TMBA 103 (LBP93) – The Single Most Important Entrepreneurial Skillset

TMBA 103 (LBP93) – The Single Most Important Entrepreneurial Skillset post image

Ian look like he knows what he’s doing

What good is a location independent lifestyle business if you can’t enjoy it?

Dan & Ian join us from the beach at Badladz Resort in Puerto Galera where they have been adventuring around the shooting range, playing with go-carts on the back roads, cutting deals and hustlin’ connections like a boss, and relaxing/karaokeing with friends in various cities across the Philippines.

Taking a break from pounding the pavement, this week they’re talking about the most important entrepreneurial skillset one can possess. It isn’t a degree or marketing plan or venture capitalist in your back pocket.

It’s all in your head.

We’re talking mindset.

Set against the lull of ocean waves and sea breeze, Dan & Ian break the entrepreneurial mindset down into 4 Basic Points:

    1. Don’t work with assholes
    2. How to handle “free work”
    3. Success time frames
    4. Johnny vs. Jeffie – A tale of two approaches to entrepreneurship and advice

Listener Question:

Benjamin from vLighthouse asks: A year ago, I started building a SaaS application in hopes of one day quitting my job.  Problem is — I put up a front-facing website and made a cool video, AND… nothing.  This is a huge fear of mine — that nobody wants it and a year’s worth of writing code late at night (after working a job I hate) is for naught. How were you able to overcome challenges like this?  To do everything yourself, from writing code, to marketing, to whatever else is necessary.


Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 33:43


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Published on 03.08.12
  • What’s you thoughts on Dumaguete you talked good about it in the old days of OTTP …Still the same?

  • Thanks for the shout out guys. Great to catch up and have some fun in PG. Those mud karts were awesome. Not sure what happened to Ian’s flipflops though haha. Hope you found ’em before you left! 

    See ya next time for another party in paradise :D

  • Great podcast, and great to meet you guys. Thanks for the shout! :-) 

  • Anonymous

    Great episode, fellas!

    Totally agree with you regarding the “provide value” approach and you’re on point saying that John McIntyre is worth his weight in gold.  It was talking to him that sold Joe on the idea of Interns and that’s literally changing the direction of our business.  Can’t wait to work with that guy…hoping someone smarter than us doesn’t snatch him up and steal all his time! :-)

    Loved the section about not bothering to work with assholes.  It’s only been the last 24 months or so that we’ve gotten much better at saying “No” to potential deals.  I think that’s KEY…but extremely hard to do, as you’ve mentioned.  I went back and read Seth Godin’s “The Dip” and while I learned some new and interesting points, it was great to hear some affirmation that saying no to things early is valuable.

    John – Give Ian back his flip-flops!

  • I’m totally running OSX Housecat on my MacBook Air.

  • Justin Miramontes

    Bit off-topic, but what’s your recommendation when you head up to Subic Bay? I went for a couple days and really only walked around the main beach/pier one area. Fun, but pretty standard. I guess if you have a boat it’s a lot different. Is there another area worth checking out?

    Too bad I missed you guys in Puerto Galera. I literally probably passed by you on the banka out on Tuesday, haha.

  • Dan

    haha I loved that, no idea where that came from but it’s some funny shit. 

  • Dan

    haha, yeah John is a super solid guy. I wish I would have had my head screwed on like he does when I was in my early 20’s. Loved hearing Damian’s story about assholes as well, super tough advice to follow but so important. Patience is tough to have when we work with so much intensity on a day to day basis. 

  • Dan

    :D! Great to meet you John. Sorry about calling you “the intern.” I can improve !! 

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Absolutely the same. I’d probably choose Davao over Duma as a place to live. Davao is cleaner, more to do, and more relevant for entrepreneurs. Also has direct flights to Singapore a few times a week which makes it possible for you to connect to pretty much anywhere in the world. Duma has a few advantages, particularly with the local travel opportunities (Apo, Bohol, and Cebu all very close) with Davao you are pretty much stuck there until you get on an airplane. But anyway, both top spots!!! 

  • Thumbs up again, Dan, for the Gmail shortcuts.

    A bit of j and k here, with a little x, gi, o, s, p and n there, and you’re away.

  • Dan

    haha it’s funny I think that’s the best way to sell it too! I should have said that in this show…

  • Dan

    yeah total bummer man, yeah the biggest problem with hanging in subic bay is that unless you just hang right on Baloy beach the whole time it’s really a lot cooler with a car. that way you can see all the stuff on base easily, visit Olongapo, and go to the beach all in the same day. 100% need a car on motorcycle to have fun here IMO. 

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  • Another excellent Podcast! Hope to meet up with you guys sometime in San Diego

  • Dan

    Cheers man thanks!!!

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