TMBA 011 (LBP11) – Travel Hacking, Flashpacking, and Super Lightweight Backpacking


In this episode I outline the one simple lightweight packing tip that changed my approach to traveling forever. Next week we’ll be back with more business.  Some resources mentioned in this episode:

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Published on 11.06.09
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  • Manohar

    The link to this episode doesn’t work anymore

  • thanks for the heads up, you’ll have to download the first 100 episodes to get it for the time being, you can get those at /subscribe. if you don’t like the emails just unsubscribe!

  • Tal Halevi

    Guys, there is a server problem with downloading the mp3 file. Thanks.

  • JakeReed

    How can I listen to this?

  • hey Jake saw your email as well, trying to get this back online in short order we’ll respond when it’s done!

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