TMBA 032 (LBP32) – How to Create a $6000 Dollar a Month Site in 5 Months, and Tips on Niche Selection

TMBA 032 (LBP32) – How to Create a $6000 Dollar a Month Site in 5 Months, and Tips on Niche Selection post image

Dan and Ian talk about how they built a site that generates $6000 in revenue in five months and  some great tips on niche selection. They also discuss why it’s important to have a phone number on your site, a great service to sell products, and a rant on the limitations of Quickbooks.

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Published on 06.21.10
  • Alan

    Thanks for sharing this gentlemen. Really good stuff here.

  • if your selling podcasts you should use
    Its really just for music but podcasts are pretty much the same thing + you get 100% of the sale. Paypal will have to buy their own porche now!

  • Nate

    Awesome episode.

    I'm wondering if you guys have ever heard of or used I've read about their service a couple places and it looks promising for a reliable and full featured phone service.

    Your comments on the whole phone number thing really got me excited. My product is digital (2 ebooks and 2 videos) and I'm curious as to how doing some phone sales would work. Definitely something for me to look into in the future once my traffic picks up a bit.

  • love the podcast guys keep it up, Episode #32 – How to Create a $6000 Dollar a Month Site in 5 Months, and Tips on Niche Selection. Thank you for the episode i learned a few things most i already knew.

    i agree with the phones numbers when i was selling other people stuff on ebay i used one never got many phone calls but it seemed to help.

    parts of the system that i have done and im good at are:

    creating a sellable sells page
    talking to people on the phone (not my strong suit i would say im somewhat shy)
    shipping and packing

    what im not good at: (mainly because it is new)

    having other people do the work
    finding niches (although i do have some exp in that from my ebaying)
    building my own product

    beyond that im looking into making a trip to japan around November to January maybe longer it depends on how it goes.

    i know i dont need a lot of money by playing my cards right but that what im shooting for is a fully automatic business (on second though it does not have to fully auto) by then

  • i almost forgot something this will be my first time to be traveling outside the states

  • TropicalMBA

    Very cool Steve, niche selection is hard for me to without @anythingian I'd probably still be employed :)

  • TropicalMBA

    Hey Nate we LOVE grasshopper and it is our phone system of choice, we recommend that… somewhere in the first season in the “software tools” episode. Ian also uses Google Voice which sends him emails of his voicemails, we should probably touch on that a little more.

  • TropicalMBA

    Whats the advantage of bandcamp over a service like e-junkie?

  • TropicalMBA

    Yeah Alan! Smart guys listening to the show make for good times. Looking forward to this week's episode already.

  • First of all, please incorporate drumrolls into all future podcasts :)

    Also, have you heard of Venmo? I've heard good things, but not sure if it's a solid alternative to paypal.

  • TropicalMBA

    Joel we are gonna do it! Here's hoping that Venmo has a giant bazooka with freaking #paypal in the crosshairs. Can't rock private beta!

  • gross or net? :)

  • TropicalMBA

    haha. revenue :(

  • TropicalMBA

    Got a drumroll Joel! Actually more of a bongo roll, but I think it will work:)

  • drum roll, bongo roll, timpani roll, doesn't matter. I'm pumped. Can't wait =)

  • Eric

    The one 'dashboard'-y thing I'm playing with right now is, they have a ipad/iphone and their visualization of data is pretty damn cool.

    Sorry I don't have a suggestion for the quickbooks issue. That program just blows.

  • Ian

    Thanks Eric, I'll check that out.

  • I'd go check this out.

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  • Jenna VanLeeuwen

    Hi — I just wanted to let you know that this link is now down.

    Great podcast!

  • Hey Jenna, it’s working now :)

  • Dan

    sweet thanks! :)

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