TMBA 046 (LBP46) – How to Waste 20k on a Web Application

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One of the most common questions I’m asked is about how to get a web application developed. Many people have great ideas for new web technologies and with Elance just a few clicks away the temptation is huge to throw some money at your idea and get it live to the world. I’m sure this can work for some people, but I’ve screwed it up royally a few times, and I can off the top of my head list 5 friends who have done the same. Hope my story can prevent you from making the same errors! :)

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Pro HDR photos from David:

Elephant Island, Palawan, Philippines.

Ricefield in Palawan, Philippines.

Rice terraces of Banaue, Philippines.

Pro HDR photos from Dan:

I swim here every day.

The clouds look awesome in the Philippines.

View from Badladz.

Dan in all his HDR-enhanced glory.

We saw a double rainbow:

Published on 11.24.10
  • Double Rainbow :)

    Nice photos btw, think Shogle will feature them on DailyHDR?

    Happy Thanksgiving from the states!

  • TropicalMBA

    Thanks man. I'm not sure, Shogle is very quality focused I'm not sure we stack up. We've sent them to him!

  • “Rarer than Platinum and Rhodium”? I think you have been listening to the Planet Money podcast (#229). If not, that is just weird for me to hear a phrase about those elements twice in one week.

    Being a software developer myself, I think you are dead on about your statements about managing developers and software projects. High quality developers can tell when their customer does not know exactly what they are asking for and they have the skills to help them work through the details.
    For most businesses the software is not the core product, but is still a valuable tool. Great developers know this and their core offering is helping customers build software that supports the business and does not require the business to change to support the software.

    However, there are many developers who would use your inexperience as a way to enhance their own margin. Knowing enough about the topic yourself to tell the difference is critical if you want to be involved in a software project.

  • TropicalMBA

    haha RE: Rhodium if you get your hands on some give me a call! :D

    Interesting to hear your perspective on this one Bill, I guess I'm not 100% confident in it because I'm still learning about how to build software and I've been at it for 3 years :P

  • I have been at it for almost 20 years and I learn something new everyday.

    You will be thrilled with what you build today and in 2 years you will ask yourself “What was I thinking?”

  • TropicalMBA

    haha been there :)

  • Ian

    In other news Bill caught me running my mouth on twitter this week and accepted a $1000 bet. Bill can we make it $100? I lost all my money in Episode #44.

  • Tell you what, if you win, I will put the $ into Kiva. If I win, you can review my blog on the podcast – that gives me a year to make it worth reading.

  • TropicalMBA

    hahah i have a feeling its not going to take a year !

  • Great to hear you back guys! Though the Analysis Paralysis episode was very important and it's great to hear failure stories by real people who are really doing this stuff..

    Keep going!

  • TropicalMBA

    Thanks man! Hope we can turn up the frequency of episodes, we certainly have enough failures to talk about :/

  • Hey guys,

    I tried to write a review on iTunes, and for some reason is wouldn't let me, so I will write it here.

    You guys are awesome! I listen to two podcasts, the Jet Set Life podcast, and yours. I am never disappointed, every episode I find some actionable item that I can use in my business. The one about copying instead of innovating is pure gold! I look forward to many more to come. If you get a chance, stop by my site and say hi, and feel free to plug it as you please!


    Sean Mathena

  • TropicalMBA

    Yeah buddy thanks for the great review! Sometimes iTunes is cranky, I wish Podcasts were a little easier to get ahold of but seems they are still the best delivery method. Don't tell Ian he can spam your site he'll be all over it!!! :D

  • TropicalMBA

    RE: Facebook we don't have one because we are lazy:P and I don't like Facebook very much for personal use but I'm sure it would benefit the podcast. Probably should jump on that.

  • Ian

    Thanks Sean, glad to hear we made your cut. I have a hard time listening to more than 2-4 podcasts at a time too.

  • Dan,
    Talking about the Iphone app got me thinking. Do you just have an international phone plan w/ data or how does that work? Have you tried getting local plans with those features before? Would be very interested to get your take and the costs involved.

  • TropicalMBA

    Hey Troy, if you want to rock a data plan in the Philippines or other SEAsian countries you can, the costs are generally slightly better than US plans… the only downside is they are slower to roll stuff out…. fast on stuff like RIM but Apple products tend to roll out slow. The main downside to data plans in the PH is contracts, whereas in Thailand for example its easier to pay as you go for 3G service. I'm not sure if you can jailbreak an iPhone and pay as you go 3G in the PH never met anyone who did that yet. My approach is always to carry a separate texting/calling phone and keep my iPhone as a computer only. I use a pay as I go calling plan and my Skype-in number forwards to my local phone. Its really easy to switch sims and forward my Skype-in when I go to another country. I don't think 3G service made my life better it certainly didn't make me more productive.

  • Nice, thanks Dan!

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