TMBA 99 (LBP89) – The Institutions of Marriage and Business Partnerships

TMBA 99 (LBP89) – The Institutions of Marriage and Business Partnerships post image

Dan and Ian invited the guys from AdSense Flippers on the show to chat entrepreneur to entrepreneur (to entrepreneur to entrepreneur!) about what it’s like to start a podcast, hire employees, and provide constructive criticism or feedback.

Then they get into it and talk about the realities of business partnerships and what it’s like to build a life together.

Listen to this episode and learn about:

  • The high caliber of aspiring location independent interns and freelancers
  • Why a business partnership can be so similar to a marriage
  • Planning out your financial and life goals when you have someone else to consider
  • Letting certain ships sail and still maintaining fundamental respect
  • The critical junctures when your workflow should and should not overlap
  • Why it is important to imagine the eventual successes as well as evaluating the day-to-day of your operation

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)


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Episode length: 38:11

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Published on 02.02.12
  • Anonymous

    Loved chatting with you guys about partnerships…it seemed to just flow really well and we all spoke to it from passionate positions, I think.

    It will be interesting to see if anyone else notices what I emailed you about not liking, heh.  I’d like to add, though, that I ONLY mentioned it to you because I REALLY give a shit and am a superfan!  Keep up the excellent content, guys!

  • Great podcast boys.

    If you want the master of the mash-up you have to check out “Girl Talk” and there is a FANTASTIC documentary about the artist and the state of IP laws called “RIP – A remix manifesto”

  • Dan

    Big props for that, I sincerely appreciate the feedback, it was even more impressive that you know us. A lot of people might say those things if they didn’t know us, but you risked offending us by telling us something that I think had a ton of value, so I’d like to hear more of that in the future too because I think you are a better judge of it than us. It was a fun talk to be a part of since we weren’t 100% sure what we were all going to say, I hope the audience enjoys the discussion as much as we did.

  • Dan

    Thanks D$, I LOVE GIRL TALK. I now might have to watch a movie!! 

  • “Yeaahh buddy, it’s thursday morning” :D

    Boo yah!

  • Renee Boyce

    Greaat podcast! keep em comin!

  • Dan

    thanks Renee will do!

  • Dan


  • Wow, this podcast session is a mash-up of  two of my favorite podcast. Double energy, double inspiration. Amazing, guys.

    Btw, the only little thing that I don’t like sometimes is that you two, Dan and Ian, talk at the same time or interrupt each other and then you don’t go back to the interrupted idea. It’s not big deal though.

    The podcast is great always.

  • Dan

    cheers Cristina! thanks for that. sometimes Ian and I suffer from the international Skype lag, I think we do a lot better when we are in the same room. 1 more week and Ian will be here in Asia so we should be able to improve that!  

  • Ian

    Thanks for the feedback Cristina!  Noted.

  • I have been into mashups since ministry of sound turned me onto them back in ’04 but somehow missed the bootie mashup crew. No longer, thanks for that, best of 2011 now on continuos loop…

  • Yeah so disappointed you didn’t mention Girl Talk in the podcast, I was expecting you to after recent discussions in DC! ;) And watch the movie!

  • Dan

    haha. going to get on it…

  •  I second that, Damian. Thanks for the Bootie Mix, guys.

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