TMBA 101 (LBP91) – Are You a Hustler or an Entrepreneur?

TMBA 101 (LBP91) – Are You a Hustler or an Entrepreneur? post image

Ian landed in Bali last Saturday and it’s been all-biznass-all-the-time as we make the most out of his time here. No one should be surprised that they were able to do all their prep at Starbucks before. Good Chai, Ian?  ;)

This week Dan and Ian discuss two of the most misunderstood words in business: Hustler and Entrepreneur

Listen to this episode and learn about:

  1. Entrepreneurs Writing Scripts, Hustlers Executing Scripts.
  2. Self Confidence vs.Product Confidence.
  3. Ego / Money Focus vs. Product / Customer Focus.
  4. Self Employed vs. Building Something Bigger.
  5. Short Term vs. Long Term Thinking.
Some of Dan & Ian’s upcoming Dreamlines?
  • Pay for personal assistants– sports massage therapist, business coach, nutritionist, personal assistnat. doctors and dentists.
  • Get a book contract.
  • Summit about hyper-internationalization and micro-multinationals with some of the world’s premier location independent entrepreneurs.
  • Lead investments in disruptive platform style companies in our industries. 150+ spare, IE angel investor.
  • Concretely help 100 people make the lifestyle transition and a significant portion of the DC make 10K.
  • Business class on every flight. (how can we hack this???)


  • Brie Anne Demkiw (@breezyskies)
  • Karol Gajda
  • Makerbot
  • Tim Ferriss’ Ideal Lifestyle Costing
  • Tim Ferriss’ Dreamlines <— When we went to create an LBP Dreamline spreadsheet we realized “Why fix what isn’t broken?!
  • Use Tim’s Dreamline spreadsheets…they seem to be working well enough for him and us.
    • Add the third cost that we consider at the bottom of the spreadsheet: Calculate the products/services/clients less expenses at scale

Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 34:30


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Published on 02.16.12
  • Dan

    It is my guess that these social share buttons are messed up because no comment has yet been left on this post! So anyway, here’s a comment. 

  • Dan

    And then this is what happens when you just add another one….

  • Woohoo Thursdays mornings! Quick question. You mentioned someone called Justin Hays and something about ways to straighten posture? I’m interested in improving my own as well. Could you share a link to him? Thanks!

  • I’d love some LBP “Yeahh buddy” or “Boo yahh” stickers :D

  • Cross 1/100 off the list. Quitting my job and moving to the Philippines next month. If I didn’t start following you guys and join the DC I wouldn’t have made the transition I’ve been dreaming about this soon.

    I would have moved at some point, but you helped me realize I’m wasting my time in a job instead of focusing 100% on my business.

    Thanks Dan/Ian, you guys are going to change peoples lives for the better.

  • Great ep. Love the dreamlines.

    Here’s a great dreamline template I found:

  • Nice product and it looks so stunning also. I think in I am going to take this in my week end and make my winters holiday so special with that.

  • I really appreciate your podcasts, especially when you say, Even if you are alone in your Entrepreneurial pursuit, know today….. feels a little less like we are out here all alone. Have a great time and thanks for the info!

  • Enjoyed hearing the difference between a hustler and entrepreneur, thanks for that! Curious what photo/back link source of support you mentioned in the beginning? Keep me in mind for the nutrition dreamline ;-)

  • Thanks for another great episode. I was a little unclear over your distinctions, it wasn’t that clear, so I listened again. Makes more sense now, but I just link hustling with being an entrepreneur so much, I’d pick another word for the bad kind of hustler you were talking about.

    Joker, maybe. Or something else. Enjoyed the discussion nonetheless, and this is such a minor point.

  • Dan

    haha, “hustle” is fundamentally a short term mindset because it’s all yang… ya know, like you can’t “hustle” 100% of the time. entrepreneurs use the hustle instinct to build value and processes that will last and become bigger than the immediate transactional value of what they are doing.

  • Dan

    ah yea i think we were referencing this page were listeners can send us pics of themselves :

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    :D cheers Bobbie thanks for that. 

  • Dan

    Good stuff man thanks for the link. Curious to hear more about your Gomad diet and not drinking coffee alcohol, blog about it man !!!

  • Dan

    BOOOOM. Balla man well done!!! Appreciate the kind words. 

  • Dan


  • Dan – write him a nasty email demanding more INFO!!! :D

  • Hey guys – definitely a fun ep. I love your hack list at the end of each show! Can you list out some of those items that you guys use to hack your traveling pursuits? I was specifically interested in Ian’s $30 bag from Marshalls and those dry bags.

    Every time I fly (~1-3x per year), I ALWAYS overpack my carryon and my backpack. It makes flying more of a hassle than it should.

    Anyways, keep it up! Love the energy and the fact that you’re willing to speak the truth about your successes, and more importantly,  your failures. We can all learn from our failures, so I definitely appreciate the heads up from you guys!

  • Anonymous

    Hi guys; based in Ireland! Do my runs every Sat and you guys are coming out loud and clear through my ear buds! Where do I get a copy of 
    David Crandall’s Server Sniffer program? – Thanks, Gerard

  • Ian

    At the bottom of last week’s episode.  In the show notes.

  • Ian

    I mentioned Delsey because it’s really all I’ve used in the past 4 years.  That said, it’s an incredible value in my mind.  On the higher end you’ve got brands like Tumi but they are at least 6x more expensive.  Retail on a Delsey pilot’s bag is around $100-$150 but I found mine on sale.  

    Dry bags are everywhere, just search.  I believe they come either with a coated nylon or a PVC material making them fairly waterproof.

    In the past I have always overpacked too.  Then I realized there is only 1 non-negotiable, my laptop.  If I’m in Asia I can usually buy whatever I forgot or didn’t bring for cheaper than I could in the US! 

  • Anonymous

    Some code; do I just copy into a browser; command line? Sorry for been a pain on this one. Have a good weekend. Gerard

  • Dan

    in chrome “add bookmark” instead of entering a URL add the text contained the txt file in the post above. the bookmark you create will automatically “sniff” domains. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dan – Have a good weekend. Gerard

  • “…and a significant portion of the DC make 10K.”
    – Here’s one

  • Dan

    Friggin’ BOOM!!! :D

  •  So when you create the bookmark do you sub in the site you want to sniff with ‘ so what is supposed to happen? A list of public folders will appear on the browser? Thanks Dan.

  •  I figured it out. You do not change the text at all, when you are on the site you want to sniff select the bookmark will show you created with the code dan provided and any public folders on google search.

  • Dan

    that’s it!!! i guess I should probably make a screenflow! :D

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