TMBA 049 (LBP49) – A Naughty Way to Start Your Business for $300 – Part 1

TMBA 049 (LBP49) – A Naughty Way to Start Your Business for $300 – Part 1 post image

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A lot of people have been asking for more content focused on getting started with your online business. This is fun content for us to produce because I feel like we are always starting something new! We’ve got a lot of people around us doing the same so in this episode we start to talk about one slightly naughty approach you can take to getting started online. This is a long conversation so we’ll chunk it up into multiple episodes.

Yeah buddy. We’re going to ramp up podcast production a bit and have live episodes. From now on, we will be live on every Sunday from 8-9pm PST (11pm EST). Go to Ustream and search for “Lifestyle Business Podcast”.

The first 30 minutes will be content. After that (at 8:30), we open for any questions from the audience. Check out our first live broadcast: Sunday, Jan 16, 8pm PST.

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

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Listen to this episode.

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Published on 01.12.11
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  • Love how you brought up riding the coat-tails of other marketers and becoming an affiliate for a hot product…

    2 weeks ago I had one of my programmers build a wordpress plugin (taking advantage of a huge current trend). partnered with a well known marketer (50/50) who offered it as a free bonus for anyone who bought a new $1500 hot product through his affiliate link. It’s been about 12 hours and have made over $70,000 in commission so far!

    All I did is come up with an idea, manage a programmer for for about 10 days (less than $500) and strike a deal with a marketer. minimal work, maximum return!

  • Anonymous

    That is absolutely incredible! I can’t wait to read about it on your blog thanks for sharing that with us here!

  • Ian


  • Pet Products huh? I have compiled a short list of the business I thought you guys were in based on clues you have left in other shows, but I have to admit that Pet Products was not one of them.

    I am pleased to hear about the new direction you seem to be taking with the podcast. I am looking forward to more.

    I like to listen to business podcasts that talk about …well… business. You guys are definitely doing that and it sounds like you are going to do more of it. The time is well spent.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Bill, I appreciate that. We are in a few other niches as well, we’ll try to roll out that information as we can put it in to useful content. If you have any further feedback about what we can talk about and share feel free to email us, since we are recording more podcasts we’ll need to stay focused on generating useful episodes.

  • Glad to see you guys back on the wagon!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Troy :D

  • Ian

    …You didn’t see us last night Troy. Glad to see you back on the comments!

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  • Thanks for tackling this question guys! I’ve been on the road so I just got to listen to it — good stuff :). Glad to see you guys back!

    p.s. i see you’re trying to use the tags to SEO for “yeah buddy” – aren’t you Dan?

  • Anonymous

    haha… that’s David… but I’m all about ranking for yeah buddy :D

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  • Very interested in your comments about tax savings via an LLC, makes a lot of sense. I’m right at the point where I’m considering registering an LLC and wondering if it’s worth it, this is pushing towards the “yes” camp. So how people are using their LLC to save on taxes, how they are minimizing audit risk and preparing for it in case it happens?



  • Anonymous

    Hey Aubrey thanks for listening. Complex questions all, we most certainly have to do another taxes and incorporation epsidoe, we’ll prepare one for the coming months. Cheers,Dan

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