TMBA 031 (LBP31) – 3 Tips for Profitable Networking

TMBA 031 (LBP31) – 3 Tips for Profitable Networking post image

Dan and Ian discuss why you should become an expert in your industry, and ways you can become one. They also talk the importance of networking, and how being a part of a mastermind group will give you that social network, but also a support system. A critical part of an entrepreneurship.  They also mention a couple of clever Gmail hacks, two SEO tips, and one file sharing software that has made their business easier.

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Published on 06.14.10
  • A couple of tips:

    Anyone serious about doing SEO/PPC needs to pay the small fee to access – period.

    My fav GMail lab feature… “send and archive”!

  • Nate

    Very nice. I use gmail's ability to sync with Bluehost emails all the time. Like for my product site, I manage the coaching@ support@ info@ emails all from one gmail account. You're right about an email looking so much better when it comes from a real domain name.

    Great episode!

  • TropicalMBA

    Man I'd love to hear a podcast with all your insider tips!

  • TropicalMBA

    Heyyoh thanks Nate!

  • Ben

    Hi There, I've just discovered your podcast and was enjoying the 1st few episodes but now they seem to have disappeared from iTunes…. I'm not really very computer literate are they still there or have they been deleted?

  • TropicalMBA

    Heya Ben we just pulled the first season in order to prepare it for sale. We are looking for ways to pay the bills around here since to put out an episode every week we had to hire somebody to run the site. The purchase option for the first 18 episodes will be on the top nav and we'll be putting out new free episodes at least once a week.

  • Ben

    No worries, if I hadn't heard the first few I would think twice but having heard a few I am happy to invest in the first series then. All the best and keep the dream alive!

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