TMBA 021 (LBP21) – How We Are Making a Couple Hundred Thousand Dollars and the Most Exciting City in the World for Internet Businesses


Heya everyone, this is the first episode where we get in to deal-making. We’ve been really busy as I’m sure you can tell if you listen to the episode!  We are excited to touch base with everyone who is listening. It’s been so great to hear from everyone who’s contacted us. I really like this kind of content and I’m hoping we can do more high-level deal making stuff in the future. We also talk a lot about outsourcing opportunities in the Philippines.

Listen to Episode #21.

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Episode length: 13:46

Listen to Episode #21.


Published on 02.22.10
  • Brad

    Why do you make it difficult to listen to your show? I found your site and was pleased that there is a podcast on a subject I'm interested in. Only I wasn't able to download the content. I don't have iTunes nor do I want to install it. I don't want to listen on your site and since there was no “download mp3” link I was forced to search your code to get the file. Had I been an average visitor I would have left, never to return…

    Why not make it easy?

    For everyone else, you can download the file here:

  • TropicalMBA

    Hey Brad, thats really helpful feedback for us. I never thought about this issue because I've always just assumed that people who listen to podcasts do it through iTunes. Do you know an easy way to make it downloadable in MP3 format, or what is the best way to do it? We are currently using Podcasting plugin. I'm happy to do this because of course we want as many people to listen to our show as possible. The main issue for us is that we are so busy trying to grow our core business that a lot of upgrades that could be useful on the podcast site get pushed. Thanks for listening!

  • TropicalMBA

    Also, thanks for providing the download link. If any tech savy visitors know the most elegant way to provide this kind of service, please give us your opinion. Thanks.

  • Very interesting stuff guys, got here from Man vs Debt, I actually had one comment and one question

    -I really think the quality ofyour podcasts has improved over time and are very interesting. When I got here, I figured I would start with the first few podcasts and generally thought the quality was not as good, I actually “unbookmarked” the podcast and returned today figuring maybe the more recent ones would be better quality (more in terms of pace, etc, the content has been as good) and I do think it is now much much better. I would thus suggest either putting a notice in the first podcast or “re-recording”, just to not “lose” potential listeners such as myself. Just my opinion:)

    -Now a question…I have a few websites, mostly blogs and we have a few good writers hired to write about it. Obviously, if I was able to go to Thailand or elsewhere for a few months right now, I'm sure I could get into recruiting more and expand big time. But from a distance, what are the best ways in your opinion to find locals and hire them. I would obviously be more than happy to hire a 300$/month capable writer but I don't really see the easiest way of doing so from here. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated:)

    Will get back to catching up on past podcasts

  • TropicalMBA

    Thanks for the really thoughtful comments. A lot of people have been telling us about the improvements we have been making, sometimes its hard for me to notice because its a little difficult for me to understand how good the info/show is. I think your point about the earlier episodes is interesting, a lot of people who love the later episodes ask for the earlier ones so its a catch 22! I like your idea of revisiting some of the earlier topics. I'll discuss it with Ian and see what he thinks.

    On your second question, it really is the #1 question we receive and I have very few good answers. My short answer is: on the one hand, and scrappy hustle on the other. That is, either highly organized or none at all. None of the middle of the road options work too smoothly for various reasons. I'm working on some interviews with some players here in PH as well as a detailed guide to this stuff so I can have a resource to help the listeners out.

    Thanks a lot for joining up with us!

  • I think what has improved a lot is just the general pace of everything, the voices and your thoughts seem to be more organised. I'm sure it's just experience, I don't think it was bad at first, it's just much better now!

    Thanks for the link to Odesk, have you used it before? Will certainly give it a try.

    Now that I think about it, I will be in Bangkok for 48 hours in April (yes, that fast, part of my honeymoon as we'll be mainly in Vietnam!), there is probably nothing I can get done in such a short amount of time, but I still feel I should ask. Is there an office or person I should meet that could “help” getting a relationship with potential employees or subcontractor? At this point, the main thing we are looking for is writers although that will evolve as time goes by.

    I appreciate the replies, I'm really glad I found this podcast and have been sharing it, I think it's the start of something that will take off to a whole new level soon. Keep up the good work

  • TropicalMBA

    Hey oh, yup I've used Odesk to great success for very basic and repetitive tasks. Mostly copywriting. Not a lot of higher order stuff. I think its a really got place to start if you need writers! I would start there.

    I'm happy to hear you are spending your honeymoon in Vietnam, that is super cool and one of my favorite countries. Before you leave email me where you are going to be and I'll send you some killer restaurants and street food to try out!

  • moyger

    I enjoy your podcasting here, though I want the mp3s to get downloaded so I could put in my ipod/iphone. I am a Filipino, working here in Singapore in a digitalmedia company here. I totally agree how talented and full of media skills in Manila but somehow, life there is not balance. This is why these talented kids would do anything just to survive. Yea you said 300$ a month. For me that is exploitation or plainly abuse in outsourcing. Like 300$ for a kid who is doing like 5 websites a month, when we all know that one site would estimate more than that. For me, it's about caring for your employees, thinking on how you make your worker's feel that they are happy working for you.

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