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Hey everyone, I think a lot about the make money online niche. I have tons of friends who are making BANK in that space and they are providing real value to the marketplace. There are so many folks talkin’ smack but I’m not really sure all that is necessary. I weight in here with my thoughts and a few quick announcements about the podcast.

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Listen to Episode #25.

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Published on 04.03.10
  • Freaking sweet!! Dan! I'm into tackling niches. I think the “gurus” make it seem making money online is a crime. If you go about it the right way its just like everyday business.

    This is a market I want to get into – I see the value of online real estate and its online getting better by the minute.

  • Hey Dan,
    THANK YOU for this! I'm SO tired of hearing people say what a crowded niche this is, why you shouldn't go into it, etc. (notice it's always the people who are IN this niche…hmm).The analogy I always think of was told to me about pizza places….even with all the big chains, people still open new pizza places! (or even juices/energy drinks as another example!).

    Not everybody will resonate with the same people/marketers/products. There's no reason someone new couldn't be exactly what someone else needed!
    Love your energy…

  • TropicalMBA

    Rockin' Tony!

  • TropicalMBA

    Kim… really good analogy there, I will be stealing that from you! I really think the “resonation” point is important. This stuff is really personalized and its a huge market. Information markets aren't a zero sum game like you point out. Say I was selling a “podcast” product on this site, assuming two visitors would be equally interested in learning to podcast, I'd always choose the visitor who has previously bought a podcasting product. They are a demonstrated buyer! People who consume entrepreneurial information need to keep doing so! I even buy “mmo” products and send them to my team to implement the tactics. I digress… thanks for listening.

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  • Jenna VanLeeuwen

    Hi — looks like this link is down now. Just letting you know :)

  • Hey Jenna, it’s fixed now :)

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