TMBA 073 (LBP73) – 3 Harmful Business Myths Learned from Big Biz

TMBA 073 (LBP73) – 3 Harmful Business Myths Learned from Big Biz post image

In this week’s episode, Dan and Ian talk about common small business myths. Learning about big, successful companies can be inspiring, but many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to copy their ways of doing business. The fact is that a company like Apple or Nike approaches marketing (and all other parts of running a business) entirely different than you should run your business. Listen to this episode to learn of the three most harmful myths.

In the quick tips section radio DJ Dan Lyons gives podcasting advice. Furthermore, Ian recommends a podcast interview with “4 hour”-guru Tim Ferriss.

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Published on 09.22.11
  • TropicalWorkforce!!! Finally. As soon as my new intern is settled, I will be clicking that buy button!

  • Dan

    Balla! Sales letter isn’t even done yet, but figured we are good to go! :D

  • Thanks for the episode, I’ve got a mate who’s always coming up with ideas and I’m constantly telling him stop with the ideas and get out and do something. I’ll point him to this episode next time he tells me one! Cool interview with Joe Rogan too, man he is a funny mofo haha.

  • Timely for me too, read the 4 hour work week last week!

  • Ian

    Execution is where the money’s at!

  • Another great episode. Been trying to catch up on the back catalog too :-)

  • Dan

    Thanks for the shout Eric :)!!

  • Dan

    haha word. Enjoyed the SEO article too, thought the ‘great content’ myth is one not many people are talking about, turns a lot of people away from legit ‘greyer’ opportunities. 

  • Dan

    WOW. Johnny come lately! I’m assuming it was a much different experience for you because there is no much bloggin’ on those concepts nowadays? When I read it was an absolutely 100% game changer. I turned on a dime. 

  • I hadn’t even heard of the book until I heard your episode talking about it. To be honest it was a real eye opener. It made me realise how passive my life has been, it’s messing with my head a bit actually because the location independent thing isn’t really an option for me now so I’m wondering WTF to do with all the spare time I’m going to have ha. Thinking maybe surf more and buy a boat, lol.

  • Dan

    haha if you are like 95% of us, you’ll work more!!! :) i’ve ended up doing things i really like to do like podcasting etc. great to see we turned you on to the book, i still love the thing.

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