The DC is Currently Accepting New Members

We're not much into sales pitches, but we do want to share the facts.
Here's a summary of what you can expect if you join the DC.

  • Peers

    Immediate connection with over 1000 other location independent entrepreneurs

  • Mastermind Placement

    Join a small mastermind group with our quarterly Mastermind Rush program

  • Online Business Forum

    Immediate access to our well-known community forums, filled with in-depth business knowledge

  • Global Events

    Invitations to join other DCers at our events held in cities such as Barcelona and Bangkok.

  • Member Location App

    Find and contact other entrepreneurs, where ever you may be

  • Local Meetups

    Meet local members at our monthly Junto meetups held in 49 cities across 5 continents.

  • Content Curation

    An entire team of curators who ensure high quality information is in constant supply

  • DC Only Offers

    Take advantage of exclusive business offers from other DCers

How to Join the DC

  • 1

    Fill out an application

    Our application is just here to make sure that the DC is the right fit for you. This process helps ensure that once you're in the DC, you're surrounded by other professional entrepreneurs who are growing real businesses.

  • 2

    Complete your membership subscription

    We offer an annual membership option for new members. Committing to at least a year with the DC ensures you have enough time to take full advantage of the community. Many of the "perks" of being in a community like ours come from the relationships you build, which usually takes more than just a month. This also ensures that you can be confident that the entrepreneurs you're meeting will be sticking around for awhile as well.

  • 3

    Hear back from our Application Committee

    We're proud to say that our application decisions are made by the community, not our team. Our application committee is made up of a handful of committed community leaders who care deeply about the DC. You should expect to hear back from an application committee member within 48 hours, and they'll get you all set up with your account and login details.

One More Thing

Introducing our Connector Team

We want to make sure you're able to jump into the community quickly.

The beautiful people you see to the right are all members of our Connector Team. They are all community leaders who are on hand to help you start gaining value from the DC immediately.

If you join the DC, we'll personally pair you with  a connector and schedule you a Skype call to chat with them. During this call, your connector will suggest you to relevant members that they can introduce you to and explain different aspects of the community.

Start ApplicationTakes about 10 minutes