Friday Night Used to Suck

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Friday night isn’t a particularly great time to post a blog. A bunch of you are probably already off and into your weekends. But there might be a small handful of you still sitting at your desks, wondering what the hell you are doing there. I used to do that.

For anyone working regularly with suppliers in Asia you’ll know that Friday nights are a critical time to get work done. If you don’t get your requests sent off to your Asian colleagues by the time you leave the office, you won’t have any return answers on Monday morning since they’ll still be on break when you return to the office.

So I’d wait for my second wind around 5PM, buy a red bull or something, and jam out more emails until about 7 or 8. And it’s about then that I’d really start to feel like crap.

Everyone in the office is gone– maybe they went to some happy hour. Your phone has a few messages: Johnny’s club tonite?

Sitting there, all done with the work, and looking at those text messages was often the emptiest moment of my week.

I’m not sure what I was thinking. Something like “this is it?”

The chorus in our society sings something like: “take your time on the weekends, have some fun and disconnect, go party, and make sure you don’t check your email for heavens sake!”

That’s just not me. I should never have listened.

“Isn’t it sad that we have a job where we spend two weeks avoiding the stuff we have to do fifty weeks a year?  Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” – Seth Godin

I thought I was supposed to get something on the weekend. Like, ya know, that’s what I’m working for. Here’s my payoff! Vacation! Shopping! Whatever.

But there I was working well past 7PM. I was doing it because I loved doing my work, and I should have just trusted my gut.

The more and more successful people I run into you’ll hear the same thing thing.

Steven Pressfield is waking up tomorrow and working. So is Stephen King. I’m sure Mark Cuban is. Adam Carolla never rests. Ian will be working on content for our new business. My entrepreneur friends here in the Philippines will be back at the laptop tomorrow at 7AM for sure. Speaking of success, I heard this gem of a first world problem dropped in conversation today:

First world problems. Barf! "Work, Smart, Work Hard, Don't Spend Your Money"

If you are wondering what you should be doing on Friday nights you can let yourself off the hook. Call a friend, hang with your boyfriend, watch a weird French movie that will either stimulate your brain or send you to bed early.

Go home. Relax. Recharge. Then wake up on Saturday morning and go back to work.

You’ll be in great company.



Here’s some stuff to do on Friday night if you don’t make it out to see some friends:

ReadSteven Pressfield’s The War of Art, Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants, Sex at Dawn, The Story of B, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,     ::: WatchPirates of Silicon Alley ::: ListenSteve Kamb on The Rise to the Top ::: Music you can rock to: Best of Bootie Mash-ups 2011 (free), Best of Bootie Mash-ups 2010 (free), Best of Bootie Mash-ups 2009 (free)

Published on 03.16.12
  • Haha.. dude, perfectly timed! I’m sitting here, at Big La Laguna beach, on the rooftop of a resort restaurant. It’s beautiful. The sun is just setting, and next door, I can hear the general din from Friday afternoon happy hour. People are off to watch the football and later on, visit the bars. All is well in Puerto Galera.

    While this is going on, I’m sitting at a table, by myself, reading an old  dusty (well, if it wasn’t on the kindle it’d probably be dusty!) advertising/copywriting book! Off to grab some dinner now, where I’ll do some work, after which I’ll probably continue the book. Good ol’ Friday nights…

    I love that quote you mentioned in a podcast from John Mayer. Something along the lines of “stay in on Friday night, the parties get better”.

  • I am in my new office here in Davao at 6pm Friday night, grabbed my first evening coffe and am drinking it while reading my RSS feeds and prowling twitter (in ical from 18.00 – 18.30 “read & be social”), then meeting our fortnightly Mastermind dinner for 2 hours and then back to work until the wee hours of the morn working on client project and my own stuff.

    I love this life!

  • Are you telling me it’s Friday already…get outta here!  Truth be told…everyday of the weeks the same to me now. Do what needs to be done…and play when the hell I want to!

  • Timely post, worked until 8pm, busted out a couple of proposals requested at the last minute….easy $4-5k in the bank simply by putting in the miles

  • Haha dude I was just saying to Brett today that Friday’s don’t exist for me anymore….

  • Dan

    Haha that sounds like something you’d do. I’m hoping to grow up to be like you! How old are you now? 

  • Dan

    :D Here in Bali there is still that classic weekend surge, in many places in expat land it does feel like everyday is the same.

  • Dan

    damn dude, you are hardcore. BE SOCIAL DAMNIT!!! :D wish I could have made it to Sushi this week, very much looking forward to being back in Davao .

  • Dan

    The parties do get better sir! Hone your craft… like you said, it’s being freaking shit hot awesome at something is what is gonna get you there. look at Tully! :)

  • I’m spending tonight with Bach’s Goldberg Variations.  *Sometimes* there are better things to spend this night on than continuing to produce whatever you’re most passionate about.  Rejuvenative leisure being among those things.  

  • Great post…I needed this. Thanks!

  • Let’s see… went to bed @ 9 PM last night (Friday), was up at 4 AM pounding out PHP code for a prospective customer.  2 hours of coding, 3 hours of Skype calls, and 4 cups of coffee later I’m starting to feel like my Saturday is under way :)

  • Dan

    :D Can’t wait to see the results Mike! Sounds like you guys are doing some really cool stuff… I’m pumped.

  • Dan


  • Dan

    agreed! That’s some classy rejuvenation :)

  • You should definitely make a visa run the last weekend of May. Hot Money is boxing in an exhibition match May 27… :)

  • JustinWCooke

    Yeah, Dan, this shit is going to be crazy.  Joe just found a venue, I think…it’s the real deal!  He wants to get judges, an announcer, etc.  He was going to contact the mayor’s office for the permit…I think we’re going to turn it into a charity event…maybe a little seed money for our soon-to-be charity? lol

    I think entrance will be free, but we’ll probably be selling booze, snacks, etc…

  • Dan

    well well well I’m about sold. 

  • Thanks for the Best of Bootie that you shared before :) My wife was confused about why I was listening to dance-y music, but it’s great for getting some work done.

  • Dan

    hahahah great stuff. 

  • Pressfield’s War of Art is like a Holy Bible to me. Constantly referring back to it when I come down with a bad case of Resistance. It should be required reading for all fledgling entrepreneurs and doers-of-bold-and-creative-work.

  • Dan

    boss!!! agreed, one of my favorites in a long long time. 

  • OXVODesign

    Just came across this site as a 24 year old who has successfully developed a client base for visual, print, web design. I feel so alone, and ready to give up (Although I make an okay profit far better than most trying to gain clients) mostly because I wake up, home is work and work is home. No seperation means millions of persona and work thoughts clashing. For some reason this site just made me feel like holding on a bit longer before trading it in and giving up to the mundane unerappreciated and underpaid work life.

  • Dan


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