TMBA 108 (LBP98) – 8 Lesser Recognized Forms Of The Resistance

TMBA 108 (LBP98) – 8 Lesser Recognized Forms Of The Resistance post image

As Dan and Ian gear up to launch their first Tropical MBA course to the masses, they’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about start-ups, marketing, and business practice in general.

These are the things that the guys will be teaching small groups of entrepreneurs and aspiring start-ups this summer from beautiful Puerto Galera in the Philippines.

If you have any real interest in being one of those 10 start-ups (and paying 2K for 8 weeks of instruction, guidance, and room / board in the Philippines) I’d like you to fill out the form below within 48 hours. This will sign you up for our exclusive pre-sale, before we launch the Tropical MBA officially to the public next Tuesday.

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All this thinking has led to a higher-than-average consumption of wine and Bintang, a lot of power naps, Ian taking up hot yoga, and some epic brainstorming.

Why are some ridiculous people successful? Why do otherwise brilliant ideas fail? Can you really source an entire business set-up buying gigs on Fiverr?

The key, as outlined by Steven Pressfield in The Art of War, is resistance. Resistance is rarely obvious in it’s inception and even harder to identify once you are fully entrenched.

That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye out for these 8 Lesser Recognized Forms Of The Resistance:

  1. Anything that prevents you from having the best product
  2. Being smart
  3. Rationalizing your job
  4. Doing SEO, tech, specialization that you aren’t specialized in
  5. Having people sign NDA’s
  6. Going to conferences to learn critical information
  7. Getting your friends to partner up
  8. Hiring interns, VA’s, and other employees without knowing what’s what?

Is There a Better Place to Start a Business?

Listener Questions Answered:

  • It would be cool to see how you guys structure things to make the magic happen. What lessons did you learn in building your business organizationally? What positions in your company are critical? What positions did you hire for that you wouldn’t have hired for in retrospect, etc?   – Matthew Paulson 


Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

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Published on 04.12.12
  • Nick Fisher

    Hey Dan and Ian,

    I don’t know why but when I’m listening to this Episode its constantly stopping at 10 minutes…. any ideas as to why?
    Cheers guys, oh and keep up the great work I finally have my Fiance hooked on your stuff now too…;)

  • Hey Nick – I just listened in a couple different browsers and on iTunes and didn’t have this experience. Maybe try clearing your browser cache? Too many LBP awesomeness may have mucked it up!

  • Great ep. That NDA thing cracked me up, I’ve always got people coming to me for sites wanting me to sign an NDA. The last time I signed one the dude told me the idea and it was people uploading stuff to his site to sell and they get a %. I’m like, do you know about ebay? You made me sign the NDA for this shiz ha ha. 

  • don’t be offended but is it an inside joke or if I gave you a  $5 dollar bill, would you say thanks for the Five with a long i sound or a short i sound.. no getting around my sarcastic tone here… LOL…. Cheers!  

  • Dan

    haha, i’ve got a similar ridiculous story but i think i signed the NDA ! :P

  • Dan

    Jason, now only I could get a 5 dollar bill for every time I sounded like a complete idiot on this show I could retire!!! 

  • Way to not answer my question about business organization :-)

  • Dan

    that was a hard one!!!

  • Great podcast guys!

    Just on the e-commerce platform issue, have you tried BigCommerce before? Great features if you don’t need to access the codebase.

    (Disclosure: I work there as a developer)

  • Dan

    have not yet. Why is it better than Shopify? 

  • They’re both good products, depends on your particular use-case. BC has loads of features and is slightly more customisable in terms of how the store operates and look-and-feel. Also really easy to set-up SSL and onsite payments (as opposed to going through Shopify’s payment gateway).

    BC offers a free 14 day trial if you’re interested in taking it for a test drive.

  • Dan

    cheers! thanks for the info

  • Christian

    Wow – I ran out of stuff to listen to, so I went deep into the archives to find this little nugget. I hope you guys still read the comments on these old episodes, this topic needs to be revisited. How do you feel about this now? What other “productive” activities are just resistance in disguise? And most importantly, what are your latest hacks to power through it?

  • thanks we’ll take your comments to hear! I love this topic :D

  • Appreciate the comment we just re-recorded an ep, should be out in the next couple of weeks !

  • Christian

    Nice, thanks.

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