TMBA 026 (LBP26) – Why I’m Not Publishing Another Podcast (Myself)


A housekeeping episode where Ian and I talk about the future of this show and how our business is evolving around it. Its a good one for you folks who have been around a while!

Listen to Episode #26.

Folks on this episode:

@TropicalMBA (Dan)

@AnythingIan (Ian)

Episode length: 16:17

Listen to Episode #26.

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Published on 04.09.10
  • Speaking of turning into a “total weirdo,” I've been pushing lately to get rid of a lot of my personal belongings, looking to a future of long-term travel (much thanks for your baselining and flashpacking episodes). The other day I offered a friend a collection of DVDs, and here's her exact response, pulled from the chat history:

    “oh my god stop getting rid of your stuff you freak”

    But I'm right with ya, this is the greatest thing ever!

    Stoked for the live webcasts!

  • TropicalMBA

    haha love it! Should do some more straight lifestyle/travel stuff coming up.

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