TMBA 102 (LBP92) – Listener Questions: Manufacturing Advice, Biznass Models & Hacking Airport Lounges

TMBA 102 (LBP92) – Listener Questions: Manufacturing Advice, Biznass Models & Hacking Airport Lounges post image

Like the ballers that they are, Dan and Ian recorded this week’s podcast from the ballroom of the hotel they are staying at in Cebu City as they travel around SE Asia visiting with LBP listeners and members of the Dynamite Circle.

With the popularity of their recent podcast which answered listener questions (and their overflowing in-boxes asking more questions) they decided to hunker down and discuss some answers.

This was all after they nommed a killer gourmet cheese plate in the business lounge at the airport!

Listener Questions

  • How Does One Build A Blog Network? (from Josef Reznicek – Czech Republic)
  • Any Recommendations About Finding An App Developer And Developing An App For The First Time? (From JimJ of
  • What Works And What Doesn’t When Trying To Separate The Middlemen From The Factories In Manufacturing? (From David Saxner)
  • Do You Have Some Advice on Delivery, Audience Generation, and Monetization For An Electronics Review Site? (From Matt Kelly)
  • How Does One Set Up A Service Based Business That Involves Lots Of Face-To-Face Interactions To Be Location Independent? (From Craig at MortgageGuru)


On one of the most recent episodes that I listened to, it said if I sign up for the mailing list, that I would get the first 50 episodes for free! So I finally signed up, downloaded the first 50 episodes, and just put them on my iPod two days ago…Today I am at Taco Bell for my lunch break from the 9 to 5 job that I HATE!!! I pull up at Taco Bell and park my car, grab my iPod, and started playing episode #3 titled ” 10 Unexpected Benefits of Quitting Your Job”…After placing my order, (I got the $2 lunch box, that is a taco, bag of Doritos, and a drink… just in case Ian was wondering how much money I was wasting) and then went over to fill my drink cup, get some napkins, and some taco sauce. And look what I picked up!

Listener Eric Foster with some Boo-Yah! hot sauce

Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 27:26


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Published on 03.01.12
  • Another great episode guys! I’ve been listening weekly since like episode 10, and you guys always top yourselves. You have inspired me to start my own podcast, where my goal is to help others even just a fraction of how you have motivated me.

    Keep Ballin, baby!

  • Dan

    BALLA! Let’s hope you can get some decent audio quality, Ian and I still can’t figure out how to work a mic! :D Cheers man appreciate the kind words. 

  • Guys

    Just a quick note to say thanks for discussing on the podcast

    Great idea about the 5000 word landing page. As
    you know it’s so tough in the mortgage niche to get google traffic so focus on leads mainly through facebook

    Your comments have given me some really good ideas..CheersCraig

  • Anonymous

    Hey Craig,

    We used to work in the mortgage business years ago and had purchased leads with varying degrees of success.  We now do quite a bit of work online creating tiny niche sites monetized via AdSense.

    I think I heard them mention this in the podcast, but if they meant something different I wanted to state it here.  You might find some success by “niching-down” and setting up mini-sites that target VERY specific issues to help people solve them.

    It would take some keyword research, but you could tightly focus those mini-sites around whatever specific issues have enough KW search volume to make them viable for you.  SEO when it comes to mortgages is quite tough, but if you’re able to get VERY specific with exact match domains, highly-focused content, etc. you can beat out some of the larger companies that try to get ranked for those specific problems with their more general or expansive site.

  • Justin, thanks a lot for the comment. Am a fan of your site. I sent you a message through your site also. The advice is appreciated

  • Matt Kelly

    Thanks for the mention and advice – blog goes up this week will post a URL as soon as it it’s live.
    Matt Kelly

  • Hey guys, great episode.  I heard blog networks have been getting slapped.  Is yours different?

  • Dan

    yes, it’s not public. so far, so good. 

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