TMBA 139 (LBP123) – Getting To Five Years On A Business Trajectory

TMBA 139 (LBP123) – Getting To Five Years On A Business Trajectory post image

Do you know where you were and what you were doing five years ago this week?

Dan and Ian heading out to Puerto Galera for the next TMBA session

Five years ago (October 2nd, 2007 to be exact) Dan and Ian were sitting at brunch when Dan got a notification on his original iPhone that they had gotten paid for their first product sale.

Sure, there were some problems. Like the fact that they didn’t actually have a manufactured product to ship out at the time of the sale. But that email was the confirmation they needed.

Starting that day they set their sights on a business trajectory that has taken them five years, multiple product lines, 10+ employees, world-wide travel destinations, a publishing venture, private mastermind community, and top iTunes podcast into the future.

Some of the top lessons they learned along the way?

  • They still remember the time when there were just two kids with a dream
  • Ship. Got doubt? Ship anyway. Even if it is on Yahoo Site Builder
  • Practice Exceptional Customer Service (Those three customers that bought product that wasn’t quite completed yet? Still customers today)
  • “Entrepreneurs don’t take loans ‘like that'”
  • Trajectory – There is so much importance behind the trajectory that you choose
  • Find a peer group or mastermind. Can’t? Create one.
  • Take time to look back and celebrate it all – Happy Five Years!

Elisa waiting for the record button to be hit

Also, learn how Dan drove the hottest ride San Diego has ever seen when he first got back from Asia.

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Episode length: 17:37


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Published on 10.04.12
  • that was a fun one boys. crazy years getting things cranked out and streamlined… the one commonality us entrepreneurs share for sure! on and happy anniversary! :)

  • 5 years ago I was a bartender. Crazy how my much my world has changed.
    Maybe Ian was right after all about the bartender thing.

  • Shayna F. de Oliveira

    Exactly 5 years ago I was in Brazil on extended vacation, trying to brainstorm ways to make enough money to come back to Brazil and stay here. So I worked for several years in NYC, saved up cash, learned web and marketing skills at my day job, and married a Brazilian.

    Now I’ve got one foot in the day job and one foot in my entrepreneurial venture… which my husband and I are hoping becomes successful enough for us to get OUT of Brazil. (nothing against Brazil, we just wanna do some traveling!)

    Congrats on 5 years, guys!

  • Thanks for a great motivating podcast. I drive a rusty old vehicle that gets a bunch of funny looks too.

  • Dan

    Thanks Blake, you are in rare (and good) company.

  • Dan

    Wow DOUBLE DOWN! Marrying a Brazilian is right up there with starting a successful business in most people’s ‘must do before i die’ list ;) That’s such a cool story and congrats on your first 5 too…. here’s to five more.

  • Dan

    To be fair, you were one hell of a bartender. You could have went pro…

    I’m loving what you are up to man, please keep us updated on the internship and let us know if we can help there (or call in if you must….)

  • Dan

    ALSO: SEO reprise episode to be recorded in BKK. FYI.

  • Dan

    thanks for all your support Patrick!

  • Happy Biznassaversary, Dan and Ian! I love your work and I look forward to seeing what the next 5 years brings.

  • Dan

    thanks James!!! Looking forward to catching up shortly…

  • Ian

    Cheers James!

  • Ian

    Love it Travis. It’s cool to hear everyone’s story about where they were 5 years ago.

  • Looking forward to it. There’s a lot to go over

  • Justin Miramontes

    Cool episode! 5 years… man, I can’t even remember. Seems like a life time ago.

  • Love it guys, seriously inspirational.

    5 years ago I was working a seriously dead end job. I was being forced to work crazy hours and was so tired I ended up in hospital for a week because my body broke under the pressure.

    For example – on three separate occasions I woke up in the middle of an intersection while driving through a red light.

    It didn’t matter where I was – if I closed my eyes for just ONE second I was asleep.

    But during that time.. I learned to speak Spanish and make websites. And now here I am today, working for myself, with no boss, making more money than I ever have before.

    I hope those who are still struggling can see stories like these and take heart.

  • Dan

    Damn… i never went that far but I can totally relate to the ridiculous pressures from lame corporate types :)

  • Dan

    Thanks J$$

  • Hi Dan and Ian,

    Every since I found your podcast, I’ve listened to ALL of it. I found your advice to be the most practical in terms of personal startups without outside funding. Kudos!

    About 5 years ago I started my site, but nowhere near what you guys have accomplished. Still on my way to get to the success I am hoping for.

    Hope to hear more from your insights and learn. Thanks!

  • Dan

    Hey Jian appreciate your kind words and support! We’ll keep cranking….

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