3 Years on the Road : How to Pack Like a Pro

3 Years on the Road : How to Pack Like a Pro post image

If you aren’t interested in packing, I slipped a 12 second TMBA documentary in to the first minute. There are rumblings of a full fledged production this summer by some guys who know what they are talking about. AHEM (PS, you should listen to these guys). We’ll see!

Many of you who know me or who have read the blog for a while know that I’m always keen to talk packing and gear. If you haven’t yet, you can check out my written digital nomad packing list that I made up last year. I absolutely loved all the comments, emails, and shared links I got from having written that post. Since that time, I’ve made some small changes that have improved my kit a bunch (and will no doubt put 99.99% of you to sleep).

I made this video primarily for the new group of TMBAers who will be joining me next week in Bali, and who are gearing up as we speak. I thought I’d toss it out there on the blog for my fellow packing geeks. I would love to link up to all this stuff in the post but I gotta get on the horn with @AnythingIan and do some biznass!

Cheers from Subic Bay Philippines,


Published on 04.18.11
  • Dan

    haha I’ve seen this! Looks awesome… but probably a bit hot. I’m trying to
    keep it tropical! :D

  • Dan, did you just say “self-launderable” ?


  • Your video reminded me about another one, that I saw a while ago about packing smart:

  • Dan

    haha. think so!

  • This setup works. Dan converted me last year.

  • Dan

    hehe. there’s a big group of us now rocking the day pack / laptop case set up. boat/bonka and bike approved!

  • Dan

    Nice thanks for that David!

  • Very cool, i’m a total gadget-head. Currently rocking the Kelty Redwing backpack. Have you thought of using just the iPod touch plus cell phone?

  • Dan

    Does the touch have a camera yet? I use the iPhone just because I got it from my US plan, I use the camera all the time so that’s pretty much the most critical feature for me. I’ve seen a lot of people with that pack, great brand. I actually think the newer models of the surge aren’t as good as the 2008 one I’ve got, they changed the strap design ….

  • My iPhone was stolen almost 3 months ago. I was totally in love with it.
    After that, I realized that the only thing I really miss about the iPhone is the camera. Buying a great point-and-shoot camera (Canon S95) is cheaper and will let me take better photos and videos.

  • Dan

    My experience with point and shoot is that I don’t use them because they aren’t that useful except for taking photos, so my incentive to carry them around is lower. I guess my photo taking is almost 100% “incidental” … like for example I never take photos of people posing.. this is probably unique to my personally. My first year on the road in Vietnam I had a point and shoot. Basically have no photos from that year. Ever since I’ve started using the iPhone… well you can see the evidence on this blog, all the photos are from the phone. I think it’s a personality thing….

  • True. Having the iPhone with you is normal, but taking an extra camera is a conscious effort. I’ll see how often I end up using my camera.

    It’s very small so it’s not really a problem to bring it.

  • mattbellemare

    Oh i love to geek on that stuff. Btw, no marino wool shirts? I’m trying to find some now in Thailand and can’t. Wonder if you came across some in the region or you need to order it online?

  • Dan

    used to have them but i actually prefer light cotton tank tops and synthetic fiber nylon/cotton/poly blend (or whatever nike is calling their crazy shiz these days) to merino stuff. merino is expensive, hangs oddly on your body, and the durability on mine (iceabreaker brand) sucked. So… back to synthetics for me.

  • Eugene

    I got the S-95 too – highly recommended if you’re traveling around with more than a daypack :)

  • Dan

    who would do such a thing! :D

  • Mickey

    Gosh you’re cute!

  • Dan

    I’ll take that!

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  • Tropicalpizza

    gosh you’re gay!

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