TMBA 010 (LBP10) – An Insider’s Look at Outsourcing in the Philippines

This is the first episode recorded from two corners of the globe (the Philippines, and San Diego California). Today we take an insider’s look at outsourcing in the Philippines. We cover topics like:
  • The best websites to hire outsourced professionals to help your business grow.
  • Why the Philippines could be a HUGE opportunity for your business.
  • The salary ranges you can expect for copywriters, web developers, and web marketers.
  • We briefly mention a paid internship we’ll be launching later this week.

It’s good to be back! Hope you enjoy the episode.

Listen to Episode 10.

Published on 10.23.09
  • Dan, you need to make sure you add a new widget to your sidebar here that includes the link directly to your iTunes/podcast feed. ;)

  • Dan

    yes! yes, good call. you really know how to pimp a blog. I’d also like to get aweber rockin’ in the subscription box, alas, I don’t have the chops to get it done quick!

  • Thank you for the podcast, Dan. I have a lot of experience with oDesk and it is true, that people from the Philippines are excellent.


  • This is definitely the definitive guide for outsourcing to the Philippines. I’ve summarized it in Chinese here on

    Thanks Dan and Ian, you guys rock!

  • Tal Halevi

    The file is only 47 sec long.

  • I’m trying to download as well – only 47 seconds long?

  • hey John should be able to get it here:

  • thanks !

  • Steven

    Hi Dan! The link supplied here doesn’t work either. This episode is unavailable from the archive list and the version contained in the subscriber 10-episodes-at-a-time zip files cuts off after 47s. Thanks.

  • Rob Judd

    Yeah, it’s still broken. :-(

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