TMBA 156 (LBP133) – Deferred Life Plans and the Action Jackson Strategy

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Dan and Ian are making plans to rendevous in Bali again. Dan is still there working on his book, while Ian is in Orlando avoiding the M3 service industry guys and spending time with his family.

Ian’s recent trip to a race prompted a discussion between the guys about deferred life plans. There’s a built in assumption that retirement is worth 30 years of investment, but is that true?

Deferred Life Plans and the Action Jackson Strategy

  • Why you should try retirement now and see if it’s really worth 30 years of investing.
  • If you’re working on something big and you have no idea how it’s going to work out, that may be a good sign you’re pursuing value.
  • Why you should never hide your ideas.
  • More details on why the DC is closing down to new members.
  • The High Friction Honeymoon – how to start a passive income business.
  • The full backstory on the DC and the death of old school marketers.
  • The definitive answer to the age old question – “How long does it take to build a business?”


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Episode length: 27:15


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Published on 12.13.12
  • Is it just me? iTunes can’t handle your feed, some type of error, won’t play.

  • Dan

    Should be okay now? We were making a slight update.

  • Not sure, I’m gonna try deleting it and re-download.

  • Dan

    Sorry about that! BTW, are you “Sam” now? I’m confused by the name change.

  • Ryan

    I’m a huge race fan myself (F1 mostly). Years ago I drove a racing style go kart and had a blast. I did learn that dragging a kart from track to track would eat up lots of time and lots of money. I didn’t think that would be the thing for me.

    Evernote is a great tool where I enter all of my wild ideas. I have an Idea Incubator file that I put them all in. After thinking about them for a while the good ones get a sub folder where I continue gathering information and make plans to keep the good idea moving forward.

  • I think it’s working, except Ian get’s cut off and podcast ends in the quick tip section.

    Sorry for the confusion! Samuel is my middle name. I’m ramping up my “official” work and business, and Samuel is much easier to pronounce and remember than “Johan”.

    You can just call me “Stud”, though.

  • Dan Norris

    Dude use your real name! My 2c

  • Six years ago, I tried a 5-month mini-retirement just hanging out in Brazil and training capoeira. Not even halfway in, I got bored and antsy because 1) I felt like I wasn’t contributing anything to the world; and 2) I knew it wasn’t sustainable because I was living off savings and not generating any income.

    …which is why I’m now living in Brazil, training capoeira, AND building a business that’s adding value to the lives of thousands of English students around the world. Pretty much ideal!

    I’m trying to figure out how “going into the unknown” jives with “buy now blogging.” Should you have a monetization plan sketched out from the beginning… OR, if you’re doing something that you are absolutely SURE has mega-value, should you keep going even without an idea of how to turn that value into revenue, because the revenue will likely follow (somehow) if you were indeed correct about the mega-value? Not sure if that made sense… it just seems contradictory and I’m trying to wrap my head around it.

  • Dan

    Yo Shayna, love your story there… I’ve had the same feeling on mini-retirements… I feel really disconnected when I’m not doing work.

    Buy now blogging just gives you advanced analytics– you’ll actually see conversions and talk to real customers from the beginning of your marketing efforts– that won’t take away the uncertainty, my sense is 9/10 you’ll still be wondering how things will play out, you’ll just have higher quality data from real customers.

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