TMBA 092 (LBP83) – A Business Failure Story (Our GoDaddy Account is the Boulevard of Broken Dreams)

TMBA 092 (LBP83) – A Business Failure Story (Our GoDaddy Account is the Boulevard of Broken Dreams) post image

This week, Dan and Ian talk about some news items and replay one of their most popular classic episodes.

Listen to this weeks episode to learn of:

  • A new project that Dan and Ian launched this week.
  • An amazing TropicalMBA-style internship opportunity.
  • One of Dan and Ian’s biggest business failures (it ended them costing $6k and Ian wasted one month in China because of it).

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)


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Episode length: 36:41


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Published on 12.01.11
  • GoDaddy is a boulevard of everyone’s broken dreams…. lol.

  • ..Way to have us waiting…

  • Coldplay? Is that you?

  • Dan

    and I’m officially not following…

  • Dan


  • Ed Lowell

    Sourcing from china is wayyy tougher than people think. definetly spot on about needing to find a distributor and not an agent. Import/export in general needs to be done in BULK.

  • Ian

    Ed, we’ve got more coming on the topic.  Next week’s episode is with Matt K. from the DC.  He’s been living in China for 7 years exporting and acting as an agent.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the mention, guys!  Would love to hear about more failures you guys have had.  Other than just being nosy…I think those types of stories to provide value to us readers/listeners. But screw us…being able to analyze your failures will help you call attention to what actually went wrong and avoid those mistakes in the future too.

  • Dan

    i think it’s possible for us to dig up a few more fails…. 

  • Adam Finan

    Funny shit.. Love honesty when it comes to online pursuits,, its not all sunshine and dollar bills :)

  • Dan

    Cheers Adam thanks :)

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