TMBA 050 (LBP50) – A Naughty Way to Start Your Business for $300 – Part 2

TMBA 050 (LBP50) – A Naughty Way to Start Your Business for $300 – Part 2 post image

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Today, Dan and Ian continue their discussion on how to finally get started with your business for $300 or less (part 1 here). After deciding on your product, you will learn how to line out your product in more detail, come up with a unique selling proposition  and test your product without actually producing it.

Dan & Ian also reveal a few naughty tricks that some of their friends used. Depending on your local laws, these tricks might be illegal. It’s your responsibility to check your laws. We do not encourage illegal activities.

This is the 50th anniversary episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast. Expect a lot more to come in 2011.

Remember our upcoming live episodes. From now on, we will be live on every Sunday from 8-9pm PST (11pm EST). Go to Ustream and search for “Lifestyle Business Podcast”.

The first 30 minutes will be content. After that (at 8:30), we open for any questions from the audience. Check out our first live broadcast: Sunday, Jan 16, 8pm PST.

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

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Episode length: 23:20

Listen to this episode.

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Published on 01.14.11
  • Just a quick note on image manipulation. If you do not want to be naughty then make use of the advanced search on Flickr.

    Choose the creative commons options for
    content to use commercially
    content to modify, adapt, or build upon

    Then inside the book just mention where you got the image from in the copyright.

    Nice to hear the Hives again, reminds me of my time in Germany many years ago.

    As someone who was thinking of quitting their job and giving self employment/travelling a go I was always inspired by the first line of this song………


  • Great idea for the curtains. I’ve got an 8×8 setup in my “office” which takes up most of one entire wall.

  • Deano, ditto on the Flickr for originals. First noticed that over on the Four hour work week blog and have been using ever since.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Very nie tip Deano thanks for mentioning!

  • Thanks for the Hives – I’m loving the music. Speaking of which – how are you guys working that? Are you paying money to play the Hives? Did you somehow get license? Or are you just using the music and it doesn’t matter?

    Inquiring minds are dying to know.

  • Hi Guys, love your podcast and listen whenever I get some commute time. Currently living the dream life of long hours and hard work that you get with start-ups (what 4 hour work week??). I greatly appreciate the fact that you speak about real businesses and don’t do what most of these lifestyle podcasters do – podcast and sell products about podcasting and selling products! Your stuff has real relevance to real businesses such as mine (check me out at so please keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    the Hives should be paying us! That should be called free advertising nowadays :D We are just using the music and mentioning who it is so if our listeners are down with it they can go check out the band. I figure if any record companies come after us it’ll be a good sign they are totally out to lunch.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Richard. Unfortunately, we have a real business. haha. Would much prefer to sell get rich quick products :D Great site thanks for sharing and best of luck to you!

  • This is exactly why I love you guys. Naughty on, dude.

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