TMBA 087 (LBP81) – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ranking #1 For Lucrative Keywords

TMBA 087 (LBP81) – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ranking #1 For Lucrative Keywords post image

This week, Dan and Ian interview SEO expert Travis Jamison from Travis isn’t your typical SEO consultant. He developed a product in a highly competitive niche (health) and had to figure out how to rank #1 for his keywords. Travis accomplished his goal and outranked health companies and government websites using grey hat SEO tactics.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • Why you won’t read about the best SEO tactics out there on blogs like SEOMoz.
  • How to use a grey hat blog network to increase your rankings.
  • The most important part in ranking #1 in the post Google Panda world.

Travis also shares his favorite SEO tools in the quick tips section.

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)


Recommended SEO Products:
Quick Summary of SEO Strategy outlined:
  • On-site optimization is key.
  • Build plenty of white hat links (Squidoo, Ezine Articles, …. – White Hat SEO Beginner’s Guide)
  • Get high PR backlinks from blog network.
  • Now your site is an established authority.
  • You can now use spammy grey hat ways of link-building – it won’t hurt your site, it will make it only stronger.
Make sure to listen to the podcast for more details.

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Episode length: 27:49


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Castin’ in the dark…

Published on 11.17.11
  • Whoah!  The cat. 

  • Dan

    Indeed. She’s a winner. 

  • The scene that just occurred at my desk:

    Co-worker: Are you humming the tune to ‘I wear my sunglasses at night’?!
    Me: Possibly…
    Co-worker: Why on earth is THAT in your head?
    Me: Dan. It’s all Dan’s fault!

    Thankfully he knows who you are…but still had me cracking up that your mention of Ian wearing sunglasses at night had that song stuck in my head.

    Very interesting podcast other than that too. Not as familiar with all this SEO voodoo magic, but I always find it very interesting. 

    I also love that it is referred to as Black Hat as if it were breaking a law or religious/moral code. If it’s not illegal and you can sleep at night, who cares what color the damn hat is?! I’m with you guys, if it works…DO IT!

    Besides, black is slimming…and I can use more and more of that the older I get. 


  • Anonymous

    Hey guys…great episode!

    Dan mentioned somewhere that tactics like article marketing or paid blog networks (Like BMR) to get your links out there would be considered “white hat” and I think that’s debatable.  Publicly, Google wants you to build such GREAT content that others link to you naturally…not that you’re posting articles all over the interwebs and manually building links to your site.  It’s all relative, I guess….maybe it’s a really “light” shade of gray? lol

    Also, we’ve been HUGE fans of Market Samurai previously…but have had a ton of problems with it more recently.  It’s extremely slow, passes back BS results when it comes to rankings, etc.  We’ve switched over to LongTailPro with our team for finding niches.  It’s MUCH faster, but much less robust..apples to apples, I’d take Market Samurai over LongTailPro if speed/accuracy weren’t so messed up with MS.

    We’ve had quite a few recommendations for SECockpit from our readers (and saw someone swearing by them in the DC) but haven’t checked it out yet other than skimming their training videos.  Much more robust, but comes with a $77 or so MONTHLY price tag (As opposed to MS or LTP with a one-time fee)  The good thing there, though, is that you KNOW they’re going to continue to support it..that’s a shit-ton of recurring revenue they have to protect! hehe  Also…speed/accuracy/features is key to me…I’d pay $500/month for the KW research tool that was blow-my-mind good in all 3 areas.

  • Hi guys another great episode. Here is a thread on warrior forum that I was part of when choosing my C Class host there are a few hosts mentioned on there. I use c class IP hosting, super cheap ($1 per IP) but crappy service.

    One thing I wonder is if Google is so good at telling what is great content and what is a great site, how are these blog networks going to fare in the long term? If they are full of low quality content and would I guess have a high bounce rate etc and low traffic. Would be interested in knowing Travis’ thoughts on this.

    I’m building my own network as well (much smaller scale just for myself) but I am trying to make it a high content quality network as well as much as possible.

  • Dan

    Hey Justin… think you are right there… I meant to say the links “look” like they are from white hat means or sources. Interesting, regarding the alternatives… I hate the switch software packages…OR get on another subscription service but yeah… will discuss this… btw SEO fox is for real, very clean, super cool. 

  • Dan

    now you’ve got a product sir!! i think you’ll be able to charge more for a legit high quality network, i think it must be the case for outright bullshit networks that it’s just a matter of time. let me know when you are done! :D

  • Dan

    haha… I love to see the LBP in the field. Thanks for the story DC! i had a dream last night, i think because i read this comment before I fell asleep, that we had a document called “the history of DC mentions on the LBP” i’m pretty sure we don’t have that document…. but we should.

  • Dan (Norris), did you decide to go  Any feedback? 

  • Tom

    …naturally Rabies will be pulling her own weight very soon, with her very own copy of Market Samurai and an info product–How to Pick Up Pussycats?

  • Dan

    Well she’d have two proud poppies if she managed to do that. Here’s hopin! 

  • Selamat sore dari Australia Tenghah!

    Loved this episode, guys.

    Can you have Travis on again? He was great value.

    Sampai jumpa lagi

  • Keen to hear more from Travis too. I now feel like the SEO I know is 5 years out of date.

  • Dan

    I know the feeling. Doing a DC webinar next week. 

  • Dan

    Will do !

  • – Redirecting high PR domains or websites to your site is not a good strategy. Ask Arron Wall about it, he lost 50k doing this. About 5 years ago Shoemoney spread on the internet that all u had to do was buy all these dropping domains, old websites and redirect . That’s absolutely not true and does not work anymore.

    – The talk about PR on here is laughable guys – sorry to be an ass but it’s misleading. Saying things like “anything over pr3 is a really powerful site” is a complete joke. I’ve had pr1 one sites make me $xxx,xxx. Even intermediate SEOs know toolbar PR is a joke.

    – Having a ton of backlinks does not give you immunity to getting banned. Have a friend who earns 500k a year… he has a site with 100k links… added 10 spammy ones and got burned. In general though I do agree with what you guys are saying on this – but there are exceptions, like I just alluded to.

    – Definitely agree on the on-page rankings increasing. Everyone just talks about links, links, links. Could talk all day about this  -but you can do a TON of little things on your site to rank better from within your site.

    – Bounce rate – this is a complete myth. They aren’t penalising sites with high bounce rates. What if you have a bonus code site where you get them to leave instantly? I have ~ 80% bounce rate on my high income sites.

    – GA metrics affecting ranking factors – no solid info on this. Mostly uneducated SEO bloggers spewing rubbish.

  • Dan

    Regarding the PR3 site, I realize what I said could be misleading. What I meant was, all things being equal, you’d want a link from a PR3 site rather than a PR0 site. 

    Wow… I’d love to learn more about that 10 link case study…. what an incredible knock– do you have any idea what kind of ‘spammy’ they were? 

  • Nick, do you provide SEO services?



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