TMBA 146 (LBP128) – Manipulating the Success Script

TMBA 146 (LBP128) – Manipulating the Success Script post image

Dan’s still in Bali grinding out his first book while Ian’s back in San Diego working on taking the product business to the next level.

Inspired by a talk Cal Newport gave, Dan and Ian reveal that the script to success, however you define it. While success is something each person decides on, there is a script that everyone can follow to get themselves there. With all the talk in the blogosphere about “passion,” the true story about achieving success and happiness seems to be a little more complex.

Manipulating the Success Script

  • Why planning without life experience is a recipe for failure.
  • Why what you’re doing has little to do with your happiness.
  • How to choose a skill that will lead to long term happiness and fulfillment.
  • The Success Pattern.
  • The true value of mentorship.
  • How to avoid “golden handcuffs” in your entrepreneurial journey.


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Episode length: 24:48


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Published on 11.08.12
  • Just donated $100 on Kiva. Been meaning to do it forever, finally acted on it. Thanks for the push guys.

  • Dan


  • Nice observations. Another reason I’m not worried about finding that one magical “passion” is that passion by its very nature isn’t super sustainable. Granted, there are some people who discover some career or activity that they genuinely WILL be happy doing every single day for the rest of their lives… but for most of us it seems to be more fluid, as passions come and go and one experience leads to the next – sometimes in the same area, but other times entering a completely new field.

    You see this a lot in successful people who have transitioned from consultant to entrepreneur to author to speaker to… I dunno, movie star or whatever :-p It’s not the planning that gets the person from point A to point G, it’s the natural unfolding of opportunities generated by solid interest + persistence.

  • Jeremy

    Alan Watts and ATLiens so awesome. I think this Alan Watts film was released recently, quite possibly by his son but don’t quote me on that.

  • Dan

    Cheers Jeremy thanks for the link!

  • Dan

    Great point, it’s not, in other words, passion about an object, but passion about certain types of processes. It’s like if you don’t like to work in organizations focused on building great shoes, don’t think you are gonna love life when you are in an organization focused on helping starving kids or whatever.

  • Dan

    yes and speaking of starving kids…

  • epic epsiode.

  • Thank you for this one guys. Came just at the right time for me.

    So much of this podcast resonates with my own story, for instance quitting my high paying job and even struggling to take a very basic salary from the business. After 2 years I feel like I’m starting to understand the “trade”, but sometimes I think about just giving up and go get a job again with a large salary.

    It would be so much easier than fighting each day to survive. But then again I won’t be able to live with my self giving up.

    Thanks for giving me some perspective and a lot of motivation!

    Greetings from South Africa.

    Stephan V.

  • Another great podcast guys. I have personally been considering whether i should go ahead with another niche product business and when i asked myself the question of whether i am interested in it etc. i know that it is the right way to go as i can add a lot of value to this particular niche. Keep up the good work!!

  • Another great podcast guys. I have personally been considering whether i should go ahead with another niche product business and when i asked myself the question of whether i am interested in it etc. i know that it is the right way to go as i can add a lot of value to this particular niche. Keep up the good work!!

  • Dan

    Thanks Blake! I like this mode of thinking because it’s outwardly focused. One line that got cut from this episode is that’s from Cal’s Presentation is that “the level to which somebody is likely to see their vocation as their llfe’s calling is relational to the amount of time they’ve spent doing it.” In other words, the benefits from being focused on providing huge value in one area for a sustained period of time become some powerful (exponential?) that people get the sense of purpose, power and autonomy form the byproduct of providing so much value to others. ANYWHO, thanks for listening :)

  • Dan

    Thanks James!

  • Dan

    Cheers Stephan, thanks for that man. If it’s any use, our 2nd year in business was our hardest too and we often though of fucking the whole thing off and starting something better or getting the big consulting gigs… so glad we stuck through the dip.

  • I wrote about this a couple weeks back ( I like your entrepreneurial look at this better than what Cal had to say but it still leaves me with the question, “what about people who have become rare and valuable and are still unhappy?”

    It would be interesting to hear a follow-up episode on this topic. Especially after you’ve gotten feedback from the listeners.

  • Dan

    That’s very interesting Brad (I actually have you in my feed reader so already read your article) your comment got me thinking a lot. Probably too much to respond here. Gimme a few days on it…

  • Dan

    Two thoughts after re-reading your article, the problems that people who are rare and valuable but not finding fulfillment could come from these two thigns: 1) not knowing the key values they want to participate in. How do you want to live? What type of work do you want to do? What kinds of relationships do you want to be exposed to? Etc. and 2) Not taking a big enough step back to gain autonomy. The “step back” is a critical part and isn’t handwaving, you really need to opt-out of the traditional ways of being compensated, take much less, and build up your own assets.

    “Rare and valuable” doesn’t mean much if it isn’t in the direction of your key values.

  • Dan

    Also, I can’t comment on your blog. Is that by design?

  • Sam Corin

    What was the first 5 star podcast mentioned in the beginning? I couldn’t quite hear it. Was it Gabe lee or something?

  • Dan

    not following the question, can you clarify? Reviewer was “Gabe” gave 5 stars to LBP on itunes.

  • Sam Corin

    That answers my question, thanks.

  • It is. I didn’t know anyone was reading so I turned the comments off to avoid spam. I’m thinking about moving things onto so I can use Disqus and have more control.

  • Wow … that’s very humbling that you’ve been reading my work.

  • Yeah, after reading more articles from Cal and writing my thought on the matter, I think this “key values” question should replace the passion question.

    Nothing I did or could have done, would get me the things I want in the government contracting rolls I worked. Sucks it took 10 years to learn that. Where was Cal and the LBP in 1999? :)

  • Thanks for making me famous on your show guys.
    I’ll def look you up when I’m in Asia. Looking forward to it. -Dan

  • Dan

    Anytime Dan! :D

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