TMBA 069 (LBP69) – 6 Unorthodox Blog Content Strategies

TMBA 069 (LBP69) – 6 Unorthodox Blog Content Strategies post image

After the successful sale of (and making more than $200 per post), Dan an Ian discuss content/blogging strategies.

While they often make fun of blogging, providing high quality content to the right niche can be very lucrative. In this episode, you’ll learn

  • how to identify a profitable niche
  • how to come up with content
  • one content strategy that caters loyal readers and long-tail search terms alike
  • and a lot more

In the quick tips section Dan and Ian recommend one of their favorite business books. There’s also a heads up for US citizens about an important upcoming IRS deadline.

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Published on 08.25.11
  • Great advice — Inventory your market’s problems.  Then create content that solves those problems.  I’m glad to be reminded of this.  I need to make some blog posts that solves my market’s problems.

    Felix Dennis book was great.  Glad you gave me the recommendation before my vacation.  I thought Felix’s rationalization of buying his time back was silly.  He didn’t have to work like crazy his entire life to sit in a cabin and write poetry.  But he was honest and said that getting rich has to be your primary focus.  Lifestyle design doesn’t even come into his paradigm other than designing a life that is all about getting rich.  

    I agree with Felix that if you want to get rich  — filthy stinking rich, you will sacrifice most everything else in your life to achieve it.  Getting comfortable, as Felix calls it, could be done with lifestyle design in mind.

  • This really is amazing content! Thank you for answering my question is such an interesting way. This definitely was way more than I expected.

    Also, the inventory of your market’s problems thing will help me to get started for sure. Thanks again, you guys rock!

  • Ian

    Tim…yes it’s worth noting that Felix does mention multiple times that his ‘core’ motivation was to get rich at the sacrifice of many other things, but I’m not sure that’s totally honest.  Although I do think that it might be necessary at least in your mind to frame it up that way in order to keep your eye on prize.  If I had to guess, I’d say he was truly addicted to the ride and not the money.  I also enjoyed his negotiation stories.

  • Thinking of a market as cash flows instead of demographics is possibly the best business advice I’ve ever heard. It makes evaluating a niche so much easier. It’s one of those things that, once you’ve heard it, sounds so obvious and you wonder why you didn’t think of it.

    As for the non-social content on a site that would target long-tail keywords. You can hide it form your RSS feed as you were saying but you can also hide it from your front page.

    For example, anything categorized with “long-tail” could be accessed via search or the category link,, but wouldn’t show on your home page. This way people who go to your blog and want to know about ballin’ in general won’t see all the articles about “Ballin’ in Hotlanta” or “Big Ballin’ in San Diego”.

    In Headway you would select custom query in your leaf options and exclude the category you’ve assigned that content. I’m sure Thesis has a similar option for excluding content, but if not, or if you’re not using a premium theme, you could always write your own PHP script.

  • Dan

    Glad you loved the book. I actually started re-reading the thing I think because of our talk about it. Its almost a little weird that he basically published the thing right as 4HWW was coming out. I wonder what he would think of the concepts.. 

  • Dan

    yeah the negotiation stories alone would make the book worth it. 

  • Dan

    Hey David… really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us and to listen to the show. Cheers. 

  • Dan

    Cheers Brad man, thanks for that. Sometimes the most useful advice is the stuff that just makes you think “DUH” I loved that John Mayer said as a songwriter he was the “king of duh” which basically means he wrote songs that other songwriters felt like were on the tip of their tongues… anyway I digress….

    AGREED re-homepage. I would ensure that you don’t orphan those pages from your front page, we’ll be putting category links in the footer of the site. 

    HEADWAY!!! Whats up with that. I’m hearing a lot of junk talked about that framework. Are you enjoying working with it? 

  • Headway’s visual editor is great but their support is really crappy. Anything I want it to do that’s not a default option in the visual editor, I’ve got to figure out myself. I’m getting pretty good at CSS and PHP but I really wish someone on that forum would help.

    I’ll continue using it since I’ve paid for it, but if I had to do it again I’d go with Thesis.

  • Dan

    Word good insight there, I’ve shared it with some other guys who are currently making buying decisions on this. 

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  • Anonymous

    Just listening to the podcast. Your first strategy is one I have just started using on my blog. I have researched thousands of keywords and have them in a google spreadsheet. My content guy (from the Philippines courtesy of Chris ta 4 that) creates ‘pages’ in WordPress for each of them I.e. – I review them and make sure they are ok but I reserve the main blog for good stuff that is interesting (hopefully). Might not bring in traffic straight away but over time I’m hopeful it will work.

    Keep up the awesome work guys

  • Dan

    Hey thanks discountdeals!?!?! didn’t see this comment because it looksed like spam… anyhow, yeah love this approach… hope the VA is working out for you. Thanks for the kind words and the shout! 

  • Anonymous

    Ha yeah sorry it was the only disqus account I had. I’ll have to set one up under my own name!


  • Dan

    FYI don’t think you need to change the account, can just change the preferences.

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