TMBA 114 (LBP103) – The Hero Skillset and Why No One Likes A Sell Out

TMBA 114 (LBP103) – The Hero Skillset and Why No One Likes A Sell Out post image

Dan goes back to his roots tearing up Vietnam while Ian gets multi-cultural by voice-overing one of the funniest Italian accents in iTunes podcasting history.

This week the guys got an email from an eager and ambitious listener, Skyler: I’m extremely passionate about entrepreneurship, however, I’ve found that it can be hard to find the right opportunities. So while I have the passion, I don’t think I have the necessary skills or experience at this point. One of my goals is to work for you guys at some point, so I just wanted to find out if there’s any one skill that I should try to develop over the next year or two?

The guys chewed on the question for a couple days. What are they looking for in employees and contractors? What skill is any entrepreneur looking for in employees and contractors? At the end of all that thinking (and a bit of a Vietnamese food coma) they found 5 skillsets that will be vital to anyone looking to hustle their way to a life of freedom and opportunity.

What Are The Top 5 Skillsets To Have In 2012?

  • Writing – Honestly, it’s not hard to be a writer. Just ask anyone who says they are a writer.
  • Developer with Design Sensibility – Having to go between two people to get this done is a total pain.
  • Industrial Designer or Engineer – Those portable bars don’t just get thrown together in a factory somewhere!
  • Internet Marketing – Not in the spammy “Make Money Teaching People To Make Money” way.
  • The Hero Skillset – Your vision has to matter.

Listener Questions/Comment:

  • What about helpful locals? When are they being helpful and when are they looking for money? What about pretty girls? – Jonathan Roseland
  • I have a serious hang up that is stopping me from being successful in my business, and I think its one that affects a ton of entrepreneurs.  Its the belief that they or their product is not valuable and not worth people spending hard earned money on it. Kind of a belief that making money should be hard for me because it is hard for others. – Jake


Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 33:28


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Published on 05.17.12
  • Guys, great episode this week.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the writing. It’s something I’ve been concentrating on recently because I know how important it is to keep traffic, rather than just get them.

    Every single first draft I write is absolutely terrible. I usually spend about 10 hours on a normal post to get it just right. That’s only because I dissect it about 4 times before it’s ready and edit it about the same. I want to build something people will come back to, even if they don’t sign up to my list.

    I’m encouraged that writing and IM were part of the selection. I’m especially encouraged that you bring to light the fact that once you master them you can work from anywhere.

    I know lots of people will also benefit from being a developer/designer.

    I’m wondering if Ian will come back and finish his joke, lol.

  • Thanks for the shout-out guys. After the Wired article got published – – guess who emailed us to do an interview? CNN. Yeh, just CNN. Unfortunately we couldn’t help them out cos we’re not in the USA but still it’s quite amazing.

  • Dan

    Way too cool man! Congrats. Keep us updated on the progress.

  • Dan

    Which joke? The italian thing? Gotta get him on that :) Yeah, ya know writing, if you can really get good at inspiring people to move, is hugely powerful and scalable. Totally think you are right to point out the time factor here. People underestimate how much time it can take to create a meaningful 1000 words for publish. Most bloggers focus on “fast” content generation strategies. Sure. Good luck with that… ;)

  • Ian

    I’d like to say it was going somewhere…bottom line and the point I was making is Tony has to make a living. He is in BIZNAS. Some peeps have a hard time asking money for their products. I’m just saying do be scared to ask what things are worth to a market. Tony sells mufflers for $500 because that’s what the market has determined is an acceptable price. I think people get weirded out when they stumble on a product they is very easy or inexpensive to produce yet yields high returns. Somehow they feel like they don’t deserve to make a profit. This is especially true with intangible or information products.

  • Yeah, I see what you meant now. I thought it was going to be another joke like your homeless man one haha.

  • So much gold in this episode, and stuff I’ve been doing over in the last few months with the new product.

    The issues with the price, with writing, with the offer and so on.

    The main thing with the offer and copywriting that most people skip over is that the offer is the most important thing. If you’re not offering anything people want, no amount of copywriting will save you. Get the offer right and more than half the job is done.

    PS. Madeon is amazing. I’m checking out his other tracks now. Similar feel. Can’t wait to jam in a few weeks.

  • Dan

    Thanks John! I’m looking forward to it !!!

  • Yo thanks for the shout out!

    One thing on the balla Saigon meal.

    It was $90 bucks for a two top, which included a lot of booze. :)

    I think Anna and I had 3 glasses of wine a piece, her and I each had a martini, desert, and a glass of port to finish it off. Plus of course, her and I each had a steak. Our bill came out to about $100 bucks for a two top. Tip included.

    Back in New York that kind of meal would have easily been $300 or $400 bucks at a comprable rooftop restaurant with a view of the city.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for answering my question guys!

    P.S. Something is up with the stars button. I tried clicking it more to give more stars, and it kept subtracting them. Trying to go with 5 stars not -6 stars LOL.

  • Dan

    Word man thanks for getting in touch! I think our answer was kind of a foul ball :( Good luck with the biz!!!

  • Dan

    True story man. Great spot and I had an absolute blast. Absolutely true regarding the equivalent prices in the West. Asia really shines in the mid-range in terms of value for your dollar. I’ve always said if you spend 50K a year in Asia it’s like spending 250K+ in USA

  • Ian

    …aaand Jon does the real math!

  • Love the Madeon track – scientifically proven to increase my productivity as well.

    Seems like Madeon is blowing up in popularity now. Wish he had some more tour locations in Asia though. Only Shanghai and Tokyo in mid-August.

  • So I’ve been listening to all the episodes in order from number one and I’m almost caught up. Lots of good stuff but this was definitely your funniest episode so far. Thoroughly enjoyed it. And I agree entirely about the importance of writing.

    Also, that Madeon track is devastating. Completely awesome!

  • Dan

    Indeed it is sir! That kid rocks. Thanks for the shout and kind words.

  • Thank _you_ guys for putting together such a great podcast!

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