TMBA 137 (LBP120) – How To Profit From In-Person Events With Rob Walling

TMBA 137 (LBP120) – How To Profit From In-Person Events With Rob Walling post image

Dan and Ian are both in the States and working on their next big thing – the Dynamite Circle Conference in Bangkok in October.

Planning conferences is a lot of work that you never even thought of until the hotel was asking what kind of breakfast menus you would prefer during your third break on the second day. Who has a breakfast menu during their third break?!

They decided to call in a pro and chat it up with Rob Walling, the founder of MicroConf (The Conference For Self-Funded Startups.) With two successful events under his belt, he had a ton of great information on How To Profit From In Person Events, including:

  • How To Pitch Your Audience
  • Getting Speakers and Sponsors – Who Is In and Who Is Out?
  • Keynotes, Breakouts, Speaker Sessions, Workshops – What Is The Best Schedule of Events
  • and How To Get Your Event On Hacker News


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Episode length: 40:12


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Published on 09.13.12
  • Loved it, Rob’s the man

  • Great stuff! No link to the webinar?

  • CraigJ

    Did you guys once mention a kindle/torrent site that you thought was pretty good for free books? I think I heard it on the LBP. Thanks

  • Joe

    What time is the Manufacturing in China webinar? Can we get a link to that?

  • +1 for breakout at lunch, I’ve seen this work well at events with enough VIPs to split among tables.

  • Dan

    nice! i think we can organize this….

  • Dan

    hey Joe thanks for the help there! this is going to be fun!

  • Dan

    Calibre software combined with using regular torrent downloads.

  • Dan

    ;:explosion sounds:::

  • Dan

    just give him the mic.

  • Andrew

    Any chance you guys gonna release a recording of the webinar for those of us who couldn’t make it?

  • Dan

    Hey Andrew we are working on that now, we seem to be having some problems with the codec but will get to you if it gets uploaded correctly.

  • Andrew

    Awesome! Y’all are the boss socks.

  • Dan

    Here it is Andrew….

  • Andrew

    Just a suggestion guys, but maybe you should promote this event a little better before worrying about which kind of breakfast to serve. I have written 3 emails over two months asking for dates and details so I could fit the conference into my SE Asia tour to find my next place to live. I do not know if this is open or exclusive to the dynamite circle, do not know dates, really I don’t know anything because no one has responded to inquires about the event. :(

  • Dan

    Hey Andrew, not sure why we wouldn’t have gotten back on emails, we generally do…. this event is already sold out (DC thing) but we are planning more for the future.

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