those who are just getting started on their entrepreneurial journey, those who are starting a new project, or anyone who is at war with the resistance in their own lives, this strategy is a great way to overcome your distractions and ultimately move forward in a successful and productive way in both your business and your life.

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TMBA436: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your Sh*t Together

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Today Dan and Ian are going to talk about something that every entrepreneur has to deal with.

That "something" is the anxiety that comes along with the entrepreneurial way of life and the overall challenge to our mental well-being. Owning and operating a business means responsibility, and those responsibilities can create all kinds of stress and mental fatigue.

Very few people are as experienced in this topic as Dr. Sherry Walling. Sherry is a clinical psychologist and the host of the ZenFounder podcast. She also recently released a fantastic book on the topic called "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Keeping Your Shit Together".

Sherry believes that the success of our businesses is intimately tied to our mental health. She has joined us on today's podcast to talk about why many of us aren't taking enough time to care for ourselves, and what we can do to solve that.

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TMBA435: The Resistance is Real

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Dan and Ian know that one of the most difficult things about running a business is having the right mindset, especially in the early stages.

One of the most powerful concepts about how to improve your creative mindset was presented by author Steven Pressfield in his book The War of Art.

Steven poses that there is a force in the universe, which he calls 'resistance', that is manifesting itself in our lives and getting in the way of our forward progress.

On today's episode, we will be talking about five ways in which this 'resistance' can appear in our day-to-day lives. Make no mistake, even the most seasoned entrepreneurs experience it.

Learning how to identify 'resistance', and to eventually overcome it, is one of the most critical skills that you can learn on your entrepreneurial journey.

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