TMBA 002 (LBP2) – 10 Signs You Are a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, or Lifestyle Designer


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In this episode I’ll give you 10 signs you are a lifestyle entrepreneur or lifestyle designer, and answer a question from a listener about how to find a great mastermind group or mentor to jump start your progress.

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Published on 08.02.09
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  • Ryan Nagy

    I assume there are no comments here as you ported this one from a previous incarnation of your brand or another website? Anyway, just a quick note to let you know that this is a great podcast and has some good “back to basics” nuggets for location-independent entrepreneurs. You have reminded me that I need to quit the newsites and go back on an information diet. Cheers!

  • ha thanks! perhaps either that or nobody ever commented. Back when these episodes were published very few listened.

  • Great episode!

    Since they aren’t listed in the episode description here are the 10* signs you are a lifestyle designer/entrepreneur (actually only 9, #8 was skipped!)

    1.) Your laptop is your most important possession

    2.) “Do you guys have WiFi?” is the first question you ask upon entering any hotel, friends house, cafe or family gathering

    3.) You bring up for discussion the most recent posts from the following top bloggers: Tim, Leo and Seth, while out for drinks with your friends. You refer to them by first names, as if they were close friends

    4.) You are planning your next mini-retirement now

    5.) You know the term “global arbitrage” and overuse it in conversations

    6.) There are people who play critical roles in your company, whom you’ve never met

    7.) Your friends have car payments and bills. You have liabilities and expenses.

    8.) SKIPPED

    9.) Your information diet is as important as your real one

    10.) You can regularly be found asking “What day of the week is it?” to those around you

    However, for me the best part of this episode was Dan predicting his own future. When advising the listener on how to find a mastermind (hint: create one instead), he basically described his exact thoughts about creating the DC (Dynamite Circle) 2 years later in 2011 (from WhoIs domain name records, I think the DC was created in ~April 2011)

    “I think one of the best things you can do is create your own mastermind group, that’s forged in your vision. That is the best way to create what you want in the world. They say there is this business axiom that says: ‘The best way to predict the market is to create it.’ And it’s the same thing. If you’re dreaming of the perfect mastermind group out there and you just hope that it comes your way, that’s a bad strategy. The best strategy is: Who better to create it than you? Know exactly what you want it to be, then create it. Understand that there can be a huge value in just creating the forum. So maybe you are not the guy that is making tons of money on the internet, and maybe you are not the guy that has the best advice for everybody, but you are the guy who has the vision to bring it together. And by merely setting it up you can create tons and tons of value. And there’s countless of examples of that being true. Bringing people together can be of huge, huge value. So if you have the vision to just bring this thing together, I think that has a huge value.”

    Emphasisis on:

    “Understand that there can be a huge value in just creating the forum.”

    While Dan meant ‘forum’ in the general sense, he *literally* created the internet forum for the DC haha.

    Good stuff!

  • wow that’s absolutely crazy thank you for doing this Ben I really appreciate it! Hilarious that we straight up skipped points. Like a true lifestyle designer! :P

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