TMBA 034 (LBP34) – 5 Principles That Work for us That the Internet Marketing Gurus Can’t Sell

TMBA 034 (LBP34) – 5 Principles That Work for us That the Internet Marketing Gurus Can’t Sell post image

Part of the reason Ian and I love Gary Vee so much is that he talks about some basic business fundamentals that don’t get brought up by many online business gurus. The two biggest things that have made us money? Hustle, and getting on the damn phone. <—- watch this awesome Gary Vee cold call video. This episode is about the dirty side of building a lifestyle business– we bring up 5 more “alternative” principles that have helped us to get our business off the ground that you aren’t going to hear from the gurus.

I briefly touch on an issue I want to flesh out a bit more in future episodes– “cost free travel.” I hate when my peanut brain tries to drag me in to an office in order to be productive or make some money. I want to be on planes, boats, and buses to exotic locations to meet with awesome people AND be making money while I’m doing it. I had an experience this weekend that makes me believe I’m getting there, more on that soon….

After that, we dedicate a full 7 minutes plus to Ian’s first run at a used car guide. For many entrepreneurs, transport makes up WAY TO MUCH of your yearly budget, and Ian is an absolute ninja at keeping those costs in line. If you are a car owner, we are hoping his guide to budget used car buying can be of some use. Enjoy! Get in touch if you have any questions on comments for the next Episode!

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Here’s some quick shots from my 4 day (!) cost-free “weekend.”

Published on 07.06.10
  • This is a great one, guys! As someone who was inspired by the 4HWW, I kept thinking there was some magical formula that I was missing out on big time. After reading Gary Vee who said to work smarter AND harder I started to realize that maybe some of these people were outliers. I was so encouraged to listen to your podcast this morning. It's awesome knowing that there are real people busting their asses and crushing it who are willing to share that with the rest of us.

    And I'm going to go against the flow here and side with the Dell. One of the big reasons is that the software for my industry doesn't even exist on the Mac (technical database stuff). Aside from that, I think it's funny that people would be interested on saving money on their vehicle but look to Mac for their computer usage when most of those people are working in the cloud through their browsers. Just seems like a good area to save money if you are bootstrapping it…even though Macs are obviously more beautiful pieces of machinery.

    Loving the podcast. Keep up the great work!!

  • Alan

    Drinking game! I'm down. When I listen to these at work, I might have to substitute coffee for alcohol..hope you understand.

    Meeting a lot of new people via your shout-outs, so big thanks to you for that.

    Outsourcing a blog is a wild idea. I didn't know that the content on Outsource to the Philippines is outsourced!

  • Rob Burns

    Hey Dan, Thanks for the shout out! Great podcast I have been trimming down my subscriptions in order to streamline but you folks are definitely on my list of must listen to podcast!

  • You can't come out of ASU without having the urge of playing a drinking game :) LBP, the ultimate grab a drink, kickback, and learn something new for biz podcast.

  • TropicalMBA

    One drink for every cheesey sound effect.

  • TropicalMBA

    yes! appreciate it Rob.

  • TropicalMBA

    “water cooler niche!”

  • TropicalMBA

    Good point on the saving money point, although with interest, insurance, repairs, and bs cars can easily cost people a grand a month PLUS they depreciate, PLUS they don't make you money PLUS they aren't the freaking coolest thing on the planet! :)

  • bencameron

    Mate you're going to Palawan? ! Make sure you check out Baliy Tubay blues club in El Nido, you can sink a couple of red horses (the smiling ones are extra strong), sit in with the band or just relax and feel pretty good about life in general. Once in a lifetime and not to be missed.
    Another great podcast boys, keep it up!

  • Nice. Lots of things I enjoyed in this episode. Your comments on obsession are right up my alley. It's to the point where if I'm away from my laptop I kind of miss it. It's quite sad actually. BUT, it totally makes sense. When you want to make this shit work so badly the obsession is bound to happen.

    I like how you guys talk about what is really happening with trying to create and grow a lifestyle business. Not the “you can have a muse making 6 figures in no time!” crap. I was on that boat for a long time and it got me nowhere. Hustling is mandatory.

  • TropicalMBA

    Heya Ben yep I'm getting on a plane tomorrow AM I'm stoked! Thanks for the heads up, I will follow up on this and report back. Are you serious about this Red Horse thing? I can't believe I haven't heard that yet….

  • TropicalMBA

    Thanks a lot Nate, trust me the second I figure out how to get to 6 figures in no time I won't be able to shut up about it… right now all I got is “work your ass off.” Yah know, a lot of people are pitching this “get away from your laptop and enjoy life” stuff, but I think these little devices are pretty much the most badass things since Dinosaurs so I don't feel bad about a few 12 hour days a week. :)

  • This was one of my favorites! Nice job guys!
    I couldn't agree with you more….the thing is, this NEVER really feels like work! I only realize I need to take a break or get some balance back in my life because of my kids (they keep things pretty real for me! but they BOTH are working on their own websites….at 13 & 9…I'm hoping they NEVER get 'real' jobs…).

    Digging the resources & shout out's! Will keep you posted on the mac progress Dan! :-) (But I have to admit…I have 5 dell's in the house…..).

  • TropicalMBA

    5 Dells! You and Ian should hang out!!! Thanks Kim…

  • bencameron

    Yeah mate it's about 6 hours in the vanfrom Puert Princesa to El Nido, the diving's no great shakes but there is some awesome island hopping to be done, it's widely believed that Alex Garland's 'Beach' is located somewhere in the Bacuit Bay achipelago as he spent alot of time in El Nido in the 80's. No power half the day but you can get wifi at alot at alot of cafes, it might even be lobster season now so well worth a look if you're already on Palawan and I think theyre in the process of building a ferry so get up there before it's spoiled. Cebu also flies out of Coron (awesome wreck diving in Coron Bay but the town's a bit dodgy) which is a 6 hour bankas ride from El Nido across the bay, absolute Robinson Crusoe stuff but make sure the weather's good because there aint no coast guard out there. God's truth about the Happy Horse (smiling red horse), they put one in every dozen, the bar staff normally take them out for themselves but you can get them if you ask for them.

  • ragdollsally

    it's called the happy horse. :-) they say there's always one happy horse on every case of Red Horse. i must know, it's been my fave.

  • I can't tell you how much I agree that honest feedback is so underrated. So many people want to just get told their ideas are great and get mad when someone's honest with them. I've never understood that.

    Telling people my goals has actually been a huge help for me. I hate not following through so when I tell people what my plans are, I know now that I'm committed and I have to deliver…not just talk.

    Also, can Ian please make an actual song out of the car names and sing it for us next episode?

  • Ian

    Joel nobody wants to hear me sing, even if it's useful information. Trust me!

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