TMBA 083 (TTR4) – An Internet Marketing Pyramid Scheme Rant + 5 Life Lessons We’ve Learned

TMBA 083 (TTR4) – An Internet Marketing Pyramid Scheme Rant + 5 Life Lessons We’ve Learned post image

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***Please note this episode is extremely explicit and potentially offensive. The F-bomb is prominently featured. If you don’t like ignorant dudes shooting from the hip, I say man, don’t bother. In this episode of TTR we also get a little negative, which is something we wouldn’t do on the Lifestyle Business Podcast. The LBP is focused on being useful for entrepreneurs.

Tropical Talk Radio is more about being fun, and being real. Hopefully we can entertain and inspire for a certain subset of twisted entrepreneurial brethren.

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Listen to this podcast and learn:

  • Why most people opt-in to illusions that harm their chances for success.
  • How and why the clueless lead the way for most people.
  • 5 life and entrepreneurial lessons we’ve learned in our 30 years.
  • Some key differences between expat life in the Philippines and life in Bali.
  • How to drop the f-bomb 65 times in 30 minutes.
  • How Bali compares with Thailand for internet entrepreneurs.
  • How to re-write conventional scripts to defy norms and do something different.
  • Why being wrong is being right for entrepreneurs.

People on this show:

Episode length: 34:16

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Published on 11.08.11
  • This was an awesome conversation.  And almost a complete replay of a couple conversations Dan and I had recently.

  • Dan

    haha yeah I’m pretty sure this was the episode we were supposed to talk about together…. but slow Bali internet got in the way…. excited to get your input in the next few days!!!! :D

  • Matthew N

    Amazing podcast guys.

    Dan you really put a finger on it with scripts I have noticed it but have been struggling to define it – been calling them frames up to this point

    To take an example with your “chops” post you did such a good job at creating that frame. I was sitting there going “must… Resist..” not because what you said was invalid but because I gotta forge my own path.

  • Can’t wait.  Since I don’t curse on my podcast I’m looking forward to saying, “This fucking cat, man!”

  • Hit the nail on the head about the Philippines being hard to be healthy. Love the honesty in this episode and I dig the authenticity and “realness” of these podcasts. And there’s a HUGE amount to learn, even if it comes across as a conversational chat. The emphasis on mindset is GOLD.

  • I think frames are similar, but are a bigger picture thing. Scripts are the “story” we tell ourself why we can or can’t have something, but frames are the overall perspective or the grand view.

  • Dan

    haha yeah it’s liberating. we are just shitting all over this otherwise respectable blog :)

  • Dan

    I would flip that and use the original movie metaphor. A blog post would be a frame (or a shot)… a perspective on a particular conversation or interaction, whereas a script would be the whole story of your or somebody else’s life. 

  • Dan

    Cheers John I appreciate your support. This episode was a huge departure for us. Glad you got some entertainment out of it! 

  • Dan

    Thanks Matt! No need to resist sir, join the dark side. It’s okay, everything is okay over here ;)

  • Ian

    I say it with the best intentions.  Love the little guys :)

  • Nicely done. I like it.

  • Justin Miramontes

    Even here in Metro Manila it’s hard to consistently eat healthy. I could imagine how impossible it is in Mindoro. I know when I’m there I mostly only consume red horse :) That would be awesome if we could figure it out though… like a Guide to Eating Healthy in the Philippines.

    p.s. @twitter-330933574:disqus,  I’m headed your way Saturday – Wednesday. Staying in Sabang. The Floating Bar is coming back tomorrow. :) Booya!

  • Justin Miramontes

    It’s hard to comment on this post because there was so many different things covered, but I just came to say I really dug the episode. It did feel like I was listening to Joe Rogan Experience – Internet Marketing Edition, haha. 

    I definitely share your frustrations with the Internet Marketing product pushers. I often question whether any of these guys have actually started a successful internet business before or if they’re only making money teaching people how to make money teaching people, haha.

    You guys are definitely doing the right thing with the Dynamite Circle. There’s a void there that needs filling.

    Happy Birthday, Ian! Fucking cheers, man.

  • Dan

    Cheers Justin!!! I could go on about this topic for a long time– it’s not so simple and I probably over-stated a lot of points in the show, but I’m probably more frustrated with the consumers than the pushers– I mean how hard is is really to sniff this stuff out given there are like 1000’s of other options???? Like are you really getting snagged up by the “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO LEAVE THIS PAGE!!?!@??” pop-up. Hehe…. great to have you in the DC.

  • I totally understand.  I’ve got a psychotic cat.  It only wants me to pet it just so it can get within biting distance.

  • Ever since we talked about the New & Notable on iTunes not showing older podcasts, I’ve been considering not worrying about getting hit with the explicit tag.  Cuz sometimes a well-placed “fuck” is totally needed.

  • Dan

    yeah as far as I can tell the explicit tag is self-inflected (i put it on the TTR show) and I suppose you could potentially get dinged if you were really high profile… i’m not sure… we’ve had 2 ‘explicit’ lbps and occasionally say a “shit” or two, but don’t tag it so. if anybody ever figures out how itunes works, i do wish they’d send me an email.

  • Dan

    color me green.

  • Ian

    Thanks man!

  • I’ve heard so many things about this floating bar! Busy as hell, but will def be out Saturday. Hit me up in the DC when you’re down here. 

  • JustinWCooke

    Damn, fellas…rainy and nasty?  Going to have to chargeback on our cards! :-)  Excited to hang out with you guys on your turf and tear up the town a bit.

    David was talking about 50 something pesos an hour and that’s about right for Davao…  In meeting the girl you hired, I think it’s a great opportunity for her.  She can make a bit of cash while she’s in school and work on a project she likes…

    Totally agree with the internet marketing wanks and I really liked your perspective of speaking with this intermediates instead of the beginners.  We’ve bounced around a bit as to which group we should target…I think AF is better targeted at beginners, but as WE move on I think we’ll have to spread it out a bit and have projects that are more towards those who are a bit further along in the IM journey.

    Anyone who has serious problems with the podcast you have here…fuck ’em…they’re not your people, right?

  • Dan

    Ahem, yeah about that…… Actually today was absolutely beautiful so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. 

    We are really looking forward to seeing how things go down with the new staff member, excited and it seems like a great opportunity for everyone involved.

    I think the way I’m conceptualizing beginners as absolute beginners… people who are buying a dream… in that sense I don’t think that your audience or content is beginner oriented… but rather people who know what they are in for, have faced the reality of making successful online businesses, etc. 

    And those other people, yeah, fuckem. :D See ya soon!

  • Just confirming this… my second home is back!?

    Might be coming back to Puerto a little earlier then planned ;-D

  • Justin Miramontes

    Yup yup! :D Here’s their Facebook updates:

    Floating Bar:
    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls!!
    We shall be Returning to the beautiful bay of Sabang on Friday, 11/11/11!!
    There will be a towing party with a Banka leaving Sabang at a Time to be
    disclosed in due course. All drinks will be Happy Hour
    prices for the course of Friday with some delicious complimentary BBQ
    meat to Compliment the Ice cold Beer. Its time to get your party on people!!

    Floating Bar:
    Towing Party tomorrow- There will be a banka leaving from outside Eddies Place at 11:15am from Eddies place. If you want to make your own way the Floating Bar is located in Dalaruan.

    Wish I could make it there for Friday, but I got buddies flying in Saturday. Should be a blast on Saturday as well though!

  • We have a cat at the TMBA compound now?! Thanks Ian!  ;)

    I find your “extremely explicit and potentially offensive” tag a bit harsh. I mean, sure, the podcast was a virtual minefield of F-Bombs via audio drop. But I didn’t find it all that offensive. Course this could be that I have a mouth like a sailor.

    I agree (obviously) with the internet marketing theory. In theory. But I think back to the first real interaction we had together, the clips I got for my article on Forbes. Where you said when you were just starting out, you loved reading the blogs from the location independent/lifestyle design people spewing their awesomeness. That it was important when you were a “beginner” to follow their over-the-top passionate stuff cause it reinforced that you weren’t so crazy.

    Sure, some internet marketers are sitting fat and happy on the money they make from suckers. But at the same time, they are sitting with the point of a pyramid up their ass. That is saying something about a quality of life. I would imagine any significant movement from the staid position is quite uncomfortable.

    But others, they create a base for those beginners because someone has to. Leave them to the fat happy pyramid perchers or give them something that they can use, develop and grow with.

    As for the new hire, you are just on a girl-hiring-spree lately, huh? Now, this rainy season you speak of. That I will be moving out smack into the middle of. I am going to be needing to chat with you about that. Yeah…

  • I love the floating bar. Maybe I should go back to the ‘pines soon.=)

  • Dan

    There is a cat, I’m not sure what it’s status is. Weather has been fantastic last few days– like perfect– so no idea how this rainy season will turn out. I’m 100% supportive of lifestyle designer/location independent blogs/ etc etc etc. 

    I’m not taking aim at bloggers. I’m taking aim at people who are full of shit. I realize this is sorta lame without naming names, but it’ll just need to stand as sort of an emotional thing until I grow a pair and take people on. It’s not worth it since it’s just gossip anyway. 

  • That was a great podcast.  

    Just listened to it while cheffing up some seared ahi with wasabi.  And some fresh Uni.  (on point)

    More podcasts like this.  Keep it rough and raw.  

    If you think about it, no one is doing that.

    – MPM

  • Dan

    Balla! One of my favorite meals. We’ll keep it real. :)

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