TMBA354: Who is Mr. Regular? The Story Behind the Hit YouTube Channel Regular Car Reviews post image

In the second part of our three-part series, Dan and Ian are talking to people that have turned their own personal obsessions into successful businesses.

This week, you'll be hearing from someone that Ian has admired and wanted to talk to for quite some time. Mr. Regular is one of the hosts of Regular Car Reviews, a very successful YouTube channel that combines car reviews with pop culture references, social commentary, and much more. The results are both hilarious and impressive.

You don't need to be a car person to enjoy this show. Mr. Regular shares his insight on what it was like to get started publishing content on YouTube four years ago and what the journey has been like since then.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 09.15.16
Buying Reliable, Safe Cars with Cash post image

Last week, Ian wrote over 3,500 words about his new home purchase. But he skimmed over what might have been his greatest motivation for buying a big place-- wrenching on an endless parade of cars and bikes (and finding somewhere to put them all). Every time I visit bossman, he's got a new toy. Seriously, the...

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By: DanPublished on 09.13.16
TMBA353: On the Bike with Patrick Brady post image

In the first part of a new three part series, Dan and Ian are going to be talking about some of their personal obsessions and the people who have turned those obsessions into businesses.

This week, you'll hear about one particular obsession that Ian introduced into Dan's life: cycling. Patrick Brady of Red Kite Prayer has become one of Dan's favorite bloggers and podcast hosts. Patrick has been able to make a living writing and speaking about cycling.

This episode is about more than just riding a bike, though. Patrick shares his attitudes about generating revenue with his blog, writers he is inspired by, and much more.

Those of you who are cycling enthusiasts should stay tuned for some bonus content after the credits as well, where Patrick and Dan geek out over some hardcore cycling stuff.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 09.08.16
The Real Cost of Buying a House post image

Hi, Ian here. After a year or so of obsessing over Redfin and, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a house! My decision was fueled by a few things going on in my life: Last July Dan and I sold our product design and manufacturing business. All the money that had previously been...

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By: IanPublished on 09.06.16
TMBA352: Symptoms: Sleeplessness, Loneliness, Stress. Possible Diagnosis: Entrepreneurship post image

Starting a business can be extremely emotionally difficult. Dan and Ian are very familiar with the personal toll that the process can take on an aspiring entrepreneur.

A lot of times starting a business means that you are broke, or relying on your friends, family or significant other to support you. For some, that can lead to stress and even depression. Christopher Sutton knows these feelings all too well. A few years ago, Christopher wrote a blog post about what it was like to experience the emotional roller coaster of starting his own business, Easy Ear Training.

On this week's episode, you will hear Christopher talk about what that experience was like, as well has how he found support through this podcast and our community of listeners in the Dynamite Circle.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 09.01.16
The 9 Then 3 Lifestyle post image

One of the most intriguing ideas in The Four Hour Work Week is the concept of ‘mini-retirements.’ The possibility that, if you effectively automate your business, you can take off to different parts of the world for 3 months at a time and have a travel adventure. It’s funny, because so many of us, myself...

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By: DanPublished on 08.30.16
TMBA351: An interview with “CEO Sally.” Find Out Who Bought Our Business post image

A year ago, Dan and Ian published one of the most-listened to episodes of this podcast, titled 7 Things to Consider When Selling Your Business.

In that episode, they detailed all of the ups and downs of the sale process, as well as some anonymous profiles of the people who were putting in offers and kicking tires. On this week's episode, you will hear directly from Tino Sage, the "CEO Sally" who purchased their manufacturing and import business. She'll explain what she was looking for in a business, what the process of buying our business was like, and how things have been since she took over the reins.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 08.25.16
TMBA August News Updates post image

For two and a half years we've been sending weekly news emails to our subscribers. They included links to our favorite reads of the week, and a description of that week's podcast. Occassionally we'd announce things like events or masterminds at the end of those emails. In retrospect, I wish we would have published those newsletters here at the...

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By: DanPublished on 08.23.16
TMBA350: A Discussion About The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck post image

Today's guest is one of Dan and Ian's all time favorite writers, Mark Manson.

Many of you may know him from his blog at, where he has written about a wide range of subjects including digital nomadism, living with anxiety, and toxic relationships. Recently, Mark made the decision to sign with Harper Collins and publish his first book, titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Mark is going to be sharing a few excerpts from that book on this show, as well as talking about how he got into blogging, his values as a writer, what he thinks the state of the blogosphere is today, and much more.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 08.18.16
A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling Gran Fondos post image

Fair warning: what follows is 6,000+ words about road cycling, a hobby I picked up last year. These words poured out of my hands the morning after my first semi-competitive event. Those four hours I spent on the roads with a few hundred other riders were some of the most fun I'd ever had, and I didn't want to...

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By: DanPublished on 08.16.16