TMBA 027 (LBP27) – How to Build a Membership Site, Pre-launch, and Virtual Relationships with Tyrone Shum


Dan and Tyrone Shum discuss how to build a membership site, how to execute a successful pre-launch, and how to cultivate online relationships with other entrepreneurs.

Listen to Episode #27.

Folks on this episode:

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Episode length: 37:10

Listen to Episode #27.

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Published on 04.14.10
  • Thanks for this podcast, Dan. Tyrone is super informative and you asked good questions. Also, digging the DC. Link for 10 video series doesn’t work though. :(

  • Dan

    thanks Lena, I’m not sure those exist any longer :( this show was so long ago !

  • Ron Davies

    Clicked link for mass outsource at page top. It says the software is not licensed. Not sure how this is an example of HOW to do a membership site properly?

  • Dan

    Hey Ron sorry about that updated the link! This episode was many years ago I’m no longer sure of the status of the software/business.

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