TMBA 150 (LBP130) – How to Be a Happy Sociopath

TMBA 150 (LBP130) – How to Be a Happy Sociopath post image

Dan has adopted the Tim Ferriss book writing method and isolated himself from everything except Evernote. Ian on the other hand is tearing it up in San Diego and prepping for a motorcycle race.

In this week’s episode, Dan and Ian explore the benefits of being a “sociopath” (it’s not what it sounds like). Inspired by a Ribbonfarm post from Venkat, they discuss the relationship between sociopaths, the clueless, and the losers.

How to Be a Happy Sociopath

  • What are the time, money, and relationship management traits of a sociopath?
  • Why becoming a sociopath means breaking rules, defining your own path, and not being a loser anymore.
  • How to define your time usage to create the outcomes you want in life.
  • Why you might want to wear the same clothes everyday. (Hint: You’d be in good company).
  • A 3 step plan to financial sociopathy.
  • Learn whether you’re defining your relationships or letting them define you.


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Episode length: 29:41


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Published on 11.22.12
  • At first the title of this post made me go “whaaaaat?” – but as I listened to the podcast, I could totally identify, haha.

    I’m a natural sociopath with my money and time, but I’m still training to be able to do it with my emotions. My business’ income has grown from month to month since May, yet instead of being happy with its nascent success, I’m stewing about “Why isn’t it growing FASTER?” and nervous b/c “OMG, can I really repeat this feat next month?” On second thought, maybe that hunger is a good thing :-p

    What annoys me is when people look at the benefits that result from being a sociopath and say, “Aw man, you’re so LUCKY.” I ranted about this 6 years ago on my blog, and it’s still just as true today. (Link for the curious):

    Reminds me of that anecdote – not sure if it’s true, but the lesson holds – about the woman who went up to a concert pianist and said, “I’d do anything to be able to play the piano like you do!” – he said: “Really? Anything? Would you practice 8 hours a day for 20 years and spend thousands of dollars on professional instruction? No? Because if you did this, you WOULD be able to play like me.”

  • Guys, bloody awesome!

    Just ran through a massive sociopath environment myself (been doing the business gig for about 6 months now) and just had a lot of negativity kicking around and people who would rather be negative around me. (The best coined term they had for me was: “Being on my high horse and not having an emotional bone in my body) and then left a couple of conversations with a smile, jumped back on the computer and started conversing with the positive! Life’s too short, leave them to their own filth.

    Also, nice track at the end guys, do you have that song on an ‘8tracks’ or ‘soundcloud’ playlist that you could shoot over a link to?

    P.S. Plug to Matty Newton on ripping me over here from the days we used to work in the J.O.B together!!!

  • Tom Krawiec

    “… play the game of life, rather than be gamed by life.”

    Nice Dan.

  • I have chosen to feel that you nailed this. Solid takeaways.

    When are you guys going to put together a “best of” hit-list for newbies? Because this one goes on it. Alongside Tao Of The Hustle

  • Dan

    thanks ! :) i must have stolen that from somewhere

  • Dan

    haha thanks Rob. Didn’t feel that great about it when we recorded it, same deal with that episode. Maybe they are a little edgier and scarier to put out there. Appreciate the kind words.

  • Dan

    haha… .i love that story of the piano. For some reason I really didn’t understand the moral of this story until very late in my life. I was taught to “work hard at your job” and didn’t really see the connection between exceptional talent and work.

  • Dan

    haha that’s cool man, I was thinking of having Matt on the show sometime in the next few months but I’ve been lazy about it!

    Here’s the link to the song:

  • Don’t go making his head any bigger ;0) Ha ha ha. Definitely looks at the internet game from a different perspective to everyone else and has great insight into way too many industries.

    Cheers for the video link!

  • Dan

    Noted on that, will be sure to give him hell.

  • I’ve seen the cutoff jeans, gotta say I agree on the fashion faux pas. But at least you are comfy! :P

  • Dan

    When you said take it one peg up I thought that’s what you meant.

  • Hi Dan !

    Let’s be honest and not sugarcoat the whole situation. There must be some loose screws inside our heads. :)
    But you cannot achieve exceptional results without being totally obsessed , totally focused and totally willing to do what it takes.
    And then other people will say “You must be crazy to do” what you do.
    Well, maybe we’re just a little crazy …
    Just a bit …

    Be healthy and smile !

  • Is it possible that the “inept” mechanic was just the bigger sociopath? He sounds very entrepreneurial. Fake it til you make it. :)

  • Is it possible that the “inept” mechanic was just the bigger sociopath? He sounds very entrepreneurial. Fake it til you make it. :)

  • Justin Miramontes

    Loved this episode! Especially about being a sociopath with your time and the Tim Ferris example. Living in Manila, there’s an *awesome* party with awesome people, beautiful girls and cheap bottle service every single night. I know I drive some of my friends and DCers here crazy by turning down party invites seemingly all the time, but I can’t help it — I’m obsessed. Days like today make it all worth it though. Our Black Friday sales are freakin off the charts and Cyber Monday is what we’re really gearing up for. Booya!

    That MIB joke was hilarious — I’m borrowing that. ;)

  • Easily one of my favorite LBP’s, guys. I love this mindset talk. When I first started this entrepreneurial journey, I sort of thought I could still do everything I had always done (hang out with friends, movies, etc.) and still build a business. Definitely not the case. Like you, Dan, I’m the one out of my group of friends who doesn’t watch TV or movies and I’m sure they think I’m weird, but I don’t even try to explain myself anymore. I realize that every time I say no to something like that, I’m saying yes to something much more important.

  • It’s not ugly – it’s Australian! :D

  • Anytime, brother. Looking forward to more podcasts that made you uncomfortable.

  • Ian

    cutting off your jeans is a total hipster move…

  • Speaking of which: “Einstein’s Demands”


  • This episode was gold, pure gold!! Thanks for putting it out there dudes!

  • Dan

    :D Thanks man!

  • Dan

    wow like a boss.

  • Dan

    take it man! thanks Justin. No question it takes Herculean discipline to be different in Manila. you are a better man than me!

  • Dan

    hmmm…. good point…

  • Dan

    thanks Joe! Lovin’ following your socio-progress as well :)

  • I really enjoy these philosophical-type episodes. You should have more of them. :)

  • Does he look like Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development?

  • Loved this episode guys. I was really questioning the whole sociopath thing at first, but I’m glad you laid that to rest as a way to get people interested in the show. Really sociopaths need to be avoided at all costs, IMO.

  • Dan

    Cheers Francis!! Can do.

  • Dan

    thanks Joe! Love it when you take a listen.

  • J Payne

    Great show! You mentioned a fiverr gig to max out your Evernote storage, would you happen to have a link. Did a quick search, but came up empty handed.

  • Dan

    Sorry! I haven’t done this :(

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