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TMBA410: The Creation of a Brand

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Dan and Ian love physical product companies. After all, they started their own entrepreneurial journey by selling physical products.

On this week's show, they have chosen to showcase the story of a mid-market luxury brand that has found massive success.

Jennifer Chong and Roman Khan are the founders of Linjer. Linjer manufactures and sells beautiful leather handbags and watches, which retail between $200 and $500 USD.

On today's episode, Jennifer and Roman speak to us about a wide variety of topics, including researching marketplaces, building teams, and making deals with factory owners.

This is not just an episode about people who are passionate about selling great products, though. It's also a unique case study on how to use savvy marketing techniques to grow your business.

TMBA409: Amazon And The Elephant In The Room

TMBA409: Amazon And The Elephant In The Room post image

This week, Dan and Ian are going to be talking about one of the most successful platforms for building an online business, and one that has historically been under-represented on this show.

That platform is, and the reason that you haven't heard much about it is because Amazon sellers have been pretty secretive about the ways that they have been using it to make money. 

Today's guest has no problem sharing his knowledge, especially with those who are just getting started on Amazon.

Scott Voelker is the host of an established podcast about Amazon called The Amazing Seller, where he offers insight and tips from his experience using the platform. 

On this episode, Scott talks about how people can start making some side money on Amazon, and eventually grow to earn a full-time income. If you are interested in making money on Amazon, but you're not sure where to begin, this is the episode for you. 

TMBA408: Growing a Business With Your Spouse

TMBA408: Growing a Business With Your Spouse post image

For the past several weeks, Dan and Ian have been speaking about what it means to build a culture for your company.

One of the most important parts to fostering that culture is managing a team, and almost no one does it better than this week's guest.

Enter Carrie McKeegan. In 2008, Carrie and her husband Dave founded Greenback Tax Services. Since then, their business has exploded and they have expanded to include a 55 person fully distributed team.

On this episode, you will hear about the challenges of starting a business with your spouse, why Carrie believes her corporate experience prepared her for entrepreneurship, and some essential insights into running a remote team.

If you are looking to grow a meaningful business that isn't just going to pay the rent, but pay for retirement, then this is an episode you're going to want to stick around for.

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Join Our Team – Seeking a Business Development Apprentice – Work Remotely

Join Our Team – Seeking a Business Development Apprentice – Work Remotely post image

We're hiring. One of the best things about this blog is being able to come here from time to time and put out a call for help. It's an exciting prospect. What new ideas and energy can an outsider bring to our business? Over the years we've written more job ads than I can remember,...

The Alchemy of Pitching – What To Consider When Selling Yourself or Your Business via Email

The Alchemy of Pitching – What To Consider When Selling Yourself or Your Business via Email post image

This week’s podcast outlines our thoughts about how to be more successful making pitches, and cutting deals, via email. Ahead of that episode, TMBA’s producer Jane, has agreed to share some thoughts about how to reach out to podcasts - and other media outlets - drawing on her experience working at the BBC and with shows...

Business Class in London

Business Class in London post image

I've said for a while now: it’s better to travel to a more obscure location where you know people than to travel to a world-class destination where you know no-one. But, in the case of London, I’m say I am lucky enough to say that I've had both. I’ve spend the last 3 weeks here...

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