TMBA337: The Power of the Pickle post image

One of the fastest ways to gain freedom from a location or a 9-to-5 job is to sell your skill set and your time as a freelancer. When you do that, you can create problems that might not rear their head for years.

On this week's episode, Dan and Ian are speaking to Russ Perry from Design Pickle. He began his entrepreneurial career doing just that, and when we first heard from him in 2014, he was in the process of dissolving his first business and starting from square one. In less than two years, Design Pickle now has 20 full-time employees and just last month, they billed 90k in recurring revenue. On this show, you'll hear all about that journey, as well as a pretty in-depth discussion about our collective affinity for delicious pickles.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 05.19.16
TMBA336: Matt Farah on Breaking Through post image

On today's podcast, Dan and Ian have decided to dig into a topic that isn't usually covered on this show. We are going to be talking about one of Ian's favorite things in the world: cars. If you don't consider yourself a vehicular aficionado, have no fear. This episode is about the journey of Matt Farah, a successful automotive journalist who rose to fame through his YouTube channel, The Smoking Tire. You're going to be hearing a pretty compelling story about how Matt bootstrapped himself into the position that he's in today. And yes, there is a little bit of car talk in there too.

Stay tuned until the very end of the episode to hear a bonus lightning round of automotive questions.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 05.12.16
TMBA335: The Long View on Location Independence post image

Dan and Ian have been speaking about the lifestyle of the Location-Independent entrepreneur on this podcast for over six years. During that time, they've found that people all over the internet tend to glorify this movement, and why wouldn't they? It's exciting to be a part of. On the other hand, there are very few people online who are talking about the challenges of being a digital nomad. Mark Manson and Stacey Herbert have both traveled the world as location independent entrepreneurs and have recently decided to put down roots for the first time in years. On this episode, you'll hear them share their thoughts and experiences on what some of the biggest downsides to the nomadic lifestyle are.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 05.05.16
TMBA334: Here’s How We Plan to ‘Manage’ Our Money post image

On one of our recent episodes, Dan and Ian spoke with Joe Wirbick about some of their options for managing their money since they have sold their business. That episode elicited a very passionate response from our listeners. We got a ton of feedback from some really smart people about that episode, so we decided to do a follow up show. On this week's episode, you'll hear some specific feedback from our friend Laura Roeder, as well as Dan and Ian's feelings on managing their own money now that they have heard so many opinions on the subject.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 04.28.16
TMBA333: Info Product Talk post image

If you have been listening to our show for a while, you will recognize this week's guest from an episode we did about a year and a half ago called "Is It Getting Harder to Grow a Successful Business Selling Info Products?". That episode ended up being one of the most popular episodes of this show, so Dan and Ian decided to invite Shayna of Espresso English back onto the program to follow up with her story. Shayna will be talking about a range of new topics, including pricing, positioning and marketing info products in today's entrepreneurial landscape.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 04.21.16
TMBA332: A Conversation with Mr. Money Mustache post image

On this week's show, Dan and Ian had the opportunity to interview one of their all-time favorite bloggers, "Mr. Money Mustache" Peter Adeney.

Peter was recently the subject of a profile in The New Yorker, and you'll hear him share his opinions about that piece. You'll also hear how he was able to retire at the age of thirty, why he believes we should be optimizing for our own happiness, as well as his thoughts on achieving freedom through frugality. Stick around after the credits for a little bit of a bonus conversation with Mr. Money Mustache about how the Mustachian community holds events.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 04.14.16
TMBA331: Productized #4 – The Evolution of a Business Idea post image

Longtime listeners know that one of our favorite things to do on the show is to ask our guests to donate business ideas to our audience. For the fourth part of our Productized series, Dan and Ian put out a call for anyone that has used one of those ideas to come on the show. On this week's episode, you'll be hearing from Ben McAdam and Meryl Johnston, otherwise known as the Bean Ninjas. They will be sharing how they took an idea that was donated on this very podcast and turned it into their own Productized Service business.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 04.07.16
TMBA330: Getting the Most Out of YouTube post image

On this week's episode, Dan and Ian are speaking with Gabby Wallace. Gabby is extremely qualified at teaching English as a second language, and has spent many years doing so in Japan. She got fed up with the traditional ways of teaching language abroad, and she decided to start her own business called Go Natural English. Gabby's business has been built almost entirely through her YouTube channel, where she has over 150,000 subscribers. YouTube can be an incredibly powerful platform for location independent entrepreneurs and on this episode, Gabby is sharing all of her best tips and strategies for using YouTube to your advantage.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 03.31.16
TMBA329: The Exit post image

Jeff Giesea recently penned an article for the Harvard Business Review titled "Dealing With the Emotional Fallout of Selling Your Business". Needless to say, this article caught the eye of Dan and Ian, who have recently sold the largest business they have ever created. There are a lot of weird and conflicting thoughts that go through your mind when you go through this process. Dan and Ian invited Jeff on to the show this week to speak about his experience selling his businesses, and the trials and tribulations that entrepreneurs face when they make the exit.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 03.24.16
TMBA328: How Do You Manage Your Money? post image

As many longtime listeners know, Dan and Ian have recently sold their business. This has put them in a rather unique and advantageuous situation, and forces them to ask the question: what do you do with your money once you have made it? Managing your money requires a completely different skill set from building a business, and even savvy entrepreneurs often have to seek the advice of a professional. On this week's episode, you'll hear from Joe Wirbick, the president and co-founder of Sequinox. Joe is sharing some of his best tips on how to evaluate financial professionals and how to identify whether or not they can help you.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 03.17.16