TMBA 090 (LBP82) – Podcasting, Launches, Bloggin’ about Bloggin’, and Chops – A Fireside Chat with Tim Conley

TMBA 090 (LBP82) – Podcasting, Launches, Bloggin’ about Bloggin’, and Chops – A Fireside Chat with Tim Conley post image

This week, Dan and Ian interview Tim Conley from the Foolish Adventure Podcast. Tim has been an internet entrepreneur for many years and focuses on information publishing and consulting.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • How Tim got 7000 unique visitors on the day that he launched Foolish Adventure.
  • Why more product launches fail than you think
  • Why blogging and podcasting are still good businesses to get into, even though there are millions of competitors.

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)


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Episode length: 34:15


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Published on 11.24.11
  • Thanks for the shot-out! I’m available for WordPress consulting if anyone needs something custom done / needs a pro-tip or two. matt [at] mattpaulson [dot] com. 

  • Hey, I just listened to the show.  It’s good that you cut out the more profane moments.  I was so sure we were recording Tropical Talk instead of LBP.  Dan, I think we need to do another where I can at least give peeps some actionable info and not just Dan & Tim’s Biznass Philosophy Hour (which we should totally do as a podcast).

  • Dan


  • Dan

    haha! I listened back to it though there was a lot of great stuff in there! Yeah we got rid of our missteps!! Looking forward to having you back on the show :)

  • Wow totally agree with just getting stuff done vs long term project work.  It’s tough because it’s so easy to focus on task work and not projects.  I struggle with focus on the projects because it seem like the task based stuff brings in more money, at least short term (i.e. get the new sales page up) where as project work is more subjective in it’s momentary value.

    Still Justin keeps me anchored and on point when it comes to projects.  Plus Basecamp helps!

  • Dan I also noticed some reverb/echo in this episode.  Similar to what we had in our episode 3.  Were you in a small room, with the gain turned up?

  • Dan

    in my testing, the gain did not affect this too much. basically, my bedroom has high ceilings and a tile floor…. i’d need carpet, plants, etc to get rid of this effect. It’s a real bummer, gotta figure out a solution to this. So far it’s been recording outside, but then we get white noise. In my experience, a little bit of environmental noise is way better than echo.

  • Dan

    man impressed you guys can stick with Basecamp. Every 4 months we get pumped up to join again and just drop it like its hot. 

  • Hang a few blankets on the wall. It will do wonders for your echo. 

  • Dan

    great call there. 

  • Great work again boys, love your work as you know. 

    One thing, when discussing electronic music at the end, you were joking about the “dead – mow – 5” pronunciation, right? You know it’s “deadmouse” surely… ;)

  • Dan

    Word DT! Thanks for the shout. No idea what you guys are talking about here…

  • Pillows on 3 sides of the mic work great for me. Cuts a lot of environmental noise too.

  • For me the long-term stuff is harder to stay hyped about when you don’t have a partner just as hyped as you are, but it helps when you get feedback from customers that are loving your products.

    I’ve been using Trello for project management because it is so simple I don’t have to change my workflow to fit it like I had to do when trying to use basecamp.

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