TMBA 375: How 100s Of Young Entrepreneurs are Making Generational Wealth in Less Than 5 Years

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In the past, Dan and Ian have explored what they like to call the “Amazon Gold Rush” on this podcast.

Recently Dan spent some time in Chiang Mai with Kevin Graham. He’s the founder of Bulk Buy Hosting, but he also makes a good income through his, and his partner’s, Amazon affiliate business.

The Amazon ecosystem has a huge opportunities for creating generational wealth for many smart, young entrepreneurs who learn how to use it to full effect.

Kevin has experienced this kind of success within three years of getting started and, on this episode, he shares the steps of how to create one of these businesses, and get them ranking in search engines.

This is one of the most business-focused episodes we done recently. If you are considering a similar path in your online business ventures, this is the episode for you.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What made Kevin decide to pursue affiliate marketing websites. (7:32)
  • How long it has typically taken for Kevin and his partner to recoup their investments into their websites. (16:47)
  • The most important things to consider when selecting a niche. (25:26)
  • What measures they are taking to get their sites to rank on Google. (39:08)
  • What kind of advice Kevin would give to someone who is considering a business like this. (55:16)

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 02.09.17
  • Tung Tran

    Great episode guys. I’m also a big fan of the affiliate marketing model.

    @Dan – I have a case study on growing a profitable Amazon affiliate site from scratch using purely white hat techniques. If you think your audience might benefit from it, I’ll post a link here.

  • cheers @tung_tran:disqus it’s been great to follow your biz model over the years, we’d love to see it

  • Tung Tran

    Here’s the link

    I’ve just inserted links to the updates at the end.

  • Thanks for having me on the show Dan! It was a blast!

  • Joel Runyon

    Random question on this (I should know better).

    Is there a plugin / something to auto-add your amazon affiliate tag to all amazon links on your site automatically or do you need to do this page by page.

    Was inelligible for AA due to the state my biz was based in, but fixed that and now have a couple hundred pages I could add this to and wanted to see if there was an easier way to make it happen.

  • appreciate it Kevin, come back next year! :)

  • dang that would be great. I added AA to my how to play guitar page and it took me a relatively long time, would hate to have to do it site wide.

  • This was a great episode, best one for me since one with DT on productized services. I’ve recently shut down all services to focus on building up and selling my own authority (passion) sites, I don’t know of a better ROI plus no customer / client stress!

  • cheers Richard thanks for the feedback! DT is a podcast ringer! :)

    For other readers, I highly recommend those eps:

  • Hey Kevin, great show, thanks for the details! Do you think this tactic of mixing good informational content with self promoting “sponsored” content would be an effective technique for acting as your own affiliate for marketing an Amazon product that you own? Say you had a group of products in the same niche, would it make sense to build up a network of blogs that directed people to specific products? Or do affiliate sites point people towards groups of products on Amazon and get commissions for anything that is purchased?

  • Paul Bleisch

    I don’t use this but there are a couple of WordPress plugins that do this. For example,

  • Evaldas Miliauskas

    great value episode with full outline how business works and the full process of running it!
    I liked also the comparison to trading as it lets to be systematized and calculating ROI. Seems like this is the new way of doing business online, where digital marketing is becoming more and more like a machine which you can utilize to driving the business.

  • This was such great timing. I was just inspired to start my first affiliate site a week ago. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Great episode guys! We love working with Kevin through our successful transactions (and more to come)!

    It’s funny Dan, but you and I had this vision years ago, so it’s nice to see people like Kevin making it happen and using our marketplace along the way.

  • There are certainly some people who run their own affiliate sites for the same niches that their Amazon FBA businesses are in, Jon from Authority Website Income being one of them who has experimented with this.

    You could certainly build or change an affiliate site design to recommend just 2 or 3 top products, rather than 7-10 and promote your own products as the best ones in the niche. I’ve heard Empire Flippers talk about this on their podcast before as well.

  • Thanks for the glowing endorsement Richard, glad you liked it.

  • Plugins like EasyAzon or even the new official plugin from Amazon make it very quick to add those links from within your WordPress dashboard, but it does need to be done manually as far as I’m aware.

  • Kyle Shovan

    So basically this guy is a newer version of an email spammer who built up his PBN and uses it to defraud website buyers by building black-hat affiliate sites and selling them via empire flippers? The entire reason empire flippers exists is to prevent this shit.

    This guy scams the consumer by producing garbage reviews, and scams the website purchaser by selling a website that is one google update from not existing at any point in time.

    You can make money the black-hat way still. Sell PVA’s or do what this guy is doing. Shit, you could probably make a pretty penny with cookie stuffing still. Doesn’t mean you should do it.

  • CouchKumara

    Kevin mentioned that he had two PBN’s. I was interested in how many sites constitutes a full PBN before he starts building another one.

  • Thanks Kevin and Dan for a great podcast. Very interesting and inspiring.
    Kevin- do you care about the URL for SEO purposes or do you let the articles do all the heavy lifting there?
    I’m going to go ahead with an authority site (passion) plus some affiliate sales. It will give me an opportunity via a blog to write about things that I’ve wanted to write about anyway.
    After listening to the episode, I went through a few iterations but think I found a pretty good niche.

  • Hey Pat, while I try to optimise the title, I let WordPress pick the URL slug for that page.
    Good luck with the site! :)

  • I have a cap on the number of money sites in each network, the number of domains in each network varies a little.

  • Thanks Kevin :)

  • ryannagy

    Thanks for a great episode with some actionable ideas. I tried repeatedly between 2007 and 2010 to create adsense-based and amazon-based niche websites. Although I had some success, I ended up getting depressed and feeling like a prostitute (not trying to criticize anyone here). But when I turned my attention to creating my own products, conferences and webinars, the skills I learned were invaluable. I could quickly create websites on topics that I loved (or at least believed in) and could quickly get them ranked. When it comes to skill-building nothing goes to waste!

  • CouchKumara

    Thanks for the reply Kevin. Could I ask what Keyword research tool you guys use these days? It seems from my recent research, that a lot of KW tool providers are placing caps on the amount of keywords that can be searched for. I’d be interested in what you recommend.

  • As I mentioned in the interview, we use our own in house tool that we’ve developed, but prior to that we used Long Tail Pro.

  • CouchKumara

    I missed that on the first listen but I picked up on that re-reading the transcript. Can I ask what metrics are you looking for that isn’t available on a paid tool or prehaps a paid tool doesn’t display adequately?

  • nerdyworm

    @TropicalMBA:disqus @kevingrahamondisqus:disqus

    Amazon just halved the commission on their affiliate program! Does this change your outlook on these types of properties/investments?

  • PapaJuju

    Hmmm, Amazon just axed their commissions. It’s so dangerous to be able to lose half your commission on something that is totally outside of your control.

  • PapaJuju

    I think this is factored in to the business model, but it certainly seems to make these types of sites immediately less valuable when you factor in the multiples.

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  • Asif Sheikh

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  • Martin Bragalone

    This was an awesome episode. I see how this model could be even incorporated into already running blogs.

  • moonglan

    Great articles thanks for sharing. Please check my site once.

  • hey you motivated me a lot, just want to ask a question. is internet marketing saturated.

  • Thanks for a great episode with some actionable ideas.

  • shoaib sheikh

    on the way of being an entrepreneur. just visit my website and show some appreciation. thank you

  • James

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  • I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is an issue that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy I stumbled across this during my hunt for something regarding this.

  • so good idea, Amazon just halved the commission on their affiliate program! Does this change your outlook on these types of properties/investments?

  • Bill Frank

    Great list! Looking forward to start with Amazon Affiliate soon!

    ~ John Celvin

  • Thanks for the info, sounds good to start with.

  • I have also started my website Wish me luck. :D

  • Masskara

    Hi, absolutely great stuff from you guys. Can you plz guide me how to generate sales on my new affiliate site.

  • An awesome, motivating episode indeed. We’ve been participating in the Amazon Associates program for a few months, but only lately became our main focus in our fitness blog.

  • EthanGray009

    This is so inspiring, thanks for sharing such a valuable content

    Ethan Gray @

  • Great episode guys! We love working with Kevin through our successful transactions!

    ~ Fernando

  • john

    happy to see this now inspire from this blog and start top 10 review website

  • rhdf hd

    Dan and Ian dear thanks for impressiveguide
    and info looking forword to having more

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