TMBA 035 (LBP35) – 4 Things You Should Never Do in Your Business

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Heya everyone– I gotta say I feel I am SUPER qualified to talk about stuff that you shouldn’t do in your business. I’ve made a million mistakes, and some of the stuff we bring up in this episode is so damn tricky for me I still can’t get it right.

I had a great time in Palawan this weekend– WOW what a place to visit, so quiet, so much to see and do and although there isn’t much of a tourism industry, its still very easy to make your way around. More on that on the next episode!

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Here’s some quick shots from my second 4 day weekend in a row. This time I went to (whisper it’s name!) Palawan.

The View As I Wrote this Post

Steve My Resort Owner Took Me on a Tour

Exploring the Back Roads on Motorcycle

Organic Sustainable Agriculture is Big in Palawan

Of Course we Took a Dip

Published on 07.13.10
  • So jealous of your sleep schedule; that's still a ways off for me and my 3-5 hour sleep nights. LOL

    Regarding Google and their targeted search results, you can bypass those results by using incognito mode in Chrome (or the equivalent in whatever browser). Your results will then come back without the preferences just like you were signed out.

    Great post. I love that quote that average people push the talented ones out. I've seen it way too often and watched as average people become insecure. Worse is that I've yet to see even one place where the management was willing to lose the average person to keep the talented one. Sad. Awesome that you guys are aware of this as business owners and can be one of the places that looks for this!!!

    As always, you guys are rocking it!!!

  • Note to Dan:
    Leave off the pictures. You're seriously making me jealous…

    I “talk smack” with friends, but when it comes to actual competitors, I never find the need to talk bad about the competition…it's much easier just to be BETTER than them! =)

    I'm in about 12 different client accounts all day and instead of using different browsers, I use the “incognito” browser mode for switching between different gmail accounts throughout the day. Works great.

    Keep it up guys

  • Great episode guys!

    I love point one about not dissing your competition… this can also apply to personal life. Whenever someone starts talking smack about someone else, it fires alarm bells in my head and I generally stay far away from these people.

  • TropicalMBA

    Thanks Chris. Agreed there for sure. I think I used to try and hang with people now I just walk away.

  • TropicalMBA

    Interesting Joel, will try that one out today.

  • TropicalMBA

    For those of us cubicle dwellers its an all too common sight. All the more reason to start your own business and do things right.

  • Deano

    Really looking forward to this podcast (just downloading it on a slow connection out here in KK, Borneo).
    Why? I've got a flight to Peurto Princesa on Sunday :-) Hoping to find a base in Palawan to get some work done for a few months.

  • TropicalMBA

    Deano, Steve is a good guy to start with at the Negro Pearl Pensionne house. Really smart rooms with tile and nice A/C + Fan + WIFI great food and bar. Only three rooms. I think they start at 1000 a night, but you can negotiate a monthly rate. Anyway, you should check a few places out but I had a good experience there and Steve knows tons. You'll also want to get a monthly motorbike.

  • Deano

    Thanks for the info, I'll check it out :-)

  • Alan

    I recently read First, Break All the Rules, a book on the PMBA ( list about management. It talks about A players hiring A players, whereas B players hire B- players, B- players hire C+ players, etc. Glad you mentioned this concept, because it's such an important element of building something from the ground up. Hire rockstars.

    I heard a funny joke that might work for your section at the end…

    “It was Independence Day, and a father asks his son, “Hey Billy, aren't you glad to be free?”

    Billy responds, “I'm not FWEE! I'm FOUR!”

    Hmm. Hope you enjoyed that one.

  • I'm liking how one of the tags for this episode is “dan=stupid” haha that gave me a good laugh. That doesn't mean I think it's true though…

    Your points on hiring and keeping on the A players were really interesting. Also, about how a truly talented person will feed off of more talent, instead of feeling insecure and scared. In my last job this was a big problem. One of the people I worked for clearly was insecure about their skills and talent, so they went out of their way to do anything they could to keep people under them and their control. It sucked.

    Great stuff. And Ian, good luck with the whole blood pressure thing, buddy! Keep popping those supplements, if you got them at Whole Foods they must be good right?

    good luck with blood pressure, situation with kelsey

  • Ian

    Nate, there are gate keepers, road blocks and half stacks everywhere. It's hard enough to define your personal ambitions and when peeps with less vision get in the way it sucks. A good product of this current economy is that a lot of the Bs and Cs are getting weeded out and entire companies run by them are going under. Deciding to quit my job and work with A players was one of the best decisions I've made in the last 5 years.

  • TropicalMBA

    Tags to add: “ian=a” “heart palpitations”

  • TropicalMBA

    Yeah man! We are going to start doing comedy for sure. I've read a bunch of different books that outline the concept you're talking about there, its a really interesting phenomenon should probably bring it up in more detail in the future.

  • Craig T.

    Lovin' the podcast. Look forward to iTune uploads on Monday. Great energy!

    Dan, hope you're well and survived typhoon Conson.

    Ian, save money on the supplements. No proof any of those work to lower BP (I'm a pharmacist). exercise + good diet + sleep is best medicine to stay off the meds…a nice massage every week doesn't hurt either.

    Bang on!


  • TropicalMBA

    Hey Craig thanks man, I'm alive! Power is back on as well yesterday was a “snow day” as we say on the east coast.

  • Ian

    Craig, new podcast every week + me ready to blow a gasket OR a few more years tacked on to a lifetime and no more lifestyle business podcast. You decide..

    Thanks for the advice and glad you are lovin' the show! Does a diet of Xanax count?

  • ragdollsally

    Nice Episode! Here are my thoughts about the 3rd thing:

    employees (as i've noticed in philippine setting specially in big companies):

    crab mentalality
    ->instead of making way from being average to being excellent, some employees think more about bringing an excellent employee down

    can't handle confrontation
    -> feel threatened when you confront (even talk nicely) 'em about their behavior or performance (negative) instead of taking them as cronstructive critism to improve themselves

    insecure (simply don't have a life)
    ->troublemaker, gossiper, prejudice, jealous

    CUT 'EM OFF!

    *i believe all people got potential to be an excellent employees and big part depends on how you manage 'em
    *in my personal experience, nothing makes me work harder than be praised by my boss even for the simple things i've done.
    it makes me wanna prove myself more and just feel positive about things.
    *at times when i feel like i can't do something or just simply being negative, knowing my boss believes in me more than i believe in myself makes me try really hard and make my boss proud.

  • Hi Guys,
    I have been meaning to have a play with AudioBoo. You asked where some of your listeners are tuning in so I did this boo for you :)
    I'm a new recruit to your podcast and stuff guys! Thank You

  • TropicalMBA

    Very cool checkin' that out right now. Thanks for listening! Mermaid beach sounds nice!

  • TropicalMBA

    Heya thanks for the nice comment. Yeah I've been trying to avoid cultural generalizations but lately I must admit I've been seeing some dizzying examples of the first three. My thoughts are that generally in less developed countries there has been a lot less incentive to buy in to the “system” or social contract so people go tend to opt for the short term gain of “keeping people in line” and preserving some twisted status quo. Anyway, most of my people are A1A and I've met a bunch of crabs in the west too. Agree with your final points especially the power of simple praise and recognition. Thanks for sharing.

  • ragdollsally

    your welcome! i just started listening to your podcast and it's very good and very informative. it's nice to know someone like you go beyond what philippines (specially the people) can offer and not the stereotype of what we're known for. keep up the good work! ;)

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  • Evaldas Miliauskas

    I’m a little bit backtracking here, but you would be surprised that these episodes from 5 years ago I enjoy more than the new ones :) and I’m not saying they are bad, but these are just excellent. Thanks for pumping me up every day!

    On the other note, one question regarding lack of sleep. I’m sure you had a share of it. It would be good to hear your perspective what changes you have when you constantly sleep 4 hours a day? I did now couple of days in a row, but I don’t feel sleepy at all, maybe other reasons could have an impact (hustling?), and I know some people are living all their lifes like that (Alexander as one of them, had his hands full when conquering the world I would guess). Though still wondering if I should look for some signs before going overboard?

    Cheers and keep up the pace!

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