TMBA 089 (TTR8) – How Your Mindset Changes When You Get Started in Business

TMBA 089 (TTR8) – How Your Mindset Changes When You Get Started in Business post image

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Today I pulled Simon and Travis together to talk about some mindset issues. We were having an conversation for a few hours about our businesses, backstories, and relationships and… man I wish I would have had the tape running for that… anyway, I finally pulled out the mic and asked the guys to try and bring out some of key advice and concrete tips they have for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Listen to this podcast and learn:

  • The #1 piece of advice Simon has on getting started with online business.
  • What you need to care about more than the money seriously.
  • 3 concerete first steps to getting started with e-commerce.
  • Why it doesn’t matter how you get started in business.
  • Why having a successful career could totally screw you.
  • Why looking like an idiot is critical to your entrepreneurial success.
  • How Tropical Talk Radio is putting entrepreneurs on the radar!
  • The fall-out form “aggressive SEO week” with Travis.
  • How a few simple definition exercises can change your life.

People on this show:

Episode length: 17:45

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Published on 11.23.11
  • JustinWCooke

    Great podcast guys…digging these episodes!

    It’s interesting you talk about the lawyer having to come home and work on his silly product site he’s trying to wrangle together.  I think in many cases you do have to get through that “dipshit” phase until you prove to yourself (and others) that you’ve got the chops to see this thing through.  Still, though, I don’t think it has to be quite that bad for everyone.  In many cases, I think it’s helpful for people to build off the skills they’ve learned in their J-O-B and try to find a way to relate that to their new venture/lifestyle they’re shooting for.  Why can’t that lawyer (let’s just say) create some niche sites that drive traffic to his law firm (or others if they’re paying better to affiliates!)  Or…sell an info product related to how to squeeze the most out of your ex in a divorce…  I think building off the skills you learned in your pre-freedom days makes it much easier to break into the lifestyle you’re looking for.

    Also, good shout-out to Phil’s  He’s just getting up and running but I’m thinking he has the see-through to make that shit happen for himself…hoping he breaks through, for sure!

  • Korr17

    “Why can’t that lawyer (let’s just say) create some niche sites that drive traffic to his law firm (or others if they’re paying better to affiliates!)  Or…sell an info product related to how to squeeze the most out of your ex in a divorce…  I”

    As a lawyer it’s possible, but often you’ll run afoul of our professional code of ethics. 
    Law related info products can turn into “unauthorized practice of law” in front of the state bar ethics committee.

    Rather than do the hard work of arguing with the state bar and clarifying what you can and can not do (even our business cards are regulated), it’s often better to do something outside of the law that can’t be regulated by them.  “hoisted by our own petard”

    That, and it’s nice to do something that’s not law related.

  • JustinWCooke

    I see your point, Korr…let’s just switch the industry to a personal trainer or high school teacher then to get away from some of the legal issues.  I think it’s great for a high school teacher to come up with some training curriculum info products rather than, for example, getting into selling car parts when he/she has very little experience in that niche.

    There is the “fun” factor though as you’ve mentioned…it is nice to take a break from your core career path…I get that.

  • JT

    HAHAHAHAHAA… I’m listening. Man, this made my day. Thanks for the shout Simon!!! 5:35.. Nailed this right on the head. You can’t learn this stuff anywhere else. No classroom teaches this shit. You learn from your screw ups and being a dipshit. Jay-z was asked when he walks into a board room does he feel intimidated from a bunch of guys who wear suits, and who went to college… His response… “They read a bunch of words, I lived a bunch of life” Check it out at 1:45……

  • HAHA. Perfect timing. I totally feel like I’m in the dipshit phase… Hit by Panda and now in the process of migrating the juicing site to WordPress. I’m doing it myself, so each day I’m copying and pasting everything over. “Riveting” stuff, but hey, it has to be done. I could pay for it, but then I’d severely cut into my runway, to use another concept I learned here.

    “when you work for someone else, you outsource your life to someone else”

    I love the way you put that.

    To being a dipshit ;)

  • yep i’ve been there done that countless times the dipshit faze it never gets easy

  • Dan

    I’m still there! :D

  • Dan

    haha love it.

  • Dan

    Hey John, looking forward to talking with you shortly about the biz! 

  • Dan

    I agree with this general sentiment… a lot of people want to get away from their jobs so much that they leave all their current experience on the table and start from scratch. My story is very similar to yours in that I used my career as a jumping off point (hey, somebody was already paying me for this shit!!!. .nice proof of concept there)… and then kept iterating the business into spaces I was more interested in. 

  • Cool man, just send me an email when you’ve got time.

  • Interestingly enough, I’m hoping to use my apparel sourcing experiences and knowledge in a business overseas. What better industry, than the apparel one where factories are all in areas that include tropical islands ;)

  • Dan

    :D balla!

  • Frank Bonetti

    Wow… I’ve been listening to the LBP religiously for the past five months but this was my first time listening to Tropical Talk Radio. I love the vulgarity, the anger, the passion!! I definitely need to check out more of this stuff. You’re so right about the fear of going to the dentist and wondering whether or not you’re boss will approve. It’s fucking bullshit. I never want to give anyone that kind of control over my life.

  • Dan

    haha thanks Frank!!! Ian will be back in Asia shortly so hopefully we’ll be inspired to rock out some more from the hip episodes.

  • Dan

    Yeah. And it IS FUCKING BULLSHIT. It’s that kind of hatred that can get people motivated ! :D

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