TMBA 015 (LBP15) – 4 Ways to Sustain Passion in Your Business


HINT: Stop F’ing Watching Lost. Thanks Gary Vee. We love you.

We’ve also determined that there are two types of people in the world: those who are crushing it, and those who are not. Look around the room right now– see anybody who is crushing it? We know you are crushing it!

Listen to Episode 15.

Published on 12.19.09
  • Wesley

    I appreciate the aspect of "being real" however, in your effort to be yourself and be real with your audience, please realize there are times, like with the inappropriate language, that being real comes at the cost of being professional. In two episodes you went from a great podcast to one I have to listen to when the kids aren't around due to the language.

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  • What a trip listening to you guys talk about when the iPhone just came out

    “Internet browsing activity is up 11 times compared to when people had Blackberrys”


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