TMBA 152 (LBP131) – The Rule of 6 – And the 10 Commandments of Content Marketing

TMBA 152 (LBP131) – The Rule of 6 – And the 10 Commandments of Content Marketing post image

It’s getting late in the year and we all know what that means: Buck season. While Ian is stalking the big bucks back in San Diego, Dan’s writing binge in Bali continues.

Content Marketing is a hot topic in the internet marketing world right now, but what does content marketing really mean? Dan and Ian define what great content really is and show how you can use the Rule of 6 to spring load your content marketing efforts.

The Rule of 6 – And the 10 Commandments of Content Marketing

  • “Systematic Visibility” – The 2013 SEO Strategy that will dominate the SERPs.
  • Why the affiliate model is being overtaken by the old-fashioned handshake model.
  • Why you should become the mini-New York Times of your niche.
  • Karmas for real – The baller/giving correlation.
  • Use thought frameworks to create a passionate audience and expand your brand.
  • Are you informing your audience or leading them?
  • Say something new, but respect those that laid the groundwork.
  • Why Dan would rather listen to a drunk blogger.
  • Tell a story with your content.
  • Show leadership by proving perspective.


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Episode length: 31:37


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Published on 11.29.12
  • JustinWCooke

    BOOM! Great episode guys and thanks for the love!

    I love the mini-NYT analogy. So many times I’m looking for information about a particular subject from someone I can trust and it’s just not there…plenty of niches left to exploit!

    Not entirely sure I agree with you on the affiliate model, though. Taking Pat Flynn as an example…he often offers even better content and guides than the products he’s promoting…which is why his affiliate commissions are sky-high, right?

  • Dan

    Given the size of his audience, his affiliate commissions aren’t that impressive for individual products with a few notable exceptions. It’s sort of a different conversation, but I’m not sure his success demonstrates useful rule for others to replicate… It will be very interesting to see what happens to these commodity hosts in the next 5 year period (can they sustain 100$ commissions?), but I do think that affiliate distribution will remain more relevant for software than for information products and courses from small publishers which is really what I’m aiming at when I say that “affiliates are dying.”

  • Love hearing about the Vancouver guys going with your SEO content idea. I heard the podcast #129 also & figured to do the same. But instead of throwing any $ or time building out a platform before knowing if it’d work, I went for the sales and secured my first $1,000 a month client, an accountant, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I’m going to test the process with that client then aim to get at least 10 more folks onboard over the next 6 months. When I get a page up, I’ll shoot it to you guys. And, once the first payment is made (mid-December,) I’ll be joining the DC. Cheers.

  • Dan

    hells. freakin’. yeah!!!! well done sir.

  • That landing page the Vancouver guys put together is hella sexy. That – and the podcast combined – made my little day in the Hoch even more sweat-drippingly drenched.

  • Line of the episode: ‘We embarked on these rivers of cash flows’. Ian that’s great stuff. Love the imagery.

  • Ian

    thanks! I stole it from right here:

  • Interesting… I think holding the two axioms of “laser-focusing your niche” and “becoming a mini-New York Times” in tension can help you narrow your niche enough, yet not too much. If you’re looking at your niche and thinking there’s no way there’s EVER going to be enough content to make your site a mini-NYT, then it’s probably too small. (Either that, or you just don’t know enough about the topic to be aware of all its various angles).

    I loved the part about the thought frameworks… now brainstorming how I can use that concept myself…

  • Dan

    :D Agreed on your reasoning there RE: NYTs.

  • Dan

    Yep Stolen! :D

  • Dan


  • Mike

    Thanks Will! It was really cool to be mentioned on the podcast! Looking forward to meeting up too.

  • Mike

    In hindsight, we might have been smarter to go with your idea. Oh well, we already do the web design stuff so it was only a day’s work. Let’s chat about this, maybe we can work together.

  • Euvie Ivanova

    Yeah buddy!

  • Euvie Ivanova

    Good idea!

  • Can I start dj’ing the intro and outro?

  • Dan

    sure! Send me a mix i’ll toss it at the end.

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