TMBA 022 (LBP22) – How We Got Milked for Thousands of Dollars Outsourcing, Our Only Automation Secret, and A Market Where Fortunes Will Be Made


This episode is in interview style. Ian thought it would be cool to dredge up the whole narrative of how we got inspired to start outsourcing and all the mistakes we made along the way.

Listen to Episode #22.

@TropicalMBA (Dan)

@AnythingIan (Ian)

Episode length: 32:39

Listen to Episode #22.


Published on 03.14.10
  • Beau

    Love the podcast Dan

  • TropicalMBA

    Thank you sir!

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  • jaki

    Hey mate .. dont get that western guilt thing of saying “cheap labour”. its all relative. The wage each week buys goods and rent similar in percentage terms as what it does in Australia. The people overseas are projecting their own living costs in the west thinking a dinner is $20 and a whatever is $10 .. and you are paying $2. Thats BS. Percentage terms even housing, rent, food, transport etc is relative to what i pay in Australia. I worked out that on terms of living and spending etc my friends were on the equivalent of $800 a week to what they would have been getting in dollar terms in Australia.

  • TropicalMBA

    Noted on that, thanks for dropping by the podcast and listening to some of our older jamz!

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