TMBA 056 (LBP56) – How to Manufacture Products in Asia

TMBA 056 (LBP56) – How to Manufacture Products in Asia post image

Today, Dan and Ian discuss how to get started sourcing physical products from China. Furthermore, they discuss some of their own business failures.

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Episode length: 22:07

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Published on 03.03.11
  • Been waiting for this one ;) Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    You got it man, can’t wait to get the tour of Davao :D

  • Yeah most certainly! Let me know .. welcome to crash at my joint anytime ;)

  • Great podcast, encourages me to keep after the manu I have worked on. Plus I love love love hard goods. (I hate the new sign in system but everyone is using it I guess)

  • Still love the random tags. Gotta ask though — “llamas”?

  • Anonymous

    Hey thanks! I’m glad your are getting pumped up. Yeah I didn’t like signing in the first time but I’ve found it improves my experience, not only on this blog, but as I go out and comment on others as well. It’s really reaching a critical mass….

  • Anonymous

    haha gotta ask @nichedash, he writes them now

  • Wow. Dudes! Massive shout-outs – much appreciated!

    You guys totally have the #TigerBlood flowing – keep on #Winning!

  • Anonymous

    haha thanks Glenn. Incidentally, #winning is why we have two hosts of the podcast. We #win here, we #win there. Double win !

  • haha love it … yeah everyone’s jealous of Dan’s totally “bitchin, rockstar” life. His on a drug called the “Dan Andrews” drug …his chosen to embrace his life, put both arms around it and hug it violently.

  • you mean, like, Bi-winning?

  • Anonymous

    that’s it!

  • Anonymous

    ha! violent hugs all around.

  • llamas are pretty cool

  • Anonymous

    “I like llamas” doubles as “I am a computer geek, and I have been one for a long time now…” :)

  • llamas is actually one of the most used tags from back when you were still writing them :P

  • Anonymous

    haha guess I called myself out. I remember it from the old mp3 player days… the guys at winamp always mentioned “llamas” and I thought it was funny….. :)

  • This is my first time visiting your site. Not to knock what you guys are doing, but I had to scrub through about 90% the podcast to find any information that was actually about manufacturing hard goods. And what I did find was basic (ie “Go to a manufacturing fair to find a supplier). Lotsa fluff & not much meat about the topic.

  • Anonymous

    Appreciate the frank feedback. It’s a tough one to drill down on with specifics. Anything you’d like us to cover or address specifically in the future?

  • Kenneth R Smith

    Awesome podcast guys. Started listening a few months back and now I’m downloading back episodes.

    One quick correction for episode # 56. The direct download link points to episode 66 instead.

  • Dan

    Appreciate that we’ll get it updated!!! :D

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